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Ho Chi Minh road is one of Vietnam’s most important traffic routes for commuting across the region, from Hanoi to Saigon. You should not mistake HCM road motorcycle tours for motorbike routes Ho Chi Minh trail, a historical dirt path in the mountainous area of Central Vietnam.
It would be a great idea to travel from Hanoi to Saigon on Ho Chi Minh road. You will get a chance to visit various Vietnam wonders along the way while enjoying the fresh mountainous air and feeling the cool coastal summer breeze from numerous beaches and highlands.
Now, let us learn about the top motorbike guide in three different sections of Vietnam: South, Central, and North. Check it out!

Ho Chi Minh Road Navigation for Each Section of Vietnam

The total length of this road trip is 1880 km, which can take approximately two weeks to complete, depending on the weather. Let’s go through the detailed top motorcycle guide for each section of the path.

Ho Chi Minh road near Phong Nha National Park

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Southern Vietnam

In the beginning, find your way to Highway 13 through the crowded traffic of Saigon’s industrial zone. Ride down the road toward Binh Duong City, a pleasant urban area with various rubber plantations.

From Binh Duong, ride to Dong Xoai via highway DT741. It is a bustling city with sufficient facility to spend the night. Being close to the plantation area you’d have just left, this town is dusty from all the industrial activities nearby.

The next day, there will only be a small path between you and the beautiful nature. Dong Xoai is where Ho Chi Minh Road officially starts. You will be stunned by the beauty of vast rice paddy fields and endless gardens of tropical fruits to the end of sight.

Upon reaching Gia Nghia and Buon Ma Thuot, the atmosphere of an urban town will return. These places brought about a sense of Vietnam in the 1990s, with nostalgic buildings and crowded markets. This is also the home of one of the best coffee in the world, don’t forget to spend some time enjoying a nice cup of joe before leaving.

Buon Me Thuot, central highland of Vietnam

The path leads to Pleiku, a significant landmark in the history of Vietnam, which witnessed fierce battles between the U.S forces and the Vietnam People’s army. At the heart of it is Ia Drang Valley, as the name sounds like the bell ring of war. Its ground is red-brown, formed by layers of Bazan soil.

The scenery gradually changes on the course between Pleiku and Kon Tum, with the appearance of great rivers and rice fields. A very beautiful and dynamic highland town with excellent food and accommodation all over the place. From this town on, we will begin to brave the rockier paths of Central Vietnam.

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Central Vietnam

The Ho Chi Minh Road aims North. You will be riding across a vast forest of coffee bushes and rubber trees. However, sections of empty hills will also be unveiled. Don’t forget to cover yourself properly to avoid excessive sunlight and rain.

Moving past these areas, you will find more mountains and hills across the lonely roads before circling Ngoc Linh Peak, the highest mountain in Central and Southern Vietnam. Surrounding it are more large rice paddy fields so that you can speed up to the next area quickly.

Rong house (communal house) at Kon Kotu minority village close to Kon Tum, Central highlands, Vietnam

Upon reaching Dak Glei town, you will have a chance to visit the home of many ethnic minorities of Vietnam. You will be astonished by the great traditional Rong houses built by the locals. Nearby are beautiful streams and waterfalls, though they have been somewhat damaged by deforestation in recent years.

From here, your trip across Ho Chi Minh road by motorcycle will be paralleled with the Ho Chi Minh Trail. You can partly switch to braving Ho Chi Minh Trail by motorbike if you enjoy some action. Most of these routes are off-road dirt paths, so be careful while treading.

Next, you will reach Kham Duc and Thanh My; then, you will be riding across the Dak Mi River. There is a large hydro dam on the edge of the river, where you can take pictures and enjoy the magnificent view of the mountains. The traffic level is low, so don’t hesitate to ride faster at this section.

Prao, Khe Sanh, and Phong Nha are the next beautiful destinations. The path ascends higher the longer you ride, and the air becomes cleaner. Soon you will find yourself in a beautiful valley town with friendly locals and amazing cuisine. The best specialties are Bun Bo Hue (Hue’s beef noodles) and Com hen (Clam rice).

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Beautiful riders couple having fun on a river bridge in National Park Phong Nha Ke Bang, Vietnam. One of the most pretty places along Ho Chi Minh Road.

Northern Vietnam

Here, we are getting close to the end of the journey. The roads are less rocky, and the highlands are over. However, this is the best part of Ho Chi Minh Road, with more landscapes and plenty of magnificent nature and wildlife.

You can visit dozens of charming tourist attractions such as Vu Quang National Park, Uncle Ho’s hometown in Nghe An, and Pho Chau town if you have time. Nearby is a Vinamilk dairy farm, a massive plantation for raising cows and manufacturing dairy products, which is an ideal place to visit.

Then, we head to the final parts of the road, passing Thanh Hoa and Cam Thuy. You cannot miss the province’s special dish, nem chua. It is a type of fermented sour meat with spices wrapped inside leaves, which you can eat directly or fry up. Remember to hit the road early, or you might get caught in the traffic.

Ultimately,  the industrial zones will welcome you again at the gate to Hanoi, ending the long Ho Chi Minh road motorcycle ride.

Panoramic view of beautiful green terraces of Pu Luong commune, Thanh Hoa province, Vietnam

Final Verdicts

The journey from Saigon to Hanoi by motorbike via Ho Chi Minh Road is one of the longest motorcycle trips in Vietnam. If you like to challenge yourself to break limits, don’t hesitate to pack up and go see for yourself. Fortune favors the bold; follow the top motorbike guide, and the reward will be worthy of your effort.

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