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Mui Ne Coastal Routes By Motorbike In Detail 

General Information 

We've included a description of the gorgeous seaside path between Mi Né and Cà Ná in this guide. Covered with immense sand dunes and colorful virtual mini-scapes, Mui Ne - Ca Na motorbike route captures the hearts of backpackers with its winding road following the turquoise coastline.

The coastal road from Mui Ne to Ca Na, with a total length of 110km one way, passes through beautiful pristine beaches, peaceful fishing villages, pure white sand dunes, and green hills. Indeed, the journey along the coastal route will bring you a completely new experience.

You just need about 3 hours during one day to finish that motorbike journey. Bear in mind this road witnessed the traffic of many container trucks, dump trucks, and passenger cars, so you need to pay close attention and focus on driving. 

Don’t forget to open Google Maps for proper directions, and avoid wasting time finding your way in case you have a terrible sense of direction.

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Kick Off Your Vietnam Motorcycle Journey 

Let's start the wheel rolling at either Phan Thiet or Mui Ne. However, you'll have to choose between the two options: 

Option 1: Taking the scenic coast road via Mui Ne village, around the peninsula, and along the beach, risking getting stopped (and even fined in the worst cases) by traffic cops.

Option 2: Taking a detour inland, avoiding the cops, and resuming the coastal route around Hoa Thang. The detour is simple, picturesque, and peaceful, and it adds very few miles to the trip.

Although the coast route is beautiful, passing through the famed coracle-filled bay between Mi Né fishing community and the Red Sand Dunes, foreign riders are nearly certain to be detained by cops at a notorious checkpoint roughly depicted on my map.

It's extremely probable that you'll be stopped, questioned, fined, or even have your bike seized, irrespective of whether you have a local driver's license and are obeying all requirements.

Upon taking the detour or confronting the traffic officers, the two highways meet at Hoa Thang on a windy, dry plateau with cassava fields, cashew trees, and wind turbines. After a sharp right turn due east, the Sand Dune Highway officially begins. The asphalt extends into the distance as the road widens to four lanes. Behind a cobalt-blue lake, the spectacular White Sand Dunes rise.

Mui Ne, Vietnam - 2018: White Sand Dunes is the most outstanding sandy area in South Vietnam.

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Remain on the roadway as it passes through the dunes, heading northeast and disappearing from the tourist radar. It's 20 kilometers on smooth asphalt across the uncultivated, parched, desert-like country from here to the fishing town of Phan Ri Cua. The new roadway comes to an end as it crosses the Luy River and reaches Phan Ri Cua. This fishing community has a gritty edge to it, yet it's a surprisingly active place for its size. 

The road winds its way around Chi Cong to the opposite side of the cliff, where a curved bay awaits. The coast road stretches for 10 kilometers alongside a beautiful beach, with no hotels or tour groups. Relax by taking a dip in the sparkling sea.

The road and the railway run parallel to the coast at Ca Na. There are various locations to go swimming in this region, as well as some local restaurants and a few places to stay.

Where To Stay 

Young female rider with a palm in tropical Mui Ne beach in Vietnam. Vietnamese corracles in the background. Ho Chi Minh Trail By Motorbike

Accommodation is the issue you need to consider for a perfect tour exploring Central Vietnam Motorbike Routes. Although it is possible to travel from Mui Ne to Ca Na back and forth within a day, it is far more leisurely and enjoyable to do so over two days and one night. 

There are hundreds of lodging alternatives in Mui Ne, which you can search and book online. However, there are just a few groups of regional guest houses, mini-hotels, and tiny resorts along the road. 

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Food And Drink

PHAN THIET, VIETNAM - November 4, 2016: Local fishermen at fishing port and market on November 4, 2016 in Phan Thiet, Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh Trail Motorbike Tours

The street food scenes in Phan Ri Cua and Mui Ne are very lively, as are the local fresh produce and seafood markets. During mealtimes, you'll find enough to eat and drink as you ride through any of these cities. Of course, seafood is widely accessible along this path. 

The seafood shacks at Phan Ri Cua at the eastern end of the beachfront road are very wonderful. There are additional seafood restaurants along the highway and along the seaside at Cà Ná, although they are a bit pricey and frequently packed with coach passengers.

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Wrapping Up 

Referring to Phan Thiet, everyone immediately remembers Mui Ne. This tourist destination in Phan Thiet is one of the must-experience places for tourists. This place is attracting a lot of young people who love to explore. Hopefully, our guide on Mui Ne coastal routes by motorbike has given you sufficient info for your perfect Vietnam motorbike trip.

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