Book a tour: The Ultimate Guide To Explore Khmer Temple by Motorbike- Follow Or Regret!

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Are you interested in the Khmer people's ancient architecture but do not have any idea of a place that is enough to satisfy your curiosity?
Then, the Khmer Temple is the ideal destination for your trip. Welcome to our blog - where you can find the most detailed guide to exploring Khmer Temples by motorbike!

The Ultimate Guide To Explore Khmer Temple by Motorbike- Follow Or Regret!
Cambodian Style Khmer Pagoda in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam

Explore Khmer Temple By Motorbike- Overview

We have helped you to summarize the five most interesting aspects of traveling to Khmer temples by motorbike. Please follow our instructions and you will surely have the most memorable experiences with this ancient monument!

General Information of Khmer Temple

Up to now, about 200 ancient Khmer temples are still located in Tra Vinh and scattered in neighboring provinces. The route we recommend guides you to 53 sacred destinations in Tra Vinh province and even takes you to other beautiful lands to enjoy the scenery, as well as explore the architecture of famous Buddhist architects.

Ang pagoda, faca of the khmer delicate gold floral design of in Tra vinh, Vietnam

Once you set foot in the Khmer temple, you will see firsthand the wonderful sculptures, elaborate frescoes, and perfect spiritual works that exude mystery. 

Through the guide, you will understand more about the historical situation and the spiritual and cultural beauty of the ancient Khmer people when they built these works.

How To Use The Maps When Explore Khmer Temple

Since you are completely new to this famous landmark, it is an extremely important task to determine the route to go through the map. Before departing, research and mark two routes you must travel during the Khmer Temples motorbike tours.

The two roads leading from Saigon to Tra Vinh city have great differences in characteristics. The first route leads you over the national highway and numerous interesting bridges, while the other tends to be quieter with small lanes.

Once you reach Tra Vinh, the route to visit the Khmer temple will be in the form of two small circles connected to form the number 8. It includes an eastern and western ring, with the common ending in Trà Vinh/Tra Vinh city.

We suggest you prepare a map showing the location of 53 temples of the Khmer ruins. Checking out places to eat, stay overnight, or play places along the way will be a great idea to make your Tra Vinh motorbike riding more interesting.

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Where To Start Exploring Khmer Temple

We think you'll have the best experience if you start in the east circle on the first day and spend the second day in the other circle. If you discover another sightseeing route (connecting these two circles) is more convenient for you to move, do not hesitate to choose it.

Tra Vinh Province, Vietnam March 13rd 2015: The boat man on the river at sunset

Two options for riders with a starting point in Saigon are available to reach Tra Vinh city. The first route will take you over bridges and highways, while the other will use ferries and off-road roads.

If you choose the first route, start in the early morning to get rid of traffic congestion, and you will reach Tra Vinh after 4 hours of driving. However, we think facing a large amount of traffic here will sometimes make you feel tired.

The other route is distinguished by its quietness and its poetic riverside scenery. Although this route is much shorter, you will have to wait for a ferry across the river (5 to 45 minutes).

Therefore, we recommend following these two routes alternately for a complete experience. For example, choose the first route for the departure and use the other route for the return to Saigon.

To fully enjoy the HCMC motorbiking to Tra Vinh trip, we recommend spending two to four days riding to Tra Vinh. Then spend two days exploring the ruins and nearby destinations before returning to where you came from.

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Tra Vinh Road Conditions

Put away the worries about road conditions out of your head, as most roads leading to Khmer Temple are in good condition. Highways and national roads are more congested, so we recommend choosing country roads and small concrete roads to avoid smog and traffic overload.

Tra Vinh Road Conditions
Tra Vinh, Vietnam - July 22, 2018: Woman riding a bike through agricultural fields in a rural area

Traveling on small roads also gives you a fun driving experience with extremely attractive natural scenery, while the highway will not be able to do that.

However, everything has its two sides. Small roads can reduce congestion, but some show wear or potholes. Some small roads, however, are prone to flooding throughout the rainy months from May to October.

No one can deny the convenience of driving on small roads, but not every road is ideal for visiting a Khmer temple. You should carefully study the road conditions and choose the most suitable route.

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Connecting Motorbike Routes

Trà Vinh/Tra Vinh is located in the eastern part of Mekong, connecting with most of the provinces in the east of Mekong. If you want a deeper tour, expand the tourist route by continuing from Trà Vinh/Tra Vinh to the depths of the south.

We suggest you head to Tran De port - Soc Trang to conduct a cruise to Con Dao island. Then, go deep to the country's southernmost point, and you will reach Ca Mau.

Suppose you are more interested in the western provinces of Tra Vinh and experience the tourist destinations of Ha Tien or Rach Gia. Besides the beach fun activities here, you also have the opportunity to travel to Phú Quốc/Phu Quoc or the islands of the Gulf of Siam.

Connecting Motorbike Routes
Ocean Road in Con Dao island Vietnam. Beautiful and transquil

Final Verdicts

With the great spiritual and cultural beauty reflected through the remaining ancient relics, the Khmer temple is a destination not to be missed for tourists who love ancient architecture and are interested in ancient architecture. 

Keep in mind that this Khmer Temple by motorbike journey can only be successful if you carefully plan a travel itinerary and choose the right routes.

Through this article, we hope you no longer have any difficulties in your journey to Tra Vinh and visiting this cultural relic. Please share the article with your friends to start the excursion in the nearest future!

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