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Mui Ne to Ca Na beach by motorbike is the best way for you to explore one of the greatest ocean roads in South Vietnam. Smooth and paved roads reveal the pristine beauty of long stretches of seaweed-covered rocks, spectacular sand dunes, serene beaches, and lively small fishing villages.

This post is perfect for you to get insight into this amazing route. It provides you with essential information to make the journey. Now, let’s get started.

Mui Ne To Ca Na Beach By Motorbike
Vietnamese Lady beside the beach , Slow life , Mui Ne Fishing village

Mui Ne To Ca Na Beach By Motorbike 

Mui Ne to Ca Na Beach by motorbike becomes more popular with travelers seeking the calm of nature and fascinating Southern Vietnam beaches. Ca Na is not only famous for the natural landscape of graceful beaches, rocky towering mountains, and forests but also for the culture of the ancient Champa Kingdom.

With a 3-hour scenic riding on excellent coast roads from Mui Ne, you reach Ca Na, known as one of the wildest yet beautiful beaches in Vietnam. Regarding the route, you could take a coastal road or a detour inland. Now, let’s share the routes with you!

Paradise beach in Mui Ne, Vietnam

Overview About The Route

Route 1: Along Coastal Line From Mui Ne To Serene Beach of Ca Na

Following route 1, you ride on the safe paved road. This scenic ocean passes through Mui Ne fishing village, Red Sand Dunes. Continue riding to the North, and you will reach an arid plateau near the Hoa Thang, a meeting point between routes 1 and 2.

The easy navigation of route number 1 makes it the most comfortable motorcycle ride in Southern Vietnam. However, the most disadvantageous point on this road is that you are likely required to stop your vehicle by the police. 

Regardless of whether you follow all regulations, the police usually stop you and check your driving license, insurance certificate, etc. In the worst circumstances, you will be fined.  

Route 2: Take A Detour Inland. 

The second route comes in handy to avoid police checkpoints. This detour inland goes through Ham Tien Market and Phan Thiet Town. Keep riding further until you arrive at the meeting point, Hoa Thang. From there,  you go into the  Sand Dune Highway. 

Vietnam coastal motorbike trip from La Gi to Phan Thiet. Landscape with blue sky during sunny day on the south of Mui Ne. Top Gear Vietnam Special Trip

Scenery Caught On The Route 

As aforementioned, both routes meet at Hoa Thang. From this joining point, you enter the Sand Dune Highway. The highway opens the beautiful scenery like a deserted landscape. Along the road, you immerse yourself in the impressive and stunning view of the White Sand Dune on one side. Another side is the sea.

Leaving stretches of White Sand behind, you continue following the highway to head to the northeast. You will soon arrive in Phan Ri Cua’s fishing village after a 20-km ride on smooth tarmac, with two sides of the road like dry desert-like terrain.

Later, you will exit the highway once you hit the bridge crossing over the Luy River and enter Phan Ri Cua. The next route is getting out of the town and going towards the rocky bluff of Chi Cong. 

From Chi Cong, the next 10 km is the wild beach, which is perfect for your shortstop. This place is familiar to locals, who usually hang out together on the weekend. That’s why you will see quite a lot of rubbish along the seashore. This route could be the best Vietnam Motorbike Routes.

Scenery Caught On The Route 
Kitesurfing on the waves of the sea in Mui Ne beach, Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan, Vietnam. Kitesurfing, Kiteboarding action photos.

After enjoying the serene beach and swimming in the glistening sea, further down to Lien Huong Town, get a sense of local life once you go through its local market and the dusty town. Keep driving further to the North, and you will join Highway 1. 

From there, you enjoy a comfortable ride on Highway 1, running parallel to the ocean near Ca Na. Absorb into stunning views of crystal clear blue sea on one side and rugged mountains on the other. You will also pass wide salt fields in Vinh Tan and plenty of enormous coal power plants.

Afterward, you arrive in Ca Na. We believe the ocean road is so wonderful, relaxing, and rewarding. It is worth a once-in-life-time experience. 

Attractions To Stop By 

Both routes offer stunning coastline views, rocky cliffs, and a wonderful coracle-filled bay. The Motorbike route from Mui Ne to Ca Na gives you many photo opportunities to capture poetic landscapes of dunes, vibrant fish markets, dusty villages, and pristine beaches. Sometimes, you will catch the scene of vast white salt fields and coal power plants.

The coastal road in Ca Na bay, Binh Thuan seen from above with the boulevard and railway, the coast close together is considered a beautiful bay in central Vietnam.

Place To Stay 

Mui Ne to Ca Na Beach By Motorbike is relatively short, which makes it possible for you to make a day trip. If your time permits, we highly recommend staying at least one night to enjoy the pristine beauty of Ca Na nature. 

In terms of accommodation, Hon Co Ca Na Resort is the most decent beachfront resort. Perfectly located along the seashore, the resort has an amazing panorama view of the serene beach and rocky mountains.

Besides, Ca Na Bay and Ca Na Hotel offer you the best comfort and a nice sea view at a mid-range price. With the lower budget, you have several options of local guest houses scattered along the route, like in Co Thach, Lien Huong, and Phan Ri Cua. 

Food & Drink 

Once you come to this wonderful beach paradise, you will enjoy the most delicious yet fresh seafood like crab, shrimp, and shellfish. Many local seafood stores are available in Lien Huong and Phan Ri Cua. 

You also find some other seafood restaurants along the highway and Ca Na seashore.


We hope this post on Mui Ne to Ca Na Beach by motorbike provides you with useful information for your upcoming journey. 

Whether going on a side trip from Mui Ne or a two days journey, we trust the natural beauty and safe roads with light traffic are one of the must-do things in Vietnam for anyone who loves riding and photography. 

Thank you for reading!

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