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If you plan to visit and stay in Vietnam for a long time, we suggest you participate in the great loop motorbike tour. It will bring more memorable experiences for your family members and friends.
Do not worry if you do not have a plan; we can take care of this for you. Check our following plan!

the great loop motorbike tour

The Great Loop Motorbike Tour Overview 

Ha Noi - That Khe - Quang Uyen - Pac Bo - Dong Van - Ha Giang - Hoang Su Phi - Sapa X2 - Mu Cang Chai - Phu Yen - Pu Luong - Ha Noi Motorbike Tours last twelve days and 11 nights. 

The total distance for the whole tour is approximately 1700 km. As the tour's name suggests, you will travel along the border of Vietnam-China and some scenic locations. So, the tour is suitable for those who have good physical health. 

We can customize tours based on the riders' requests. For example, the travel agent can add Dien Bien Phu war sites to the list of visiting destinations if clients wish to go there. 

The travel agent arranges overnight places for visitors. In particular, visitors can choose to stay at eight homestays and three hotels (standard) or four homestays,  six hotels, and one eco-lodge (VIP). 

Detailed Itinerary 

The first leg 

Day 1: from Ha Noi to That Khe

The first day, we will start our journey from Hanoi and drive to That Khe. Ride through the main national highway and then the small reverse roads to That Khe. You can easily capture the beautiful scenery of the valleys, small hamlets and custard-apple groves.

That Khe district is located in Lang Son province. When you come to the district, local dishes are things you must try. Some famous dishes include stewed pork belly, sour rice noodles, steamed rice rolls, Nem nuong Huu Lung, and Coong Phu.

View from Na Lay mountain to Bac Son, Lang Son valley on July

The best time to ride the district is from May to August. In these months, the weather is pleasant and cool. 

Day 2: from That Khe to Quang Uyen

On the second day, you will travel to the province Cao Bang. Visit the waterfall called Ban Gioc. It is not a tourist hot spot, so you can have a good time chilling here. 

When you arrive there, you can see beautiful jade-blue river flows. As the waterfall flows from the height of 30 meters, you can feel how powerful the flow is.  

When riding to Ban Gioc Waterfall, there are some highlights around Ban Gioc for you to discover, such as Ban Gioc temple, Nguom Ngao cave, Phong Nam valley, Nui Thung mountain, and Thang Hen lake. 

The special thing is that the homestay is neatly located, getting rid of the noisy and bustling place. 

Ban Gioc - Detian waterfall from drone in Cao Bang, Vietnam

Day 3: from Quang Uyen to Pac Bo

On the third day, passing through the Cao Bang provincial capital and arrived at Pac Bo cave. Pac Bo Cave, referred to as Uncle Ho Cave, is a historical relic with beautiful scenery.

Purchase entrance tickets at the kiosk. There is a museum and a shrine of Ho Chi Minh. If you admire Uncle Ho, you should visit this museum. You can know more about his life through photographs, memorabilia, etc. 

Mountain pass in Cao Bang, Vietnam. Mẻ Pia pass in Cao Bang, Vietnam.Landscape of area Trung Khanh, Cao Bang, Vietnam

If you are too tired to get to the beginning of the path around the Cave, take a short 5-minute ride by electric buggy. 

It is advisable to walk along the Lenin Stream flowing past the Cave. To be honest, it is fantastic to see how blue crystal clear water there is. Tranquility and peace can help you forget your tiredness during the journey. 

Day 4: from Cao Bang to Dong Van 

The next day, we will travel across Vietnam to stops like Bao Lac. Here you can get a great view of China across the border. Some stops in the journey from Cao Bang to Dong Van such as Bao Lac, Meo Vac, Bao Lam, Dong Van.

If team members need to rest during the long journey, homestays are always ready to greet them at each location. 

Off-road Chinese border ride

Dong Van ancient town, is an awesome place to explore the cuisine, culture, and tradition of highland people. Walking in Dong Van ancient street, you can witness special architectural features such as stone flooring and a roof of yin and yang tiles. 

Apart from Dong Van, you can also travel to well-known tourist destinations such as Ma Pi Leng Pass, King Cat Palace, Happy Road, and Lung Cu Flag Pole. Once you arrive at these destinations, you are free to check in and take selfies with friends or family members. 

The Second Part 

Day 5: from Dong Van to Ha Giang

You can take the suburban road or the inner city road to reach Ha Giang. If you go to the outer ring, the traffic would be more busy. It's one of the best Ha Giang Motorbike Tour today.

Great view on top of Ma Pi Leng Pass, Ha Giang

When arriving in Ha Giang, the group will stop at a motel or homestay a bit far from town. Travel agents are meant to do this as it can help tourists have a good relaxation.

Day 6: from Ha Giang to Hoang Su Phi 

The must-visit destination in Ha Giang is Hoang Su Phi. It is 110 km far from the Ha Giang city center. Hoang Su Phi is divided by medium and high mountains with relatively complex terrain. 

In fact, it is considered a National Monument as it features wide, beautiful ladders that look like a masterpiece made by hand, sweat, and the brains of local people. Today could be the most scenic motorcycle tours in Vietnam.

Bamboo rafting in Khau Vai, Ha Giang

Over time, this place becomes fertile, untouched, and winder slopes with the hand of humans and nature. You will be astonished at the breathtaking view if you are here. 

Day 7: from Hoang Su Phi to Sa Pa 

On the seventh day of the journey, you will ride from Hoang Su Phi to Sa Pa. You will go along the mountain Kiou Leou Ti, a river valley close to Bac Ha, the Chinese border, and Sa Pa. 

Great place for cold beers on Top of O Qui Ho Pass, Sapa, Lao Cai

Day 8: Rest day in Sa Pa 

The group will have a day to rest in Sa Pa after hard days of traveling. The overnight place will be in the central town as it is convenient for ascending Fansipan or visiting other places. 

A day is not enough to go to all the best things in Sa Pa so that you can pick one or two activities. 

H'mong women in a traditional costume work on a market. Hmong people is a minority ethnic group living in Sapa

Some popular activities are going hiking, drinking coffee in clouds, visiting Cat Ba village, hiking Fansipan, discovering Silver waterfall, trying barbecue,  exploring a fairy cave, going boating on Sa Pa Lake, and watching Ta Phin commune church singing performance, and checking out Muong Hoa valley. 

The Third Part 

Day 9: from Sapa to Mu Cang Chai 

On the next day, we will ride over Fansipan and go down O Quy Ho pass. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the mountains and Fansipan valley.

Rice fields on terraced of Mu Cang Chai, YenBai, Rice fields prepare the harvest at Northwest Vietnam.

After passing Than Uyen, you will turn to Mu Cang Chai Valley, where you can admire rice terracing. 

Here you can absorb Mu Cang Chai's scenery by hiking. You will pass through layers of rice terraces, corn, tea plantations, and even rain forest.

Although hiking is new to many tourists, you can follow the zigzag trail created by Hmong ethnic group up to the valley or into the mountains. The trail connects the hamlet, so it is a good chance to discover more about the local culture. 

Day 10: from Mu Cang Chai to Phu Yen 

You will go around Ta Xua on a good road on this day. On the way to Phu Yen, enjoy the scenery of scattered small towns and watch the ethnic people along the way.

Great off-road riding in Ta Xua Dinosaur Spine

Day 11: from Phu Yen to Pu Luong

After riding down the Back River, you will go on a ferry and cross the river. Then, climb to Moc Chau Plateau and follow Highway 4 to Dien Bien Phu.

Crossing The Black river by a ferry in Van Yen

After a long journey, you will stay at a secluded homestay. Take a good rest to recharge the energy and prepare for tomorrow's last trip. 

Day 12: from Pu Luong to Ha Noi 

On the last day, you will return to Hanoi. You will return to the hotel and shower before having a small farewell party.

Rice terraces at sunrise with mountain ranges in background, Pu Luong, Thanh Hoa, Viet Nam


In short, the great loop motorbike tour is suitable for those with good health conditions who love exploring well-known and less-known destinations. 

We will update new information regularly, so visit us more for interesting traveling plans. 

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