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If you are going to Laos and are confused about your journey, why don't you take up Luang Prabang Motorbike Tours?
Diversified options of times and places can meet your demands of exploration. This writing offers the most popular and beneficial choices for you to choose based on your budget and other conditions.

Sunset over Vang Vieng river in Laos

Introduction To Luang Prabang Motorbike Tours 

Luang Prabang Review

Luang Prabang has been recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1995. Not only is the former accommodation of the kings, but this city is a crucial trading port on a river. The previous capital of the royal family is located at the concurrency of the Khan and Mekong rivers. 

The misty mountains surrounding this area and the appearance of old colonial buildings exude the mysterious attractiveness. Thus, this place has attracted numerous visitors from all walks of life. 

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Why Should You Choose Luang Prabang Motorbike Tours?

Motorbike is a popular means of transportation in Laos, which is economical and autonomous. 

Around 7.2 million of the national population is taking advantage of motorbikes to tumble to every corner of the country. Therefore, motorbike tours Laos have been the norm for visitors with a dire need to conquer this country.

Traveling by motorbikes is considered to be the most relevant method of tourism as you can happen to meet animals or people along your way. For instance, tourists usually see an elephant with its mahout exploiting a forest unexpectedly. 

Off-road motorbike tours in Laos
Off-road motorbike tours in Laos

Popular Luang Prabang Motorbike Tours

One Day To Muang Nan 

Starting the trip from Luang Prabang, this motorbike tour's destination is the Muang Nan countryside. 

A tuk-tuk will pick up visitors from their accommodations in the morning. Once the paperwork and motorbike introduction is done, you will be provided with a range of tips for safe riding. 

Ride your motorcycle on a winding road towards the town of Muang Nan. Along the way, you will have chances to admire beautiful landscapes and have a break at a waterfall in Kamcham.

As soon as you reach the destination, numerous restaurants on the roadsides offer you traditional Laos food for lunch. The local people are so hospitable that you can interact with them and learn about their cultures.

In the late afternoon, it's time you prepare to return to Luang Prabang. Two 60-kilometer dirty roads along the mighty Mekong River leading to the city are waiting for you ahead.

Laos lady going home from the forest
Laos lady going home from the forest

The lower road is recommended for amateur or even intermediate motorbike riders, which lies next to the Mekong River. Besides, some minor rivers are crossing this way.

If you prefer a more challenging adventure, it's better to follow the upper road, which is more inland compared to the lower one. There are some tricky sections, descents, and hill climbs. Thus, ensure that you have enough riding skills and experience. 

Rural villages appear picturesque along both routes, with farmlands and teak tree plantations lining the road.

Before heading to Luang Prabang, you also have a chance to enjoy the refreshing turquoise water at the stunning Kuang Si Waterfalls. 

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Four Days To Pakbeng

If you have sufficient time for Laos motorbike tours, around four days free to explore more places in this country, it is recommended to join the Luang Prabang to Pakbeng motorcycle trip.

Luang Prabang Motorbike Tours
Monks crossing a wooden bridge in Luang Prabang, Laos

Day 1: Motorbike Route From Luang Prabang To Pak Ou And Ban Nanyang Then Nong Khiaw/ Ban Payong

It is possible for you to have a motor ride from Luang Prabang to Ban Payong in one day. Although you have to go down a dirty road, the stopover called Nong Khiaw, with its spectacular landscape, will ease your tiredness. 

It is located on the Nam Ou River with a range of serene villages staying on a high hilltop. There are mountains and rice terraces surrounding. 

Follow the Mekong River to reach the Pak Ou Caves, which are filled with numerous Buddha sculptures over the years. The next stop of the motorbike trip is Ban Nanyang. This city's inhabitants have traditional skills of weaving and naturally dyed silk. 

Boat tour in Mekong river, Luang Prabang, Laos
Boat tour in Mekong river, Luang Prabang, Laos

Day 2: Nong Khiaw/Ban Payong To Oudomxay And Luang Namtha Motorbike Tour

On the next day, you will leave Ban Payong for Oudomxay. There are stunning mountainous routes overlapping jungles in the North of this country. Local people in this destination are friendly and welcome to serve you lunch and share their historical stories.  

Before sunset, riders will reach Luang Namtha to join several activities like trekking tours or biking as an excursion to the hill-tribe villages in the neighborhood. 

Finally, do not miss the chance to take in the beauty of Tha River as a paradise at night. 

Motorbike Tour Luang Prabang
DON KHONG, LAOS - CIRCA JANUARY 2017 People on the tractor

Day 3: Luang Namtha To Pakbeng Motorcycle Trip

The next place to head to from Luang Namtha is Pakbeng. This village is worth your visit if you are into the mountainous terrain and religious values.

Once you reach the hills' top, a temple has been built since Lanna's Kingdom is ready for you to explore. 

Although the motorbike route is muddy and bad road condition, fantastic for off-road motorbike riding in Laos, you can admire spectacular scenes of tranquil landscapes. In Pakbeng, there are multiple outdoor activities and tours near the Mekong River. 

Joining a trekking tour and visiting the local market or having a slow boat tour is not a bad choice.  

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Laos by Motorbike
Beautiful landscape taken during two day cruise on Mekong River from Huay Xai via Pakbeng to Luang Prabang in Laos.

Day 4: Pakbeng To Hongsa And Luang Prabang Motorbike Tour

On the last day, you should begin in the early morning, ride from Pakbeng to Hongsa. The final destination Hongsa is considered to be the paradise of Laotian cuisine. 

Riders can either enjoy the traditional dishes or buy tasty food as presents to take home at two bustling markets in this majestic village. 

There are two dusty roads running along the Mekong River's both sides heading back to Luang Prabang from Hongsa to end the Pakbeng motorbike trip.

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Motorbike Laos
Mekong river port, Luang Prabang, laos


Luang Prabang motorbike tours are typical choices of the tourists when they come to Lao, especially in the North of this Southeast Asian country. They are beneficial for your budget but still ensure that you get the best experience throughout your motorcycle trip.

Consider the recommendations above to pick the most relevant tour. Let’s enjoy your time with the local Laotian people, culture, cuisine, and marvelous nature. 

And if you are keen on conquering other Aisan nations, like Vietnam motorbike tours, you’d better hit the subscribe button. Thrilling itineraries await.

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