Book a tour: An Enduro Motorbike Tour Of Vietnam From Sai Gon To Da Lat – Nha Trang Over 13 Days

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If you're looking for Vietnam motorcycle tours that'll take you far from the beaten path, consider taking a 13-day tour to Da Lat.
This journey begins in Sai Gon, Vietnam's most lively city, and finishes in the coastal town of Da Lat, renowned for its stunning beaches and relaxed vibe.
Along the way, you'll explore some of Vietnam's most picturesque countryside while cruising on some of the best motorcycles in the country. Keep reading and discover more!
Start: Saigon ( HCMC )
Finish: Saigon ( HCMC)

Highlights Of The Tour

One of the best ways to experience the jungle is on a beach ride. You can see the animals and the plants up close, and it's a great way to get some exercise. 

A mud bath is another great way to relax and detoxify your body. If you're looking for something more active, consider camping in the jungle. You can exchange ethnic culture in Central Highland with the locals and learn about their way of life.

Tourist huts on the outskirts of the jungle near Bau Sau (Crocodile Lake) in Cat Tien National Park, Southern Vietnam.

The Detailed Plan 

Looking to explore Vietnam by motorbike? Our Motorbike Tours are the perfect way to see the country! 

During 13 days, you'll start in Sai Gon and end in Da Lat - Nha Trang, taking in all the best sights along the way. We'll provide a detailed plan so you know what to expect, making for a hassle-free adventure!

Day 1: Nam Cat Tien

Crocodiles lurk in the lake, Nam Cat Tien National park in the south of Vietnam

We begin our first 13 day motorbike adventures in Sai Gon, riding south to the Mekong Delta. This bike tour takes us through some of the most striking scenery yet, and by day’s end, we will have crossed a number of exciting regions. 

Firstly, we head over to Tri An Power Station and Dam, where you can snap many fantastic photos. 

Next up is Ma Da Mountain – this mountain is renowned for its flora, with impenetrable jungle surrounding it and lots of straights, corners, and jumps. 

Finally, we take you down one track that doesn’t exist on any map - all in order to maximize your Vietnam motorbike adventurous experience!

Day 2: Bao Loc - Lam Dong

Day 2: Bao Loc - Lam Dong
Tea plantation in Bao Loc, Lam Dong, central highland Vietnam!

We'll ride motorbike through Nam Cat Tien Park's deep jungle during this day, warming up with a more manageable stretch before going up and into Da Teh Jungle. 

After spending half a day cutting through it, we’ll reach Trieu Hai Waterfall for lunchtime and the perfect place for some water fun! 

Next, we’ll enjoy a descent across a more lovely landscape before pulling into camp at Trieu Hoa. Here you will have a chance to meet some of Vietnam’s extraordinary ethnic minorities and attend their BBQ dinner.

Day 3: Lam Ha

Off-road Motorcycle ride southern loop Vietnam

We start the day by enjoyable motorbike ride to Lam Ha town. It is a tiny town on its own that has many unique things to offer. Once we get there, we will enjoy extensive trekking paths, and it has a fantastic view of small hills, tea plantations, and the beautiful cityscape of Bao Loc. 

This will give us ample time to appreciate the area surrounding us. Then, we continue our motorbike trip towards Da Lat with high expectations as this province is well-known for its rich culture and pleasant weather all year around. 

What makes it even more exciting is that some cultural shows are arranged in our schedule while waiting for nighttime. Food could always be delicious in Vietnamese people’s hospitality. 

The pool party will be held in a hotel at night, putting you right into the tropical paradise - perfect after biking 8 hours on hot days!

Day 4: Gia Nghia

Off-road Vietnam motorcycle touring down south along Ho Chi Minh Trail

After three days of motorbike touring through the central highlands of Vietnam, you'll be riding south to explore more of this beautiful country. Gia Nghia is a modern city bustling with activities and vistas for visitors to enjoy. 

Staying here for several nights will give you the pleasure of tasting ethnic influences expertly infused with contemporary culture. You’ll also see how the landscape changes from tropical coastal climate to monsoon highland climate bringing a drastic difference in scenery. 

When you stop for lunch at Ta Dung Lake, you'll be reminded of Ha Long - another name for this area! This seafood favorite is sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Day 5: Buon Ma Thuot

Day 5: Buon Ma Thuot
Coffee flower is blooming at a farm near Ta Dung Lake, Dac Nong province.

The fifth day of the thirteen-day motorcycle journey takes us to Buon Ma Thuot, a mountainous region in the Central Highlands and Vietnam's well-known coffee capital production.  

It is home to the Bana, Ede, and other ethnic minorities who have left us with many mysteries about their culture and origin today. Your guide will take you on a dirt bike where you'll explore caves, bamboo forests, and passages long forgotten by foreign eyes!  

Also of interest here are some pure IBC coffee shops that your guide will point out along the way, so stay attentive if they raise the topic!

Day 6: Da Lat

Pass from Duc Trong district to Tuyen Lam Lake, Dalat city, Lam Dong, Southern Loop, Vietnam

Our southern motorbike tour in Vietnam will take us through Da Lat. This city has named itself 'Le Petit Paris' due to its unique architecture, natural sceneries, peaceful surroundings, and pure mountain air. 

In addition, this region is known for its new, fruitful farmlands that supply each resident household with fresh, nourishing food and its pine-filled forests. We will start our motorbike journey by visiting this beautiful area nestled by a lake. 

Then, we'll spend a night under the stars (and in a tent) nearby and complete the experience by cooking a meal on the BBQ in this tranquil location.

Day 7: Rest In Da Lat

For their seven-day motorbike adventure through the mountains of South Vietnam, tourists will have a fantastic half-day experience in the forest riding off-road. 

After a hard day's work, our staff members will offer individuals the opportunity to sightsee or go out for a pleasant, half-day outing. These activities could consist of canyoning, paddle boarding, or rafting. 

In addition, we have other activities planned for those happy to rest, such as slacklining on Bungee Xtreme Ho Chi Minh's cable park or canopy climbing in nearby pine forests!

Day 8: Nha Trang beach city

Life in the fishing village at Nha Trang city, Vietnam, travel and discovery traditional culture of south Vietnam by motorbike, the best way to see Vietnam!

We will be exploring various areas along Vietnam’s south coast on this day. First, we ride motorbike to beautiful beaches in and around Nha Trang; riders should be prepared for roads, including dirt trails following streams through the jungle. 

On our way of South Vietnam motorbike trip to Nha Trang, we will visit a spa town called Vung Tau, hot springs, and remarkable buildings. Then, enjoy your day riding the open roads through coastal towns and villages with a comfortable night's stay at a motel by the beach in Nha Trang.

Day 9: Vinh Hy

Binh Tien Beach, Cam Ranh bay, Khanh Hoa province, Central coast Vietnam

Keep your rumbling stopped for two days before leaving for two difficult enduro riding days on the peninsula. Then, we'll take a relaxed journey through the countryside back roads from Nha Trang and arrive at Vinh Hy on the southern coast. 

Just relax on the beachfront land! Soak up the sun. It's time to work on those tan lines. 

In no time, you'll be ready for your tropical getaway in the south of Vietnam, where we hope that you are going to love everything about it at Dirt Biking Vietnam but mostly that you can enjoy this Vietnamese island adventure and take some great photos along the way!

Day 10: Ta Nang - Phan Dung forest

TA NANG - PHAN DUNG, BINH THUAN, VIETNAM. This place is a new destination for young people love trekking, dirtbiking in Vietnam

On our 10th day of riding in Vietnam, it is time to bid farewell to the famous bay, Vinh Hy, and its crystal clear waters. We're back on our trusty Honda dirt bikes, cruising towards Phan Rang, where we'll pay a visit to the farming village of Raglan. 

This community is particularly famous for its fruit crops, and you've got a chance to pick your produce straight from the source at one of their local farms! 

After lunch, we'll continue gasping for air as we ascend through the dense jungle of Ma Noi. Despite the dense trees, oldies can forget where they are without getting lost! And when they think they’re done with these dense green forests, they must ride over small streams.

Day 11: Phan Thiet

Motorcycle riding along Phan Thiet coast!

We have to get up early, before seven o'clock in the morning. So, take your breakfast, and don't forget to get your water bottle filled up. We depart from the family home at 7:30 AM and drive 55 kilometers through four provinces on the road trip.

Some of the valley's slopes are incredibly steep and challenging. But, there are still some enchanting landscapes to see out there – Brown or green grasslands extending into the distance, dense forests that resemble intense haze, and a gentle breeze. 

You feel relaxed from all the pressure of life at destinations such as Saola Nature Reserve, Mountainous little farms, and other minority villages to encounter.

If you're good with physical exercise, perhaps around 2 pm, you will head to a restaurant close to where you are on the bike. Then after lunch, you'll go to the place you had planned to go to for the night. 

While you're in the water, you can enjoy ice-cold drinks and food and drinks from the grill. What a great summer activity!

Day 12: Lagi

Beach Lagi, Binh Thuan province, Vietnam - August 29, 2015: Unknown Fishermen who pull up th are the fishing nets khi sunrise. This is ask for their daily work

We will participate in a motorcycle rally during this day by engaging in an off-road bike expedition over a sandy desert. 

After reaching the Lagi Town base camp, we will take a rest and try to reflect on the many things we have learned about motorcycle tours throughout our stay in this region in southern Vietnam.

Day 13: Sai Gon

Day 13: Sai Gon
South Coast Vietnam On Motorbike

The return to Saigon marked the end of the 13-day southern round trip of the 180 motorbike tours. Twelve long days riding the roads connecting south Vietnam had brought the best of its culture, diversity, and people into our view. 

The last leg took us across small dirt trails through remote farmland, rice paddies, and plantations before arriving at Cat Lai ferry towards the end of our thousand-kilometer journey.

In Summary

Thank you for reading our article about the 13-Day Vietnam Enduro Motorbike Tours From Sai Gon To Da Lat. We know how exciting it can be to plan a vacation with your loved ones and even more exciting to ride your motorbike in a beautiful destination like Vietnam. 

We hope this article has given you a little more insight into your motorcycle trip to Vietnam and that it is everything you hoped for and more. So enjoy your trip, and make sure to take plenty of pictures!

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