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If you come to Viet Nam to seek an experiential trip while discovering the spectacular natural landscapes and culture, you should not miss the Hoian Motorcycle Tour!
During this motorcycle Tour Hoian tour, you will have a chance to visit different aspects of the Central Vietnam: astonishing mountains, natural jungles, and native tribes' lifestyles on the hill. On the back of the motorcycle, zip around the countryside! For more info about this Hoian motorcycle tour, scroll down!

Cam thanh village.Hoian, Danang, Vietnam
Riders enjoy rowing basket boat . It is a unique Vietnamese travel at Cam thanh village.Hoian, Danang, Vietnam


Check out the fascinating routes of the tour: Hoi An > Cham temple > Ba Hon > Ho Chi Minh Trail > Thu Bon > Hoi An

The Motorcycle Tour Hoian Highlights:

+ Village of ethnic minority

+ Local cultures and cuisine

+ Marble Mountain

+ Saigon Trail

+ Primeval rainforest & waterfalls 

+ Trekking

+ Abseiling (optional)


Motorcycling out of Hoi An gives you a completely different viewpoint of the Vietnamese countryside, with refreshed air and breathtaking scenery filling your senses. 

Travelers seating at the back can interact with residents and learn more about Hoian's culture throughout their journey. 

It's such a beautiful way to escape the city's hustle and bustle to enjoy the clean, tranquil ambiance of the countryside while riding a motorcycle. 

The first destination we meet will be the 1000 year olds Cham temples,  the former French and US sites during the Vietnam War.

Co Tu Typical Home
Co Tu Typical Home

You can take a hill motorbike tour and an abseil down to the Hell’s Cave. It takes around 10 to 15 minutes to walk up Marble Mountain and reach the rappelling spot. 

The 1st rappel is only a short walking distance but has a spectacular view of the ocean. This 22-meter line offers excellent exposure and beautiful views and makes you feel much higher than you are.

The final rappel is a 50-meter descent into a cavernous pit. The hole is so deep and dark that the bottom is impossible to detect by the eyes. This amazing cave rappel descends from the jungle into a temple chamber. Many tourists appraise it as a Tomb Raider-like adventure!

Finish the optional adventure. We can go back to the main Hoian Motorcycle Tour. Travel down peaceful roads, stop for photos at every curve and take in the gorgeous scenery.

Happy Co Tu Kids, Hoian

At this time, we now arrive at Ba Hon. It is a lovely village that is residence to many Co Tu hill tribes. We will stay there for the afternoon & evening with the native people.   

At Ba Hon, we will experience hill tribes' culture and traditions. Surprisingly, their way of life has remained unaffected by time, making them one of Vietnam's most genuine hill tribes!

After enjoying lunch, we'll take a short hike beside the Saigon Trail to the village's hidden magnificent rivers and hot springs. In that way, we can better understand the natural environment here.

We will then finish a long experience day by having Co Tu tribes welcome you to their village. You will be accommodated in private customary stilted huts and served a delectable traditional hill tribe cuisine feast. You can also join them in the cooking process as well!

This private night stay on Hoian Motorcycle Tour is a one-in-the-lifetime experience that will undoubtedly highlight your Vietnam Motorbike Holiday.


In the early morning, leave the bed when the village begins its normal day. This is a peaceful time to observe Co Tu villagers as they travel to the field and prepare the day's meals while enjoying your breakfast and coffee.

After that, it is the time to say goodbye to our great hosts and return to Hoian. Today's route follows the ancient Saigon Trail through the forests and breathtaking sightseeing of central Vietnam landscapes.

Off-road Hoian Motorbike Tour Adventures
Off-road Hoian Motorbike Tour Adventures

Do you think this is about the Motorcycle Tour Hoian? - If not, you are right! There is a surprise at the waterfall snuggled behind a mountain cliff! We can have a picnic-like lunch there!

In the afternoon, we return to the coast; we can stop at historic American army bases, go by the ferry of Thu Bon river, and return to Hoi An through our distinctive countryside way.

That takes approximately 300km. You can enjoy the magnificent side road landscapes.

In case you are new to Viet Nam’s traffic, here are six small tips for you:

  1. DON’T hesitate when it comes to crossing the road 
  2. DO as the Vietnamese do (in case you don’t know how, just simply follow them)
  3. DON’T make sudden/ unpredictable moves
  4. DON’T forget to stay focused while you are riding. There might be many surprising objects on the road. Just watch out.
  5. DO make way for any bigger vehicles! 
  6. DON'T lose your calm when there is a potentially loud and vocal crowd.

Tour Conclusion!

* Riders rating

  • Experienced and fairly experienced will be the riders
  • Riders who are inexperienced sit in the back. (Including riders that are not familiar with Viet Nam’s traffic)

* Tour review: Road is all-paved

  • First day: Quite easy, only travel a medium distance
  • Second day: Long day, travel long distance (about 300km)

*Important note

  • Please note that the tour will leave with a minimum of two participants.
  • Only for two individuals, no pillion discount is provided

* What will the Hoian Motorcycle Tour include?

  • English-speaking tour guide 
  • Minsk motorcycle/semi-automatic bike 
  • Motorcycle third-party insurance
  • Gasoline
  • One breakfast, two lunches, and one dinner and snacks
  • One night
  • Ferry rides and entrance fees 
  • A helmet that meets international safety standards 
  • Water & soft beverages
  • If necessary, saddlebags, gloves, and rain ponchos.

* The Hoian Motorcycle Tour does not include

  • Personal expenses tips 
  • Personal expenses/tips 
  • Alcohol 
  • Personal and motorcycle insurance (for incidents)


Hoian Motorcycle Tour will not make any travel lovers down. This motorbike tour will surely fit you well if you love experiential adventures. Want to know more about other exciting Vietnam motorbike tours? Follow us for new articles!

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