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Do you love traveling on off-road tours with your beloved motorbike? Here we offer you a chance to fulfill your passion and have a unique touring experience.
By participating in the motorbike tour Northeast Vietnam, you can immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of natural landscapes. You can find many people sharing the same love for motorcycles. It is also a chance to take a break from work and the stressful lifestyles in big cities.
We promise to bring you one of the most memorable off-road motorbike tours with a professional and dedicated tour guide. Don't hesitate to join now and have a great adventure with us.

An Overview Of Motorbike Tour Northeast Vietnam

Motorbike tour Northeast Vietnam is an 8-day off-road tour devoted to experienced bikers. This motorcycle trip is available at any time of the year with an estimated travel distance of more than 1300 kilometers. You will go through different provinces and famous locations on this ride. 

The beautiful natural terrains in remote areas of the country will lend you a peaceful and relaxing experience. Gliding through the countryside wind triggers a sense of satisfaction and drives back their childhood memories when seeing the mundane lives of Northeast people. 

Remember that this motorbike trip requires expert riding skills and substantial stamina from bikers. Ensure that you meet all the requirements before registering for the tour.


This 8-day motorcycle tour includes eight equivalent parts with different destinations, travel times, and distances. 

Day 1: Hanoi - Off-road Riding To Nghia Lo

Day 1: Hanoi - Off-road Riding To Nghia Lo
Off-road riding in northwest Vietnam

The motorbike tour initiates from Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, with a distance of 210 kilometers through rural areas to Nghia Lo. Wonderful landscapes along the road, such as the Red River, will emerge gradually while you tear the wind and thread your ways through every corner of the scenery. We will stop at a restaurant named Thu Cuc on road No.32 to have lunch. 

Please note that there will be 32 kilometers of dirt road on the Hanoi - Nghia Lo motorcycle trip. After lunch, we will ride through the tea hills where villages of Black Thai people are located. The ride ends at sunset, and we will stay overnight in Nghia Lo - the foot of the Hoang Lien Son range. 

Day 2: Off-road Riding Nghia Lo - Quang Binh

Day 2: Off-road Riding Nghia Lo - Quang Binh
Yen Bai, 17th Mar 2021: A group of Hmong woman are sewing in front off their house in Mu Cang Chai, Vietnam

The next ride will be on a 190-kilometer road to Quang Binh with 40 kilometers on a single track full of dirt. Along the way locates a charming river named Ngoi Thia, offsetting the dirty vibe on the road. The scents of nearby cinnamon forests will surely interest you. The Nghia Lo - Quang Binh motorcycle tour will stop after about 3 hours to have lunch. 

After lunch, we will finish the remaining distance and reach Quang Binh before dark. This distance contains mainly zigzag roads, which are easy to ride. 

Day 3: Quang Binh - Xin Man

Windy road trough hill at terraced Rice fields in Ha Giang province, Vietnam

After one night of resting in the hotel at Quang Binh, we will head to Xin Man town. It is located near the high mountains next to the border bell Vietnam-China. From the hotel to the mountain foot is a 40-kilometer road. Be cautious of the sharp bends on this trip. 

Climbing up the hill is one of the most challenging parts of this Quang Binh - Xin Man motorbike tour. Get ready to face dangerous tracks on the dirt road to the peak of the mountain. Riding on the hill, you can grasp the breathtaking views of nearby mountains and natural terrains with your naked eyes. 

This experience is highly adventurous and worth the danger of riding on the road. At sunset, we should have arrived at Xin Man town and taken a night's rest there. 

Day 4: Off-road Riding Xin Man - Ha Giang

Day 4: Off-road Riding Xin Man - Ha Giang
Sky Trail Riding In Ha Giang

The next trip to Ha Giang city is fairly easy, with only 40 kilometers of dirt road. You will ride on the high mountains of the Tay Con Linh range. Prepare a raincoat and waterproof bag if you go in the rainy season. We will have lunch on the mountain and follow No.2 road to Ha Giang city. 

While you are resting in the homestay in Ha Giang, the tour guide will ask for permission from the local Government to pass the border bell. 

Day 5: Off-road Riding Ha Giang - Dong Van 

Day 5: Off-road Riding Ha Giang - Dong Van 
Single Track Riding in Dong Van, Ha Giang

Welcome to Dong Van plateau. On the 5th day, you will ride in the mountains and pass many dangerous slippery tracks. On the road, you have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to behold the small houses of ethnic people like H'mong and Lo Lo. 

Takeaway: Always stay hydrated as the weather is pretty dry with low humidity and virtually no rain. 

Day 6: Dong Van - Bao Lac

We will hop on a 100-kilometer track to reach Bao Lac on the sixth day. You will pass the most dangerous track from Ma Pi Leng pass to Meo Vac market on this Dong Van - Bao Lac motorbike trip. This pass is the haven for die-hard fans of adventure, as you can conquer one of the most thrilling and risky passes in Vietnam while still spoiling yourself with a sense of satisfaction. In the morning you can visit famous locations in Dong Van such as the Ancient Street and Rocky Market. 

We will stop at a hotel in Bao Lac in the afternoon after crossing the Nho Que river and a 30-kilometer dirt road. 

Day 7: Off-road Riding Bao Lac - Ba Be Lake

Day 7: Off-road Riding Bao Lac - Ba Be Lake
Mountain pass in Xuan Truong, Bao Lac, Cao Bang, Vietnam. Mẻ Pia pass in Cao Bang, Vietnam. Mountain passes in Viet Nam

The road is fairly short and easy to ride on the trip's final days. We will attend Ba Be Lake after a 100-kilometer ride and travel on the lake by boat. You can even plunge yourself in the cool water and feel the refreshing flow invading your inner self after long and tiring days of riding.

We will rest for one night in the nearby village. 

Day 8: Ba Be Lake - Ha Noi

Day 8: Ba Be Lake - Ha Noi
Ba Be National Park, Vietnam

On the last day, the motorbike tour will return to Hanoi on the easier track of 230 kilometers. You can get back to the busy life in the city after memorable days riding in the Northeast regionof Vietnam. It's time to say goodbye to the new friends and companions on this great off-road Vietnam motorcycle tour


Motorbike tour Northeast Vietnam is one of the greatest trips available in Vietnam. We ensure your safety and enjoyment on the motorcycle trip with a professional tour guide and a carefully planned itinerary. Join now and have a great time traveling on this adventurous motorcycle journey.

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