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Today, self-sufficient travel by motorbike is one of the great experiences, as you can easily contemplate the landscapes in the most authentic way.
Unfortunately, there are still many people who haven't had the experience of such traveling. If you plan to travel from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay by motorbike, consider our Vietnam Motorcycle Tours to have the best preparation for your trip. Let’s go!

Tour Highlights

Participating in a 7-day trip to the Northeast of Vietnam, you will discover picturesque natural landscapes, making domestic and foreign tourists fall in love at first sight.

You can easily encounter unique beauty in every route you go through. More than that, you can have a chance to experience on-road and off-road routes. We're sure that it will be very interesting.

Also, this trip allows you to immerse yourself in the cultural space of the ethnic groups living in this area.


Day 1: Hanoi - Ba Be Lake

Our first destination on this trip is Ba Be Lake - the largest freshwater lake in Vietnam.

This route includes 3 hours of driving through the mountains of Thai Nguyen province, where you can easily encounter the communities living here.

We stop in Cho Chu town for a while to rest and have lunch. Here, taste the local specialties! We bet you won't be able to forget that typical flavor.

After that, our crew continues to cross the mountain trails to reach Ba Be Lake.

You can take a boat to Pac Ngoi village - the village of the Tay people to explore the cultural features of the ethnic community in the Lake region.

Finally, spend the rest of the first day admiring the wild yet vibrant beauty of the National Park and Ba Be Lake.

Day 1: Hanoi - Ba Be Lake
Enjoyable boating ride on Ba Be lake, Bac Kan

Day 2: Ba Be - Cao Bang

You will be awakened by the peaceful sounds of daily life in Ba Be Lake. After having breakfast, you can enjoy the splendid view of the lake by boat.

Our motorbike crew then continue to ride to Cao Bang city. We are sure that the spectacular beauty of the route won't disappoint you. Do not hesitate to take photos to preserve that moment.

The winding passes are the outstanding feature of this route. Yet, please pay attention to the bends out of sight that can cause unnecessary accidents for the riders.

We may reach Cao Bang city in the evening. Then, you can rest at a homestay or hotel to prepare your energy for the next day.

Day 2: Ba Be - Cao Bang
Magical sunset on the area near mountain Phong Nam, Cao Bang province, Vietnam

Day 3: Cao Bang - Ban Gioc Waterfall

On the third day, we continue the northeast Vietnam motorbike trip to one of the famous waterfalls in our country- Ban Gioc Waterfall.

You will be completely overwhelmed by rolling mountains and golden rice valleys along this route.

Coming to the Ban Gioc Waterfall tour, you can contemplate the unique beauty of this majestic waterfall. Also, we may have the opportunity to experience the dishes made by ethnic groups in this Northeast mountainous region.

Besides, this place is an ideal destination to help dispel the sweltering heat for riders after a long day of Vietnam traveling with motorbikes.

After that, the crew ride to Quang Uyen town, located between the mountains and forests. Here, you can participate in Nung ethnic people's activities to understand more about their culture.

Ban Gioc waterfall in Cao Bang, Viet Nam - The waterfalls are located in an area of mature karst formations were the original limestone bedrock layers are being eroded

Day 4: Quang Uyen - Bac Son - Lang Son

Continuing the journey, the motorbike crew comes to a route in Lang Son province with constantly changing landscapes from mountains to forests.

The most prominent of these magnificent ones is a tranquil Bac Son valley. Surrounded by majestic limestone mountains and immense rice fields, this valley has a poetic and charming beauty that attracts many tourists.

When you zoom out, you can even discover the time-colored stilt houses of the Tay, Nung, and Dao ethnic groups.

The favorable terrain and weather in the valley allow people to grow two main crops. Suppose we have the opportunity to do Vietnam Motorbike Tours during the harvest season; we can enjoy golden rice fields stretching as far as the eye can see.

We will stay in the hotel here one night to regain strength for the next day's trip.

Day 4: Quang Uyen - Bac Son - Lang Son
Bac Son valley, Lang Son province during the ripe rice season from above. At the foot of the mountain is the Tay ethnic village.

Day 5: Lang Son - Ha Long Bay

Running along the southeast from Lang Son, we reach the coastal city of Ha Long in the afternoon.

The riding road from Lang Son to Ha Long is not too complicated, so you can comfortably enjoy the scenery.

Arriving in Ha Long, we will spend time walking around town and return to the hotel to prepare for the next day.

The happy kids playing in Bac Son on the grass, Lang Son, Northeast Vietnam

Day 6: Ha Long Bay with Cruise

In the morning, you are free to walk around and enjoy the atmosphere in this coastal city.

At around 11 a.m, we will board the boat to admire the breathtaking view of Ha Long Bay and enjoy the fresh seafood dishes.

Then, it's your own time. You can participate in various activities such as swimming, boating, or sightseeing to fully enjoy the Bay's beauty.

We will have a night of rest on the boat before returning to the marina the next morning.

View of cruise ships and islands in Halong Bay at sunset, Vietnam

Day 7: Ha Long - Hanoi

After waking up, you can have breakfast. The cruise will take you around the bay for one more visit before returning to the harbor.

We continue to drive motorbikes back to Hanoi to finish our 7-day trip. The move is quite convenient, as there are no more zigzag passes like the first days.

Our crew arrives in Hanoi around 5 p.m.

Day 7: Ha Long - Hanoi
Hang Sung Sot cave ( Amazing cave ) Halong Bay, Vietnam


Honestly, a short trip within seven days with Vietnam Motorcycle Tours cannot help you fully admire the magnificent natural beauty of Vietnam.

Yet, we believe this trip can spark inspiration for your promising trips. Hope you will soon discover more beautiful sceneries, have more fun-filled trips and accumulate more meaningful experiences. Thanks for reading!

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