Book a tour: Short Motorbike Tour to Mai Chau – 2 Days Experience Rustic Nature of the valley

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Mai Chau is one of North Vietnam's most beautiful valleys, where you may observe and interact with friendly hill tribes who are warm, welcoming, and excellent chefs. In addition, the route from Hanoi to Mai Chau is highly picturesque and fun for motorcycle travel. This Mai Chau Motorbike Tour  is one of Vietnam's most popular motorcycle excursions. Although there are not too many tourist attractions like Sapa motorcycle tours,  Hundreds of thousands of local and foreign tourists still visit the Mai Chau valley each year to learn about Thai culture and immerse themselves in rustic and fairy nature. 

Highlights - Mai Chau motorbike tour

Mai Chau - Hoa Binh is currently known not just for the poetry in Tay Tien, but also as a destination for travelers. Green rice fields and tiny dirt roads lead to the entrance of a lovely fairy-tale town in Mai Chau. Come to Mai Chau, take a break to breathe in the fresh air, and try your hand at being a "genuine farmer," living in a homestay with locals. 

Mai Chau motorbike
Da River Lake, motorbike tour to Mai Chau valley

Day 1: Hanoi - Mai Chau ( distance 180km). Mai Chau motorbike tour

Day 1: Hanoi - Mai Chau ( distance 180km). In Mai Chau we will pass places like:
Vietnamese food, dinner at Mai Chau home-stay

This Mai Chau motorbike tour will begin at approximately 8 a.m. on the outskirts of Hanoi. Taking a tiny and quiet country route to avoid the heavy traffic. We go west on our bikes to Mai Chau, a lovely part of the country where the Thai ethnic minority lives.

After lunch, we'll ride our motorcycles down the forgotten French route No 6, which passes through vast farming regions with a sea of rice fields separated by tree-lined lanes interrupted by limestone karst beauty. It is located atop a mountain and is known as Ha Long Bay on land. We'll ride via Thung Khe, one of North Vietnam's most magnificent mountain passes, before descending down to Mai Chau's lovely valley. The ride today offers stunning views.

In Mai Chau, stay in a home-stay for dinner and the night.

Day 2: Back to Hanoi ( on a loop with a distance 160km): Mai Chau Motorbike

Day 2: Back to Hanoi ( on a loop with a distance 160km): Mai Chau Motorbike
Stunning Mai Chau Motorbike Trip, great weekend escape

In the midst of the lush rice paddies and mountains, enjoy a hot café and breakfast. Then we take a short stroll through Thai villages to experience and smell the tranquility of the countryside while seeing the green rice fields surrounded by mountains. Thai women are skilled weavers who can produce a wide range of traditional garments.

In the hamlet, you'll find women weaving on looms under or inside their homes, and you may buy some handcrafted traditional clothes, a dagger, or a crossbow. Say your goodbyes to the friendly Thai about 10 a.m., and then take a quicker route back to Hanoi. We'll join the main route to Hanoi after passing via the magnificent Thung Khe and Doc Cun passes. Before rush hour, complete an easy, short, and fantastic.

At the end of the day, end the journey in Hanoi. Let's now look at some of the things to bear in mind as you embark on your adventure.

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