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International travelers usually attach the image of Halong Bay as the representative of Vietnam's majestic nature. If you are into exploring new lands with beautiful natural landscapes, Halong Bay motorbike tours are an excellent suggestion. Scroll down if you are planning to go on this trip!

Halong Bay Motorbike Tours
Golden sunset in Halong Bay, Vietnam

Why Should You Set Off On Halong Bay Motorbike Tours?

Halong Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is admired by thousands of limestone karsts and isles that shows the enormous power of Vietnamese nature and history. So, the raw beauty of this "descending dragon" land fascinates and arouses adventurers' curiosity. 

Rider on the boat, enjoying the view of the island at sunset in Halong Bay, Vietnam.

People usually travel to Halong Bay by car or airplane, then take the cruise. Still, motorbike tours serve unique traveling experiences!  

  • No more rushing to the tight schedules; you have a proactive role in the tour timeline, destination, and departure. 
  • A motorbike is a common form of transport in Vietnam, so the infrastructure supports your ride on two wheels. 
  • Beautiful scenery along a ride is an inspiration and motivation. 
  • The freedom you have in a riding tour is not what you can find in an airplane or car trip. 
  • Close connection with your fellow riders is another takeaway from such a motorbike trip. 
  • A trip to Halong Bay by motorbike can have amazingly low expenses if you have a good plan. 

Halong Bay Motorbike Tour

The route Hanoi - Halong Bay is popular among riders. They can not only see the beauty of the "descending dragon" land but also admire the natural scenery along the way. 

Day 1: Hanoi -> Mai Chau Valley 

Departs at 9 a.m instead of leaving early in the morning. From Hanoi, go across the stream to Luong Son market by the route that cuts through the trail there. You can have lunch while enjoying the breathtaking village scenery.

After lunch, go to Hoa Binh province by taking the highway leading there. Going along Go Lao waterfall, Mai Chau valley will be our first stop!

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Day 2: Mai Chau -> Phu Yen 

Moc Chau will be the next destination. In the morning, go to Thong Cong, Pa Phach and you will find a place to have lunch on the way.

Ang village pine forest is not to be missed; pay a visit there and also Na Ka plum valley as well as Tim Tim tea hill.

Day 3: Phu Yen -> Than Uyen 

Between Phanxipang and Pung Luong - two majestic mountains are the charming Than Uyen valley. It will mesmerize you with its refreshing atmosphere, breathtaking views, and unique culture.

Home to ten ethnic groups, the cuisine here is interesting as it is a blend of many different cultures. Recommended dishes are smoked buffalo meat with "Khau Ho" sticky rice, freshwater fish, and more.

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Day 4: Than Uyen -> Sapa

Leaving Than Uyen valley, go to O Quy Ho pass. Enthusiastic riders will love this place as it is more than 2000m high with mountains and clouds.

However, you must be careful when going through O Quy Ho to reach Sapa because there is a dangerous cliff with many turns!

Rice terrace fields in Sapa

Day 5: Sapa -> Ha Giang

Although you will face unfavorable weather and challenging roads, it will fuel your passion for riding!

Upon arrival in Lao Cai city, stop and enjoy lunch as well as take some photos to capture the moment at the landmark between Vietnam and China. Bac Ha and Hoang Su Phi towns are also included in the tour!

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Day 6: Ha Giang, Dong Van and Meo Vac

There is a rocky plateau named Dong Van in Ha Giang that you cannot miss. Be prepared for the breath-taking of the highlands that include so many limestones that they number in the thousands!

Alternatively, you can spend some time in the town of Pho Bang - which is considered an observatory of history, reflected in the wooden trusses, the green moss covering the walls, and the red couplets of China!

Yen Minh pine forest, Lung Cu flagpole, and Quan Ba Heaven Gate are tourist attractions that you can visit.

Sky single track in Dong Van, Ha Giang

Day 7: Meo Vac -> Ba Be Lake

Bao Lac, Ba Be lake, etc., are where you can drop in to have some relaxing time. Find the connection between yourselves and nature! 

Boating on Ba Be lake

Day 8: Ba Be Lake -> Cao Bang 

On the way to Cao Bang, you can have exciting explorations in Dau Dang waterfall, Puong Cave, Tien pond, and more. 

It might be boring if you repeat the same activity. Yet, riding makes itself exciting as it brings you to see new landscapes and meet new people! 

Rice and rice field at Phong Nam village in Trung Khanh, Cao Bang, Vietnam. Landscape of area Trung Khanh, Cao Bang, Vietnam.

Day 9: Cao Bang, Quang Hoa and Lang Son 

The greatness of Ban Gioc Waterfall and interesting encounters with Chinese and Vietnamese merchants are what you can expect. It will be an amazing experience! 

Day 10: Lang Son -> Halong Bay

Bac Giang National Forest will make you amazed by its diverse natural landscape.

Depart early in the morning, go through there, and you will reach Ha Long Bay in the afternoon.

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Day 11: Halong Bay

You can do many activities in Halong Bay, such as cruising on Halong Bay, kayaking, etc. 

Some famous landscapes you might want to check are Bo Hon island, Ga Choi island, Ti Top island, Tuan Chau island, Trinh Nu cave, etc. 

Day 12: Getting Back To Hanoi

After breakfast, your fellow riders and you can start a tour to get back to Hanoi. Of course, it is not the same route you take from Hanoi to Halong Bay! We will follow the fastest route! 

Motorcycle Tours Halong Bay: Which Drawbacks Should You Be Ready?

The price for the freedom and flexibility of a motorbike trip is a collection of surprising challenges. We cover some inconvenient factors below that you should know beforehand. 

  • Rough road conditions

Bumpy terrains and mountain pass paths require high riding skills and experience to ensure safety.

  • Unpredictable weather 

You can check the forecast but cannot completely trust it. Rain or even storm can come along as your annoying 'companion' along the ride! 

  • Out of plan and schedules 

Things can become different from what you have imagined. For example, you do not reach the destination as the night drops. So, you have to find temporary accommodation or set up a tent!

  • Physical challenge 

Riding to Halong Bay is not a pleasant experience for those not physically strong. If you start the ride from Hanoi, it can take more than three hours to get to Halong Bay! 

  • Limited luggage

A load of backpacks and suitcases is impossible when deciding to take a motorbike trip. There is not much space for carrying luggage, which can be a disadvantage. 

  • Limited passengers

A motorcycle can have one passenger the most. So, if you expect several companions, the same number of motorcycles are in need. 

  • Potential risks of theft 

It is easier to steal a motorbike than a car, which is an astonishing fact. Also, thieves will not neglect the luggage attached to the motorbike!

Tips For An Exciting Trip To Halong Bay By Motorbike

Traveling to Halong Bay by motorbike can be a full-of-joy experience if you know how to balance the advantages and disadvantages.  

  • Have a driver's license 

Before anything else, you should have a driver's license to take on a ride to Halong Bay legally. If you do not have one, you should consider choosing a tour with a local rider. 

  • Find a reliable party for motorbike renting. 

This note is more for those who do not have or do not want to use their motorcycles for a trip. 

It is easy to find many tourism companies offering motorbike rents online. You should conduct an in-depth analysis for the most optimal selection. 

  • Do a thorough preparation. 

Your motorcycle is your transportation form on such a trip. So, having the motorbike checked is an indisputable step! 

Don't think too much about accidents, yet you should learn to avoid them. Researching the route beforehand is a must. Also, it would help if you had essential equipment, such as maps, gloves, jackets, etc. 

Fickle weather along the route to Halong Bay can challenge your mental and physical strength. Medicine for fever, running noses, coughing, diarrhea, etc., is a great addition.  

  • Check information about seasons in Halong Bay. 

Weather forecasts are not always accurate, yet the seasons of an area are what you should know to increase the possibilities of enjoying your ride. 

The best time to visit Halong Bay includes the periods from March to May and August to October. You can enjoy nice weather after spring and in the autumn then! 


Expect fun experiences and drawbacks from Halong Bay motorbike tours. After all, it will be an unforgettable experience!  

This article covers why a ride to Halong Bay is worth trying, its challenges, and some practical tips. Hopefully, it helps you prepare much better for an exciting trip! Follow us for other articles on traveling! 

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