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Laos Motorcycle Tours And Rentals – Top Four Itineraries

Laos is a South East Asia country, and it has much to offer for those who are looking for adventure and culture. Laos motorcycle tours are great ways to see the sights, meet new people, and have an unforgettable experience. You can rent several different kinds of motorcycles from various companies that specialize in offering these services in this country.

This blog post on Laos Motorcycle Tours And Rentals will help you plan your next trip to Laos. We provide info about the best routes, accommodation, and everythings’ price so that you can enjoy your journey without worrying about anything!

Laos Motorcycle Tours And Rentals - Top Four Itineraries
Small lao village on the banks of Mekong river

Typical Motorcycle Rental Places And Their Prices

If you’re a traveler who wants to travel freely and explore new places, a motorcycle is the best mode of transportation. Some tourist destinations in Laos have created motorbike rental businesses with special tariffs to suit your demand.

Most of the landscape and important locations to visit are located pretty far from the city center. It is necessary to choose a rental of a motorcycle rather than hiring an expensive taxi to get around. With a motorbike, you may go at your leisure, stop along the route to take photos or appreciate the surroundings.

The cost for renting a motorcycle varies depending on where you go and what sort of vehicle you pick. Some models such as BMW G310GS, BMW F80GS, Kawasaki Versys 650, Kawasaki ER-6N 650, and so on with prices ranging from around £50 to £80 per day receive popular favor.

In terms of lodging, you won’t have to worry too much because there are a variety of hotels to choose from, with a varied price range based on your demands and budget. A room may be reserved through online applications or by phoning directly to the motorcycle rental business. VietnamBikers just offers dirtbikes for touring in Laos, other type of bikes please email to us for recommendation.

If you want to save money, 2-3 star accommodation with a friendly-for-budget price of around £30- 45 will provide a modest room with a bed that is not too huge. 

What if you want to rent a large and comfortable room? You will have to spend between £60 and £80. When visiting this country, you must carefully examine your needs and budget to find a suitable area to stay.

Typical Motorcycle Rental Places And Their Prices
Honda CRF250L for riding in Vietnam and Laos

Laos Motorcycle Tours And Rentals: Detailed Information

  • Vang Vieng To Luang Prabang

You have two options for getting from Vang Vieng to Luang Prabang (or vice versa): Route 4 West or Route 13 East.

However, the majority of tourists select Route 4 to the West because of its attractiveness. You’ll be able to appreciate nature’s grandeur along the journey, with spectacular deep blue limestone mountains reaching beyond the horizon, surrounded by a coating of blue and gray fog. 

Under the beautiful mountains, you’ll drive through little towns and villages studded by lime-green rice fields.

Because the road is simple to get to, it will take you around three and a half hours to get there if you take Route 14 westbound. On the other hand, the twists and turns on Route 14 will take you 5 hours to get to your destination.

It would be fantastic if you could go from Luang Prabang to Vang Vieng on one path and then return in the same way. If you have time, spending one night staying at one of these places is a good option.

Laos Motorcycle Tours And Rentals Phonsavan Motorbike Tours Laos | Vietnam Motorbike Tours
Nam Song River, a boat on the water at Vang Vieng, Laos
  • Luang Prabang To Muang Nan

Muang Nan is a small village where its inhabitants are incredibly friendly, mainly ethnic groups like Khmu or Lao Lom. You will travel the twisting route from Luang Prabang and stop at the spectacular Kacham waterfall on your way. After parking here, you may ride your motorcycle down to the Mekong River‘s low-lying terrain.

If you want to be more adventurous, the high land will be an interesting experience. You will pass through plantations, industrial areas, and several small villages. Moreover, you also can visit a famous waterfall here, which is the majestic Kuang Si waterfall.

Kuang Si is dubbed a must-see destination for a reason: it provides us with a beautiful impression of what nature offers. Visitors can take a dip in the turquoise water and visit the Free the Bears rescue center. 

Laos Motorcycle Tours And Rentals Laos Motorcycle Tours and Rentals | Vietnam Motorbike Tours
Luang Prabang, Laos: Buddhist alms giving ceremony in the morning. The tradition of giving alms to monks in Luang Prabang has been extended to tourists.

Laos’ Northern Mountains

If you are looking for a wild and majestic beauty from the mountains, then you should not miss the mountains of Laos’ Northern Mountains. Many winding routes wind their way through lonely settlements deep in the highlands.

Ethnic minorities with long-standing wooden homes or traditional stilt houses make up the majority of the population. The higher you go, the lower the temperature is. So, you should wear warm clothes for the best experience.

The splendor of nature will astound you as you climb high and stare down at the mountain’s foot. Endless spirals between the deep mountains. Tourists who desire to conquer and discover the spectacular majesty of this nation’s high mountains will find this a highly appealing experience.

This area is also located near the country borders. Thus, it is highly handy to visit whether you are entering Laos from Thailand or exiting this land from Thailand. This route is extended from Huay Xai to Luang Prabang.

Laos Motorcycle Tours And Rentals wooden bridge in vang vieng laos | Vietnam Motorbike Tours
Wooden bridge over Nam Song river, Vang Vieng village, Laos
  • Kong Lor Cave

Kong Lor Cave is a famous tourist destination in Thakhek Loop that you should not miss when coming to this nation. You must travel through Laos’ villages and farmland on a spiral path to get to the cave. Tourists usually stop by these areas since there are many lovely modest guesthouses.

Because the Nam Him Bur river flows over the limestone mountain, you’ll need a boat to go to the cave. The cave of Kong Lor is almost 100 meters high and 100 meters broad, with innumerable bats. When you reach the cave’s conclusion, you’ll see a settlement with a variety of intriguing items.

You will have a chance to leap down to investigate the cave while on the boat traveling through it. There is a designated area for guests to explore; however, it is dimly lit and somewhat large. 

As a result, if you ride by motorcycle, you will quickly uncover many new things in this cave. If you want additional experience, you can go to the village and return.

Laos Motorcycle Tours And Rentals Kong Lor Cave Laos Motorbike Tours | Vietnam Motorbike Tours
Kong Lor cave in Loas with jungle and sun rays in the background casting light on the water.


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To sum up, there are some suggested itineraries in this article that you can refer to. You’ll be able to explore rural villages and experience life in the mountains while riding Laos on a motorcycle. It would be such an interesting adventure that you don’t want to miss out on any of these amazing destinations!

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