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Southern Laos motorbike tours allow you to ride your motorbike through the paved roads and discover well-known destinations. From Vientiane, you can depart and visit the fascinating spots on your beloved motorcycle.
It also promises to give you the most wonderful experiences and an amazing journey. This article below will guide you through a specific itinerary to complete your Vientiane-Thakhek motorbike trips. Keep reading for further details!

Southern Laos motorbike tours
A boat trip on the other side of Kong Lor Cave in Central Laos

Southern Laos Motorbike Tours Itinerary - 10 Days

Day 1: Vientiane - Pakxane Motorbike Trip

On the first day, you will take motorbike tours from Vientiane through the Phou Khou Khoey National Protected area. 

Today’s itinerary will start from the hotel at 8:00 from Vientiane to Thakhek after you have filled up your stomach with delectable delis. It depends on the number of members in the group with a simple route so that the riding can take from 4-6 hours. 

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Try your best to imprint the beauty of the Buddha’s cave in your memory when visiting in the second half of the day. 

Your schedule also entails exploring the countryside by riding through the special off-road terrain. You can stay overnight at Thakhek Travel Lodge and take a short motorbike ride to discover around.

Vientiane - Pakxane Motorbike Trip
APRIL 6, 2016 : PAKXAN - LAO PDR : Under-construction of concrete dam with heavy equipment and cement conveyor structure and site landscape of Namngiep project in Pakxan District, LAO PDR.


Day 2: Pakxane to Lakxao Motorbike Tour

Kick-off the second day with a departure from Thakhek to Pakse on  your motorbike, the ancient French capital. We will spend a day exploring the breath-taking landscapes and interesting areas of the old capital and its surroundings. You can do some interesting activities and stay overnight at the famous Hotel Pakse. 

Pakxane to Lakxao Motorbike Tour
View of Vang Vieng, Laos

Day 3: Lakxao - Bualapha Motorbike Tour

After leaving the Vietnamese border, you can head deep into the jungle trails crossing this historic zone. This is when you enter the legendary Ho Chi Minh Trail. Stay tuned for an off-road Laos Motorbike journey!

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Day 4: Bualapha - Xepon Motorcycle Tour

On the fourth day, you will brave yourself by tearing along the Ho Chi Minh trail with fascinating views opening up along the way. This is one of the essential trips in the southern Laos motorcycle tours. 

Bualapha - Xepon Motorcycle Tour
Tad-Pa Suam waterfall in Champasak province, Southern Laos.

Day 5: Xepon - Sekong Motorbike Trip

Start your fifth day with an amazing two-wheel trip from Xepon to Xekong. From Xepon, you will take a motorbike tour to  Saravane. You will have the chance to enjoy the sparkling river along the way and the spectacular landscapes on the same routes through the jungles before arriving in Saravane. 

From Saravane, you can continue taking your motorbike journey to Sekong Province. This route is easy with good terrain, so feel free to pull over and capture some of the best pictures ever as the twilight embraces you. At the end of this day, you will get a good night's sleep either in a lovely hotel. 

Riding to remoted village in Laos

Day 6: Sekong to Attapeu Motorcycle Route

You can access the Cambodia-Vietnam boundary riding along with the final phase of the Ho Chi Minh trail. Discover the unsightly single track and the historic War Remnants on this day. 

Continue visiting Champassak in the early morning after a tight sleep. This trip is an ideal experience that helps you get immersed in the things back in the day and broaden your horizon. 

Sekong to Attapeu Motorcycle Route
Attapeu, Lao PDR- March 18, 2022: The ethnic children in the South of Laos playing with their friends at the school playground.

Day 7: Attapeu to Champassak Motorcycle Tour

Ride your motorbike through the well-known Boraban Plateau with coffee plantations and farms in Laos's fertile places. Go to the plantations to discover how Lao coffee can reach your local Starbucks. 

If you stop at Champassak, take your time to view Wat Pho, one of Laos' most famous Angkor-era temples. It is situated at the foot of Mt. Phu Khao, not far from the Mekong River in Champasak Province. 

There was a temple on the premises in the early 5th century, while the remaining buildings date back between the 11th and 13th centuries. The restoration work has been accomplished without restoring the boundary pillars along the sidewalk. Interestingly enough, Wat Fu was a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001. 

Attapeu to Champassak Motorcycle Tour
Detailed architecture in Wat Pho, Temple of Reclining Buddha

Day 8: Champassak to Sabana Hat Motorcycle Tour

After Champassak, our motorcycle tours Laos continue with Sabana. Our trips can be off and on the road while you tear along the Mekong River, from Laos to Savannakhet and Main South Route 13. 

Situated on the Mekong, it is deemed as the fifth-largest city in Laos, opposite the Mukdahon in Thailand. This Laos motorbike riding journey will help you discover the most impressive landscapes with memorable feelings. 

Champassak to Sabana Hat Motorcycle Tour
Friendship Bridge Lao Thailand Friendship Mukdahan Savannakhet

Day 9: Sabana Hat to Thakhek Motorbike Tour 

On the ninth day, you will ride on the north as we did the day before, snake along the Mekong combined with the off-road Motorbike Tours Laos parts intertwining the National Highway 13. Several roads go along the river, but some others turn inland. 

Thus, you can have more good chances to enjoy the stunning scenery and interesting driving that constantly transform as you move. Have a nice dinner with your group and support team, then. 

Wooden boat docked at Buddha cave also known as Tham Pa Fa cave, Thakhek loop, Laos

Day 10: Thakhek - Vientiane Motorbike Tour

After taking a roundtrip through Thakhek, an old colonial city in Laos, ride your motorbike back to Vientiane. Thakhek is not an important place for a motorbike tour in Laos, but it's an ideal place to capture the fascinating views. 

You can complete this trip in a few days. After returning to Vientiane, you end your motorbike tour with your group while packing yourself with the most amazing experiences. 

Off-road Laos Motorbike Tours


You’ve experienced a 10-day itinerary of Southern Laos motorbike tours. These trips also allow you to discover stunning landscapes and engage in the most interesting activities you desire. A complete journey will help your mind and body relax, widen your knowledge, and learn new things. 

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On these Laos motorbike tours, you can take an enjoyable and vibrant adventure that makes you unforgettable. Let’s enjoy your interesting motorbike tour with your friends or family members with the most memorable activities!

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