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For most tourists, Sapa is definitely one of the most recommended locations when you go to Vietnam. Still, just over 100km to the west, there is another great attraction, which is the Sin Ho District.
Located in the Sin Ho plateau of Lai Chau province, the Sin Ho District offers the same cool climate throughout the year, just like in Sapa, which is great for relaxing during the heated summer months.
With the place still being hidden from many tourists, you can enjoy the many beautiful and spectacular wonders of nature without many traits of human societies.
The motorbike tour from Sapa - Sin Ho, the best northwest loop motorbike route in Northern Vietnam, as it allows you to experience the grandest landscapes of the country. So, feel free to follow us as we show you all the best things that can come with your trips.

Beautiful sunrise in a high mountain in Sapa
Beautiful sunrise in a high mountain in Sapa district, Lao Cai province, VietNam. Rider who watched the far side.

The Best Sapa – Sin Ho route

From Sapa to Lai Chau

You should start your motorbike trip in the morning, especially on the sunny days, since the gloomy weather can really hinder your ability to navigate well on the mountain roads.

Follow the QL4D route to get out of town and make your way to the West. Stop by at the Hmong Flower Garden and the tea terraces at O Quy Ho to take your wonderful selfies if you’re interested. O Quy Ho is a great place to visit, but since it’s still early, we recommend you to rest here later on your trip back from Sin Ho.

Continue riding the road to get past O Quy Ho’s Heaven Gate, O Quy Ho Peak, and the Sapa Heaven Gate. You can stop at any of these locations to take your selfies or skip them to focus on your trip to Sin Ho. Continue to follow the QL4D route to reach Hoang Trong Nghia orchid farm, then Chu Va damp.

Stop at Tam Duong District to rest for half an hour on any of the streets and coffee stops along the way. Continue the 4D until you reach Lai Chau City. Here, you can choose to rest for the night and continue your trip the next morning.

During your staying time, it’s possible to explore the surrounding villages and towns of the local ethics, along with many famous attractions, including the Ta Leng pine hill, Lai Chau pinwheel hill, and more. Move further to the villages to rest at many of their homestays or stay at the hotels inside the city.

O Qui Ho Pass, Sapa
O Qui Ho Pass, Sapa

From Lai Chau to Sin Ho

Start your motorbike trip back to Sin Ho the next morning. Make sure you’re well-rested and have everything properly packed. Follow the DT128 route to continue your northwest Vietnam loop by motorbike.

The path doesn’t have many important attractions that you want to stop and enjoy. But the beautiful mountain passes are still majestic, and there are a few stops along the way if you want to take selfies and beautiful landscape shots. Continue riding the road until you reach Sin Ho. Here, you can start exploring the amazing plateau and its many attractions.

Lai Chau, Vietnam
Lai Chau, Vietnam - May 9. 2015: A typical traditional flea market taking place in Sin Ho district. Flea market is very popular as one kind of small business in Vietnam.

From Sin Ho back to Sapa

The roads from Sin Ho back to Sapa are quite transparent since you only need to follow your paths back to Lai Chau and then Sapa. However, you might want to make a stop at Si Thau Chai village to enjoy the beautiful sceneries instead of staying in the city of Lai Chau. Or alternatively, you can continue riding to Sapa and rest at the O Quy Ho village, which is also equally interesting.

Sapa, Vietnam.
H'mong ethnic minority children on May 30, 2014 in Sapa, Vietnam. H'mong is the 8th largest ethnic group in Vietnam.

What can you do in Sin Ho?

The Sin Ho Plateau consists of 14 different ethnicities living together in different villages and towns. Here, visitors can really feel the cultural diversity as they travel across the habitats of the Thai, Hmong, Dao, Kho Mu, Laos, and other ethnicities. All of which allows tourists to enjoy their many experiences with each of those.

Here, tourists can explore the Pu Sam Cap cave system with multiple caves located along the Pu Sam Cap mountains. Enter the Pu Dao village, where you’ll be welcomed by many hospitable Thai people in their beautiful homestays and majestic landscapes that surround the area.

Feel free to travel to the Van Long path and explore the hidden mansion of the ancient Thai King. Enjoy the amazing Sin Ho market, where you are exposed to multiple ethnicities and fun games with the locals. Don’t forget to spend time bathing in the traditional medicine water of the Thai herbalists.

Rice terraces field view point in Sapa . Vietnam
Rice terraces field view point in Sapa, Lao Cai. Vietnam

When to travel to Sin Ho?

Similar to Sapa, the unique temperate climate of Sin Ho makes it a great place for all-season traveling. Here, you can enjoy the unique natural beauties in each period of the year.

Enjoy the spring periods where flowers bloom, and the bustling market of the ethnics in Sin Ho gathers every weekend. Here, you can have people dressing in their many colorful and unique traditional clothes. Enjoy good foods and have the chance to look at many delicacies.

The cool and relaxing atmosphere during the awfully heated summers in Vietnam will make the place a great spot for your weekend retreats and long vacations. Stay away from the scorching heat and find yourself becoming one with nature.

The weather in Sin Ho during the fall is great for outdoor adventures. Here, you can have the chance to hunt for the beautiful sceneries of cloud-wrapping alpines, which will make a great background for your selfies.

And the winter comes with extreme coldness, but also the chances for many beautiful sceneries with the snow-filled mountains and interesting weekend market gatherings.

H'Mong people in Viet Nam
Lai Chau, province, Viet Nam; March 13, 2016. The largest living area of H'Mong people in Viet Nam

Why should you travel with motorbikes?

The sapa and northwest Vietnam loop by motorbike is recommended by both expert travelers as well as the locals since it’s considered the best vehicle to get through the mountain passages between Sapa and Sin Ho.

Using bikes, you can easily navigate yourself when going between the alpines and can make your stops whenever needed without affecting the traffic. Plus, there will be hidden trails that are only reserved for motorbikes, which you’ll find extremely unlucky to miss their certain destinations.

At the same time, it won't take too much of your time traveling from Sapa to Lai Chau and from Lai Chau to Sin Ho using bikes. And with bike renting services being available everywhere in Sapa, you’ll find it extremely easy looking for transportation.

Motorbike trip northwest Vietnam
Motorbike trip northwest Vietnam


This article on “Sapa - Sin Ho Sapa - Sin Ho, the Best Northwest Loop Motorbike Routes” trip following the northwest paths of Vietnam has shown you all info for tourists who are looking for new experiences instead of following the traditional routes. 

It’s also quite easy and safe to do, so you shouldn’t have any troubles exploring the many beautiful sceneries along the way. More dates and infos hit us up!

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