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Vietnam is a country with extremely beautiful countryside scenery that is indisputable. Routes stretch throughout the country's provinces and cities, making it one of the must-visit places that attract thousands of tourists every year.
Vietnam motorbike tours are the options that you cannot miss if you want a trip to these beautiful lands. This Hoi An Motorcycle Tour To Saigon takes you to visit the impressive sights of South Vietnam on the Ho Chi Minh Trail!

Cai Rang Floating Market, Mekong Delta
Cai Rang Floating Market, Mekong Delta

Hoi An Motorcycle Tour To Ho Chi Minh City - A Short Summary Of The Journey

Here's a rundown of where to go each day on a 12-day motorbike ride:

  • 1st day: Hoi An > Kham Duc (about 140 km) 
  • 2nd day: Kham Duc > Kon Tum (about 170 km) 
  • 3rd day: Kon Tum > Pleiku (about 180 km) 
  • 4th day: Pleiku > Cu Jut (about 230 km) 
  • 5th day: Cu Jut > Lak (about 100 km) 
  • 6th day: Lak > Da Lat (about 165 km) 
  • 7th day: Da Lat > Mui Ne (about 150 km) 
  • 8th day: Mui Ne > Saigon (about 220 km) 
  • 9th day: Saigon > Can Tho (about 210 km) 
  • 10th day: Can Tho > Con Phuong (about 150 km) 
  • 11th day:  Con Phuong > Ben Tre (about 160 km) 
  • 12th day: Ben Tre > Saigon (about 140 km)

Motorbike Touring Hoi An To Saigon - 12 Days Trip Detailed

The 12-day motorbike tour has an extremely dynamic and interesting daily schedule. You will travel from Saigon through the Central Highlands, to the Mekong Delta, and back to Saigon:

1st Day Of The Tour: Hoi An - Kham Duc

It takes about 5 hours to cover the 140 km distance.

You will have to leave at 8:30 am at the latest. Right in Hoi An, discover crafts such as making rice paper, making incense, and knitting baskets of the locals.

My Khe, Da Nang beach
Basket boats on My Khe beach in Danang. Traditional Vietnamese small fishing boats on My Khe Beach in Danang, Vietnam.

Then, on the way to attractions like Thap Cham and My Son Sanctuary, the image of local farmers will be the highlight of the peaceful village nature picture.

After visiting the attractions there, you will head to the Ho Chi Minh trail and learn about the Vietnam civil war in the period before 1975. From there, go all the way to Kham Duc.

You are expected to arrive around 5 pm. Upon arrival, find a town and spend the night there.

2nd Day Of The Tour: Kham Duc - Kon Tum 

Motorbike touring from Kham Duc to Kon Tum takes about 6 hours. It is 170 km long. 

Coming to Kon Tum, it is impossible to miss the traditions, customs, and culture of the ethnic minorities. The villagers in the ethnic villages there, such as Nung and Tay, are very gentle.

Next, still follow the Ho Chi Minh trail to other interesting attractions.

The important bases of the Southern government before 1975, the wooden church built by the French in the 40s, the Phoenix airport, and the Vinh Son orphanage are all places worth going to. You will spend the night in Kon Tum.

Kon Tum, Vietnam - Mar 28, 2016: Go (Wooden) Church in the city of Kon Tum in the Central Highlands of Vietnam is an ancient relic with unique wooden architecture of high aesthetic value

3rd Day Of The Tour: Kon Tum - Pleiku 

Taking 6 hours riding as it is 180 km long. 

Make sure you don't miss Mang Den while in Kon Tum. It is a mountain town at the end of Kon Tum province with unspoiled and majestic natural scenery.

Pleiku, Central Highland Vietnam
Aerial view of steps in pine forest leading down to Pleiku Lake (local name is Bien Ho Pleiku).

Then learn about the traditional customs of the Bana people by going to their village of Kon Ktu before departing for Pleiku.

On the way to Pleiku, you will visit Bien Ho, "Eyes of Pleiku," before resting at the end of the day. Take some time there before spending the night here, and you won't regret going there!

4th Day Of The Tour: Pleiku - Cu Jut 

The route is 230 km long and takes 7 hours.

Visit rubber plantations in Pleiku and experience new cultures by visiting an Ede ethnic village.

Don't forget the biggest waterfalls in Vietnam are also nearby! Dray Nu Waterfall and Dray Sap are very courageous, and Fairy Pool is too appealing to ignore.

Continue the journey to Cu Jut. Next to Virgin Waterfall, get yourself a bungalow, and you won't forget the overnight experience here!

Dak Lak Province, Vietnam
DRAY SAP Waterfall (Dak Lak Province, Vietnam)

5th Day Of The Tour: Cu Jut - Lak Lake

A route of 100 km takes 3 hours of riding.

Before riding to Lak, you will visit the locals first and get yourselves a cup of the best coffee in Vietnam right after. Then visit a brick factory and start conquering Elephant Mountain.

Standing from the top of Elephant Mountain, the beautiful scenery of the whole area will appear before your eyes.

Start riding your motorcycle to the next location. On the way, stop at Jun village and hear about the elephant hunting story of the M'nong ethnic group. Spend the night in Lak Lake at any homestay or hotel nearby.

DAK LAK- VIET NAM-November 21, 2017 : Group of Asian farmer go to work by row boat on Lak lake in autumn time , family of ethnic minority, in Dak Lak, Vietnam.

6th Day Of The Tour: Lak - Dalat 

It takes 5 hours ride to cover the distance of 165 km. 

Crossing the Tonle Sap by boat or riding an elephant to visit the M'lieng ethnic group and discover the M'nong tribe. Learn about the cultivation of local people at the foot of the mountain and ride to Da Lat.

Expect to arrive in Da Lat at 5 pm, visit Crazy House, the old fire station, Dragon Pagoda and spend the night before starting a new day going to Mui Ne.

7th Day Of The Tour: Dalat - Mui Ne 

150km long, takes 5 hours ride. 

It is still impossible to ignore the ethnic people in the Central Highlands. Learn about the lives of the original inhabitants of Da Lat when visiting the K'ho upland village of Lat.

Next to the famous places in Da Lat are Thien Duong Lake, Truc Lam Zen Monastery, and Dami mountain.

Beautiful sunlight on the green meadow and fresh nature at sunrise in Da Lat, Vietnam

Hop on the bikes to Luong Son and visit Fairy Stream, a fishing village, and the white and red dunes in Mui Ne.

Arrive at the hotel at 5 pm and end the day's journey.

8th Day Of The Tour: Mui Ne - Saigon 

The 7 hours route is about 220 km long; arrive at 5 pm. 

Visit Champa Tower, fish market, Buddha lying on Mount Takou by cable car, Minh Dam Curling Base, and Thuong Chieu Zen Monastery.

Arrive in Ho Chi Minh, visit Cu Chi Tunnels, Ben Thanh Market, Reunification Palace, etc. 

Mui Ne, Phan Thiet
Beach view of Mui Ne, Phan Thiet

9th Day Of The Tour: Saigon - Can Tho 

A 7-hour-ride journey of 210 km. 

Leave Saigon and learn about the famous Go Den rice wine. Try some tropical fruit on the Hau River. Finally, to the village of ceramics and incense.

Don ca tai tu is what will be served at dinner on Hau Giang river. Overnight at a homestay in Can Tho.

Me Kong Delta, South Vietnam
Me Kong Delta, South Vietnam

10th Day Of The Tour: Can Tho - Con Phuong 

It is 150 km long and takes 5 hours ride. 

You will visit Dong Thap Muoi after passing Cai Rang floating market. Learn about Vietnam's war at Xeo Quyt battlefield and then explore Tram Chim National Park with Thap Muoi lotus fields.

Stop by My Tho market and Dong Tam snake farm. Learn about the traditional crafts of weaving and sewing here. Finally, stay on the small Con Phuong island overnight.

Can Tho, Vietnam
Can Tho, Vietnam - February 2020 : Floating morning market Cai Rang. 

11th Day Of The Tour: Con Phuong - Ben Tre 

160km route taking 5 hours ride. 

Take a boat ride on the Be River and have lunch with the locals. Overnight in Ben Tre after visiting local villages and learning about their coconut creations.

Mekong Delta, South Vietnam
Mekong Delta Motorbike Trip

12th Day Of The Tour: Ben Tre - Saigon 

On the way back to Saigon, you will discover the village of rice paper and coconut rice paper. Drop by to learn about the historical site of Nam Ky after exploring the honey factory and fishing village. Finally, the Cao Dai Temple and arrive in Saigon at about 5 pm.

Ben Tre, Vietnam - March 21, 2019: Ben Tre River, Mekong Delta.
Ben Tre, Vietnam - March 21, 2019: Ben Tre River, Mekong Delta.


Hoi An Motorcycle tour to Saigon is a 12-day trip with an extremely dense and dynamic schedule. To experience this trip to the fullest requires good health and a great passion for travel. Trust me, and you will be very pleased with this trip!

If you are too busy or not healthy enough to join the motorbike trip for too long, don't worry! You can refer to the trip from Hoi An to Saigon but shorten it within 1-2 days. 

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