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Here with us for 10 fun days of Vientiane by motorbike journey, we will travel through numerous superb destinations to immerse in the tranquil villages, peaceful forests, historical sites, and waterfalls.
It's also a chance for us to learn about the lifestyle of Laos ethnic minorities, including their traditions, customs, and special cuisines. With their hospitality and smiley faces welcoming us, we are sure you don't want to miss any of that!
If you are ready for an exciting motorcycle trip, let's join our 10-day Vientiane motorbike tours!

Vientiane by motorbike
Patuxay Monument decorate with the light at Vientiane, Laos.

In Vientiane By Motorbike - 10 Days

Day 1: From Vientiane To Phonsavan Motorcycle Tour

Before starting our Laos motorbike journey, you will be staying at the hotel for guests in Vientiane. In the meantime, you will receive everything you need for tomorrow's trip, such as motorbikes, backpacks, helmets, and water. And then you can have an evening to rest and wait for an enchanting motorbike adventure tomorrow!

Start our first motorcycle trip from the hotel, trekking down the main roads, and enjoy the peaceful nature while driving. Lunch at a Lao Restaurant. 

We will soon enter Phonsavan in the afternoon. Take a rest and have dinner at Lao-Falang Restaurant. Overnight at a typical hotel.

Close-up detail of vintage rusty bombs, munitions, unexploded ordnance recovered and defused in rural Xieng Khoung Province, Laos. A dangerous legacy left behind by the American military in the 1970s

Day 2: From Phonsavan to Xieng Khouang Motorbike Tour

We will start our Motorbike journey at the restaurant before having breakfast. Our itinerary for today in the off-road Laos motorbike tours is visiting Xieng Khouang by via Xieng Khouang. There, we have a chance to encounter the mysterious Plain of Jars, exploring its structure, architecture, and its history. You will know how fascinating it is through a story. 

After having lunch, you will visit the old capital Muang Koun and get back to our place that night. 

From Phonsavan to Xieng Khouang Motorbike Tour
Plain of Jars is a megalithic archaeological landscape. Xieng Khouang Province, Laos.

Day 3: From Phonsavan to Sam Neua Motorbike Tour

Still having breakfast at our favorite Lao-Falang Restaurant, soon we will leave to ride to Sam Neua. Depending on the weather conditions, we will choose a different appropriate one. Your knowledge and driving skills will determine if you can go on an off-road or paved road. 

You will arrive at the Archaeological Park Hunting, a variety of places with clusters of upward stone pillars up to 3 meters tall. You must check in at the guesthouse before entering Sam Neua and having dinner at a local restaurant.

Caves that used to be Pathet Lao's headquaters during revolution in Xam Neua (Sam Neua), Laos.

Day 4: Motorbike Trip in Houaphanh Province

After breakfast at Sam Neua, we will trek to Vieng Xay. At this place, you will see numerous caves of swallows and have a boat trip that goes under the cave in a river. 

There, you can observe the subtle command center that evolved from the Vietnam War and hear about the history of this place while enjoying nature on the underground river.

You will have a lunch picnic on the riverside. 

After that, you will catch up with a mountain journey and head to the Vietnam border. Until the afternoon, you will return to your room in Sam Neua and go out for dinner at a traditional Laos restaurant.

Motorbike Trip in Houaphanh Province
Foggy layered mountain landscape in Sam Neau, Houaphanh, Laos.

Day 5: From Xam Neua to Nong Khiaw Motorcycle Tour

Today will be pretty challenging with a long riding journey to Nong Khiaw. Yet, the view along our road is so breathtaking that it can tranquilize our tiredness from riding. We will go past some scenic forests and the peaceful countryside. Then, you will approach Nong Khiaw in the evening.

Overnight at a guesthouse, have dinner, and rest for a long ride. 

From Xam Neua to Nong Khiaw Motorcycle Tour
OZ Rider having a sunset boat ride on Mekong river in Luang Prabang, Laos

Day 6: From Nong Khiaw to Luang Prabang Motorbike Tour

At Nong Khiaw, we finish our breakfast and ride to Mouan Noi. We will take a boat and spend a morning discovering something different there.

After lunch, we will take incredible off-roading to Luang Prabang and arrive in the late afternoon. You will go to check in the hotel for the night's accommodation and have a free evening. To recommend, Luang Prabang is famous for unique, tasty coffee, delicious carrot cakes, late-night market, and lively street food. They are all worth a try!

From Nong Khiaw to Luang Prabang Motorbike Tour
Off-road motorbike tour to Luang Prabang, Laos

Day 7: From Luang Prabang To Vang Vieng Motorbike Tour

Today, you will have a free plan visiting around Luang Prabang cities. One of the stunning places you shouldn't miss is Kuang Si Waterfall, which is ideal for taking photos and checking in. 

Another place we highly recommend is the Royal Temple Museum. It's fun to observe its signature architecture. The former Royal Palace was built in 1904. And there's a Buddha statue waiting for you to explore. Its foundation dates back to the 14th century when Luang Prabang got its name.

Have lunch before we set out to ride to Vang Vieng. We will arrive in the late afternoon, check in at a hotel and have free activities at night.

From Luang Prabang To Vang Vieng Motorbike Tour
VANG VIENG, LAOS - MARCH 14, 2017: Wide angle picture of Blue Lagoon during a sunny day. This tropical lagoon is located close to the city of Vang Vieng, Laos.

Day 8: Vang Vieng Motorbike Tour

A free morning to see how crowded Vang Vieng is. It used to have a bad reputation as a place for boozy youngsters to gather, drink, and party. Nowadays, it is no longer a controversial place but still a lively chill-out site to visit. 

Traveling around Vang Vieng by motorbike is relaxing. There are dusty trails, and over roper bridges, you can see numerous hidden caves, lagoons, and gorgeous crystal blue waters.

Vang Vieng Motorbike Tour
Orange bridge landmark for tourism in Vang Vieng laos.

Day 9: From Vang Vieng to Vientiane Motorcycle Tour

We start our rides at Vang Vieng and head to Nam Ngum Lake. In the morning, our activity takes place on a boat. And we also have a relaxing lunch picnic on a boat.

Take a rest before setting out to Vientiane. As soon as we arrive, we will stay at a hotel and have free time to discover at night.

From Vang Vieng to Vientiane Motorcycle Tour
Vientiane, Laos - October 15, 2018 : city skyline at Talat Sao (morning market)

Day 10: Arrive in Vientiane

Finally, it's our final destination on this Laos motorbike tours! Enjoy your last day here, and a kiss goodbye to you!

Vientiane, Vientiane / Laos - 12 26 2018: Vientiane cityscape with Patuxay arch


We are so pleased to introduce you to our Laos off-road motorbike tours

Traveling around Laos is no doubt youthful, challenging, and joyful! With our specific activities, we hope you get all the information you need and are enchanted to join our Vientiane by motorbike tour in the near future!

There are also different interesting motorbike tours waving for you, so please subscribe and look forward to our next motorbike tours!  

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