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The lush Mekong delta is really the fertile soil that is located on the lower section of MeKong River-one of the longest rivers in the world. A short motorcycle tour to the Mekong Delta with outside activities, the peaceful countryside and the beautiful routes will blow your mind. 

Taking a trip to Mekong delta by motorcycle to get a taste of life on the Delta and discover all sorts of local landscapes and specialties. 

The pleasant route through the stunning countryside - Mekong delta motorbike tour

The pleasant route through the stunning countryside - Mekong delta motorbike tour
Kids playing together during a sunny day outdoors of rice field Chau Doc, An Giang, south of Vietnam/ Mekong Deta.

The route to Mekong Delta on a motorcycle is known as an easy and pleasant ride that combines the small road and off roads through the paddy rice fields and orchard. 

You will have time to recharge your battery and change the climate after busy days during this motorcycle tour. From Ho Chi Minh, you will take a southwards ride to experience the Mekong Delta by motorcycle. We will take you to Chau Doc, Can Tho and Ben Tre. After that, we can ride along the coastline from Ben Tre head to Vũng Tau, Mui Ne and turn back to Ho Chi Minh. 

Although the route of the Mekong Delta on a motorcycle is quite simple, the beauty of the destination and the landscape along the way will make unforgettable memories. 

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Things that can not miss when experience Mekong Delta by motorcycle 

Heavily laden orchards during the motorcycle tour

The Mekong Delta area has rich soil that is suitable for trees: fruit, rice. Along the ride to Ben Tre on motorcycle, we will take you to the dragon fruit, durian and green skin grapefruit farms. And the Cai Be orchards are a highlight destination when you experience Tien Giang by motorcycle with many delicious fruits like mango, orange and longan. You will be amazed by the diversity of tropical fruit in Mekong Delta wherever you can see the orchard easily during the ride.

We highly recommend to stop and rest while enjoying the local fresh fruit in the orchards. It will be truly a sweet memory. Mekong delta motorbike tour

Things that can not miss when experience Mekong Delta by motorcycle 
Can Tho, Viet Nam. Phong Dien floating market very famous in Mekong delta.

Discovering the culture of Kmer Krom - Mekong delta motorbike tour

The Khmer almost cluster around the Mekong Delta area. The villages in some areas are popular as their architecture construction has a strong style of Khmer. Many of the more than 600 Khmer pagodas in the Mekong Delta were built hundreds of years ago and have been recognized as national historical and cultural sites. Mekong delta motorbike tour

The architecture combines the decorative arts of Khmer and the colorful design of Angkor culture. From the gate and roof to the inside, there are countless images of birds, nymphs and snake god Naga. 

If you take a trip to Soc Trang on motorcycle, we recommend you visit Doi pagoda that is 400 years old. Doi Pagoda is an icon of Khmer culture and art, which can easily be recognized by its architecture such as:  main hall, pagoda gate and monks’ accommodations. Doi Pagoda is famous as it is home to thousands of bats.

Beside that, Tra Vinh is home of the Hang Pagoda, a beautiful pagoda that was built by the Khmer. Under a canopy of palm trees is a long line of towers with their roofs and gates to interiors, there are a vast number of birds, the god of snakes, nymphs and Naga. This is the destination of festivals and other special celebrations of Kmer tradition. 

Discovering the culture of Kmer Krom - Mekong delta motorbike tour
Young monks reading a book on the temple porch in Soc Trang.

Experience the Cai Rang floating market by motorcycle - Mekong delta motorbike tour

Once visiting Cai Rang floating market, you will be surprised by how dense and lively this market is. Located in Can Tho Province, the floating market is a must-visit destination when discovering Can Tho by motorcycle. Cai Rang floating market is selected as one of the five most beautiful floating markets in Asia. It is known for its exclusive and interesting sections. 

The simplicity and real beauty of the floating market remain unchanged from time to time even though. During the early morning market hours, we can see the larger sized boats and smaller boats weave in and out of. The section of river becomes a collection of hundreds of boats packed with mango, pineapple  bananas, papaya and even breakfast like Bun Bo, Bun Rieu, Hu Tieu. 

Cai Rang floating market was named as an intangible cultural heritage of Vietnam and became one of the most interesting tourist attractions in Can Tho City. Don't miss it when discovering the Mekong Delta by motorcycle.

Experience the Cai Rang floating market by motorcycle - Mekong delta motorbike tour
This is floating market in Mekong Delta, Viet Nam.

A short trip to Mui Ne on motorcycle from Ben Tre - Mekong delta motorbike tour

The itinerary of the Mekong Delta on motorcycle will depend on your idea. However, we highly recommend a return motorcycle trip from Ben Tre to Mui Ne. It will be a fantastic route along the coastline, one side is mountains and one side is blue beaches. You will experience speeding up on coastlines passing quiet pine forest, short curves while enjoying the stunning sights of the fishing village. Riding through Vung Tau on motorcycle will be a chance to take a mud bath and relax on Binh Chau Hot Spring Lake.

Coracle fishing boats on beach. Mui Ne, Phan Tiet, Vietnam

Must- try specialities during the Mekong Delta motorbike tours

Must- try specialities during the Mekong Delta motorbike tours
Giant fish deep fried - speciality in Mekong Delta

Along with the rich culture and lush plants, Mekong Delta has an awesome variety of cuisines that will meet your case. While experiencing Mekong Delta by motorcycle, we offer you the best dishes as below. 

Hu Tieu is very popular in southern Vietnam, perhaps more popular than Pho in some areas. Hu Tieu is a combination of pork soup, dry noodles, herbs, and minced meat. In some areas, people will add different ingredients, such as seafood, to make the dishes more delicious.

Another sweet treat you can find in the Mekong Delta is Palm sugar cake. This cake is made by mixing rice flour and palm sugar. Rice noodles can be found everywhere in Vietnam, but suitable palm sugar can only be found in some areas of the Mekong Delta, because this special sugar is made from the sap of palm trees and cannot tolerate cold weather.

Fish and Shrimp Noodle Soup is a traditional Vietnamese noodle soup that originated in Kiên Giang in southern Vietnam. The broth is traditionally made with whole snakehead fish, but modern chefs choose a rich soup made from pork bones and deep fried giant fish!

Exploring the Mekong delta motorbike tour is the best way to experience real mekong delta life and culture. By choosing Vietnam Motorcycle Tours as your partner, we guarantee that you will enjoy a unique adventure tour to one of the most beautiful regions in south Vietnam. 

To book The Mekong Delta Motorbike tours, please call the hotline: +(84) 945.918.688 or to get the best price and promotion.

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