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It is no exaggeration to say that Vietnam is a beautiful tropical country with many scenic spots. Needless to say, this is one of the favorite tourist destinations for those who love to travel.
As a famous destination in Vietnam, Hoi An attracts both domestic and foreign tourists. It is especially impossible not to mention the journey to Hoi An by motorbike - it is worth a try.
Besides a long-day Hoi An motorbike tour, there is a shorter version for travelers who love to experience off-road sections - the one-day Hoi An motorbike tour.
With a unique route mostly in the countryside, travelers can easily observe the fascinating landscapes and lifestyles on the journey to the Cham temples and towers. Read on for details!

My Son Sanctuary
Sunrise at My Son Sanctuary and Hindu Temple near Hoi An, Vietnam. Heritage of Champa Kingdom. Myson History and Culture. Shiva city ruins. Vietnamese Museum. Hinduism Civilization on Holy Land

Brief Travel Guide: Short Hoi An motorbike tour (approximate 120km)

Tour’s route and destinations: Hoi An > Cham temples

Hoi An - One of the ancient cities of Vietnam - belongs to Quang Nam province, Vietnam. It is located on the north bank of the lower Thu Bon River.

This area was once a busy international commercial port, which includes hundreds of years old architectural heritage recognized by UNESCO since 1999, and attracts many tourists every year, especially foreign tourists.

The motorbike ride tour duration is one day. Riders will be transported by motorcycles, and departure time can vary upon your call!

HOI AN, VIETNAM - MARCH 19, 2017: Riders visit water coconut forest in Hoi An

This motorbike tour is suitable for those who like to travel by motorbike but do not have too much time for a long schedule. You will still get to the beautiful attractions here and quickly return to your normal life.

In addition, the food there is very delicious, the locals are also very friendly, and the cultural souvenirs are unique.

Hoi An is an ideal tourist destination for those who love historical values. Trust me; you won't regret coming here!

Old bamboo bridge in a rural area in Hoian, Vietnam

The Motorcycle Tour Hoi An Highlights:

+ Local food and cultures

+ Off-road experience 

+ Motorbike tour adventures

+ Historical spots to explore

+ Close-up observation of the rural roadside lifestyles

One-day Hoi An Motorbike - My Son Sanctuary Touring 

Departing from Hoi An to the Cham temples, we can spend time in the back seat to enjoy the scenery. The countryside setting here will bring you peace and tranquility in your soul. 

With the one-day Hoi An motorbike tour, you can easily observe rural lifestyles while having a motorbike touring experience. The fields, buffaloes, and farmers will be the starting points for the picture of rural nature along the way. 

During the motorbike tour, riders will have lunch at a local restaurant. After that, we can move to My Son - the UNESCO World heritage - with a history of more than ten centuries. 

Riding here, you will admire the ancient architecture, influenced by the Indian architectural culture. Ancient Sanskrit inscriptions and spiers, and tombs date from the 7th to the 14th centuries.

This spot attracts a huge number of visitors. This place is quite crowded in the morning due to the number of tourists by bus. And because morning is also ideal for sightseeing because you will see everything here clearly.

However, if you want to go out leisurely and quietly without being disturbed by many people around, visit in the afternoon. The afternoon is a much more suitable time to visit; you can explore this place in a much more peaceful and quiet environment.

My Son was built between the 4th and 14th centuries and is a place to worship Lord Shiva. Lying in a high geological basin surrounded by mountains is the headwaters of the Thu Bon River. The temples are located in a valley 2km wide.

My Son is possibly the oldest inhabited archaeological site in Indochina; During the Vietnam War, a large part of the building was destroyed.

This is said to be a place of worship, helping the Champa dynasties to access the gods and burying the king and powerful priests. My Son was an important cultural and religious center of the Champa dynasties at that time.

Count to now; There are eight groups of 71 extant monuments and important buried archeology illustrating the complete history of temple buildings at this site, spanning the entire period of the Kingdom of Champa.

Visitors can spend time studying this reserve and its beautiful natural surroundings. After observing My Son, we can return to Hoi An.

The chosen route is a quiet country road along the Thu Bon River. Watching people carry out their activities under the beautiful sunset and picturesque elegant waterfront is satisfying.

Some tourists even find romantic routes somehow!


If you are a fan of Vietnam motorbike tours, you can’t miss the Hoi An motorbike tour! This short motorbike tour to My Son can bring you various exciting off-road adventures and emotions as well as give you the chance to know more about the rural lifestyles of the Hoi An people! 

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