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Top to bottom: 18 day motorcycle tour is a trip that will take you to all the famous places of Vietnam in just 18 days by motorbike! Not only stop at the cloud cover, food, or the highland customs of the North, but you will also experience the sandy winds of the Central, the most beautiful bays in the South. All experiences are packed into one trip!
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Top to bottom: 18 day motorcycle tour
The Hai Van Pass, Da Nang, Vietnam. A beautiful road to drive by motorbike, very nice curves, turns and awesome view. Aerial view.

Top To Bottom: 18 Day Motorcycle Tour - Travel The S Land

Preview Of The Tour

Route: Ha Noi - Sa Pa - Mu Cang Chai - Phu Yen X2- Pu Luong - Tan Ky - Phong Nha - Khe Sanh - Hue - Hoi An - Quy Nhon - Tuy Hoa - Nha Trang - Phan Thiet - Vung Tau - Sai Gon Motorbike Tours

Duration: 18 Days + 17 Nights

Accommodation: hotels + homestay

The route appears to be a simple loop and well-traveled tourist route. We will guide you off the main road and get onto some smaller roads where you can observe the local life in action, both good and the not good. 

At first, we must be cautious of traffic because we're still near Hanoi. However, we make every effort to go onto calmer and safer routes as soon as possible. 

This journey is available to anybody, as long as you know how to drive and have a license. The route may be jazzed up for those looking for adventure.

Day 1: From Hanoi To Sapa Motorbike Tour

Distance: 315.3 km

Riding time: About 5.5 hours

We leave the capital early. Then, we pick a special minibus to come to Bao Ha meeting with our steeds. It's just a short distance to reach Sa Pa if you take the beaten path rather than the main one. It means we won't have to deal with Ha Noi congestion. 

Instead, we can spend the day getting to know the motorcycles. We will spend the first night in a local homestay and enjoy the special meal with them!

Black H'mong lady in green rice fields at Sapa, Vietnam.

Day 2: From Sapa To Mu Cang Chai Motorcycle Tour

Distance: 161 km

Riding time: About 3.5 hours

Today we will go around the edge of Fansipan before descending the 2019 world's greatest exciting locations - Hoang Lien Son mountain range further to the great beauty valley- Mu Cang Chai. 

Our first challenge is the downhill of the O Quy Ho mountain pass. The route seems to be a very prolonged descent down! But it is followed by the lovely Mu Cang Chai rice terracing. Here is the place where we learn our desired driving speed and style. We will sleep at a quiet and serene homestay outside of town. 

Top of Sapa heaven gate, O Qui Ho pass, Sapa, Northwest Vietnam

Day 3: From Mu Cang Chai To Phu Yen Motorbike Tour

Distance: 199 km

Riding time: About 7 hours

On route QL32, we continue the motorcycle journey to cross Son La mountain reserve - Ta Xua, and then to Phu Yen. We can choose a tough off-road path if the weather is favorable. 

If the sky is not blue, we will take the thoroughfare! But even on the main road, it is pretty quiet. Hence, it becomes a fantastic route to travel on! We will spend the night in the town that serves as our home base.

The amazing road runs through terraced rice paddies in Mu Cang Chai Vietnam

Day 4: Phu Yen - Relaxing day 

Distance: Depending on you!

Riding time: Depending on you!

In Phu Yen, tourist activities are not much to show! Still, the hotel we choose to stay in is one of a kind, and the food options are dynamite! It is not an ideal place to visit, but it turns out to be an excellent base to travel around when there are several track loops you can do in a day! 

We can either choose to go and sit on clouds at Ta Xua. Then, we open our eyes to see the beautiful Dinosaur Spine road, or you can come to the tea forest hidden behind the cloud cover! 

On Top of Ta Xua Dinosaur Spine

Day 5: From Phu Yen To Pu Luong Motorcycle Tour

Distance: 186 km

Riding time: About 5.2 hours

We hope that relaxing on the fourth day will provide good energy for today's long drive! We continue the fifth day by coming to Black River by choosing some smaller roads and snaking through the hills. Then, we must travel across the river with the help of a ferry! 

Next, we ascend Moc Chau and Mai Chau! But, we will not remain in this extremely touristy region; instead, we will travel farther down to the Nature Reserve - Pu Luong, where we may locate a calmer and more private spot to stay. The homestay we choose is a modest family-run guesthouse that serves delicious meals and firewater.

Taking ferry to cross the Black river in northwest Vietnam

Day 6: From Pu Luong To Tan Ky Motorbike Tour

Distance: 234 km

Riding time: About 4.5 hours

The sixth day is one of the longest days. However, it is a simple trail! We leave Pu Luong and travel south on the remarkable engineering feat - of QL15! We will choose some detours to be able to visit more places, but it remains our purpose to get to the final destination. 

We arrive at Tan Ky, a little town at the beginning of the Annamite Range Trail. Our accommodation is the largest in town. Hence, you can find it effortlessly because it is outstanding! 

On the sixth day, we will dine at roadside eateries. Don't worry about food hygiene. The meal is delicious and clean.

Water wheel on the stream in Pu Luong, Vietnam

Day 7: From Tan Ky To Phong Nha Motorbike Tour

Distance: 272 km

Riding time: About 5 hours

We're here on the Ho Chi Minh Trail, and everything around you starts to be interesting. Today is a long day because of the long route to Phong Nha. Therefore, you must get up early! We will get a quick breakfast on the way! 

We continue the highway all along the Laos border, then turn west, further into the mountains, about midday. The route travels thru the hills, which have several switchbacks, providing for wonderful driving.

QUANG BINH, VIET NAM- FEB 22: Phong Nha, Ke Bang cave, an amazing, wonderful cavern at Bo Trach, Vietnam, is world heritage of Viet Nam, traveller visit by boat on water

Day 8: Phong Nha - The relaxing day

Distance: Depending on you!

Riding time: Depending on you!

It's a moment for a well-deserved rest after seven days on the road. There are many options at Phong Nha, such as seeing the caverns, zip-lining, boating, or simply relaxing activities like sunbathing. Don't forget to do your laundry. The promising days ahead are waiting for you!

Aerial of Phong Nha Ke Bang gorge, Vietnam

Day 9: From Phong Nha To Khe Sanh Motorcycle Tour

Distance: 186km

Riding time: About 3.3 hours

We will continue our motorcycle journey on the Ho Chi Minh trail and snake around the hills. The scenery is somewhat the same. Yet, it does not appear to get boring. The route travels through primitive forests, becoming fairly isolated at points. 

We have ample petrol and an excellent mechanic. Therefore, you have no reason to be anxious. You'll come across a few small villages and some down-to-earth children. Aside from that, we completely “dominate” the road!

Khe Sanh of Quang Tri is rich in military history. Hopefully, the time will support us to come to some place to pay a visit.

From Phong Nha To Khe Sanh Motorcycle Tour
Ta Con Airport Relic Museum, Khe Sanh, Quang Tri ( Ho Chi Minh Trail )

Day 10: From Khe Sanh To Hue Motorbike Tour

Distance: 133 km

Riding time: About 2.5 hours

Compared to other routes, the path to move to old Hue is pretty close! If there is a significant military location that attracts you, sneak in one! We have two options for getting to Hue:

  1. continue on the Ho Chi Minh trail
  2. National Route 1

Everyone takes the road thru the hills. Thus we see a broadening of the meandering, rising, and dropping beauty. It is indeed amazing. 

On top of that, Hue city is fairly civilized. Thus, we will be located in a beautiful boutique hotel. The simple day goes on like that.

A boat station at Perfume River near Trang Tien bridge in sunset scene, Hue, Vietnam

Day 11: From Hue To Hoi An Motorbike Tour

Distance: 125 km

Riding time: About 4 hours

Today, there will be three viable routes. However, we believe everybody will prefer the huge dragon - Hai Van pass due to the history and great scenery of Vietnam's East Sea. 

The eleventh day is a gentle journey! You can enjoy it the most by taking more selfies, eating snacks, and visiting the magnificent wonders of nature! To finish, we put our feet at Hoi An, the prettiest tourist site in Vietnam! That's the day about! The ride today could be the best Vietnam Motorbike Tours.

Da Nang beach near Hai Van pass mountain in Da Nang, Vietnam

Day 12: From Hoi An To Quy Nhon Motorcycle Tour

Distance: 292 km

Riding time: About 5.2 hours

We have to be on the route early since we have a long day of almost 250 kilometers ahead of us. We travel fast along the highway on the edge of the coast. There is no longer time to stop. However, we can always divide the route up. 

A day to enjoy the local view and fuel up your energy is worth considering. Then, we will eventually arrive at Binh Dinh’s city - Quy Nhon. The coastal city is small but lovely. Because the twelfth accommodation is in a private cove, the lengthy trip will feel worthwhile. The award will be given tomorrow. 

Amazing view of Eo Gio beach- A tourist attraction in Quy Nhon- Vietnam with blue water and high rock cliffs

Day 13: Quy Nhon - Relaxing Day

Distance: Depending on you!

Riding time: Depending on you!

There is no better spot to spend a leisurely day. We may lie down in the sunshine to relax, join some beach activities, or we can just go around the town. The Quy Nhon time is a welcome break from the rigors of traveling and the ideal time to recharge our batteries.

Epic Waves and stones at Ky Co beach, Quy Nhon, Vietnam.

Day 14: From Quy Nhon To Tuy Hoa Motorbike Tour

Distance: 96 km

Riding time: About 1.6 hours

Tuy Hoa, another little beach town, is only a short distance away. Because these regions are very quiet, it is a delight to sail between them, giving us a bit more time to enjoy the view and have fun. The beach route provides a wonderful diversion from the mountains.

Wonderful view of Hon Nua Island, Tuy Hoa, Phu Yen Beach

Day 15: From Tuy Hoa To Nha Trang Motorcycle Tour

Distance: 117 km

Riding time: About 4.2 hours

We rejoin the beach road and continue into Nha Trang - the resort city, which is densely populated and lively. There are several beautiful beaches along the way. 

We can choose some stops to enjoy the seafood after taking a swim perhaps! Our lodging in the city is more upmarket, and you get the upscale nightlife too. 

Stunning view of Nha Trang Bay, Khanh Hoa

Day 16: From Nha Trang To Phan Thiet Motorcycle Tour

Distance: 226 km

Riding time: About 4.2 hours

We must be the early birds on the 16th morning because we have a long motorbike trip down the coast. The same scenery will appear in front of your eyes! But we will choose Cam Ranh Bay as the stop point. You can enjoy some beautiful views before continuing south to the port city - Phan Thiet.

Fishing boats docking on Phan Thiet beach, Phan Thiet city, Binh Thuan Province, Southeast Vietnam

Day 17: From Phan Thiet To Vung Tau Motorcycle Tour

Distance: 168 km

Riding time: About 3.4 hours

Kite surfing is a famous activity on Phan Thiet. You will often witness it as we travel farther south down the coast. We have all the time in the world, so some detours or even a few stop points for relaxing are open! As the journey isn't too long or arduous, we'll get to Vung Tau earlier, which will allow us to enjoy a beer.

Christ the King is a statue of Jesus, standing on Mount Nho in Vung Tau Beach, VietNam

Day 18: From Vung Tau To Sai Gon Motorbike Tour

Distance: 96 km

Riding time: About 2 hours

Regrettably, our final portion of the journey takes us through highly clogged Saigon traffic. To stay safe, we must give heed and reacquaint ourselves with the amount of traffic. The distance is not too far, so we must prioritize our safety! We will have an ocean of time before the farewell meal.

Scenic beach road riding to HCMC


Top to bottom: 18 day motorcycle tour is one of a kind journey that drags you from North to South! 

You will drive through the mountains to the highest peaks, cross rivers, visit caves and gradually progress towards each of the most beautiful beach bays in Central and South! 

This trip also allows you to enjoy the 3-region cuisine of Vietnam with the unique characteristics of each region. You will want to visit Vietnam a few more times for longer driving times and in each region.

We look forward to your journeys in each of our regions. Let’s pack your bags and snake along this S-shaped country!

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