18 Mobile Apps Vietnam To Facilitate Your Trip

Mobile apps Vietnam


We live in an era where the Internet and smartphones solve all problems in just a few clicks, even when you first set foot in a new country. Traveling faces fewer struggles and hassles with today’s commodities. 

With the rapidly developing network infrastructure, visitors to Vietnam do not need a detailed vacation plan anymore. Our article put together useful Mobile apps Vietnam that make your trip easier.

Things To Know Before Downloading Vietnam Travel Apps

Most of the Vietnam travel guide apps require a local SIM card (to be precise, a phone number) at the registration step. This item also provides data packages needed to stay connected while hitting the roads. Hence, invest in one as soon as you set your first step in Vietnam. 

You can buy it at the airport or prepay via Klook (we’ll cover it below). Popular mobile networks include MobiFone, Vinaphone, and Viettel, but we recommend a third option for strong connectivity even in remote areas.

Things To Know Before Downloading Vietnam Travel Apps
Take some notes before downing mobile apps in Vietnam

Useful Mobile Apps Vietnam For Booking Accommodation 


Travel lovers are no strangers to this hotel booking application due to its global coverage. You first need a few minutes to set up a profile and travel requirements, such as destination, date, number of guests, budget, etc. We appreciate its intuitiveness and wide selection of accommodations. 

In the blink of an eye, the filter provides a long list of choices that match your criteria. It serves everything from affordable hotels to high-end resorts. The competitive price includes taxes and other costs, so you can proceed to the last step without confusion.


Agoda is no different from Booking since both belong to the same parent company. However, it is popular for good last-minute deals and discounts. 

This booking site cooperates with several hotels to offer affordable prices for some final rooms. That’s why backpackers often download Agoda and check it before others.

Updating Agoda app from Play store on Android smartphone.

On the downside, this flexibility results in some shortcomings. We were confused by the price fluctuations of the same option at specific times. The fact that we access different browsers also created the same problems.


If your consideration is limited to houses or apartments, searching on Airbnb saves time. We often work on this platform for group motorbike trips with friends or family. Airbnb rarely offers the best options for solo travelers.

Its biggest plus is the direct connection with the host. Responsive reviews give you an overview of potential rooms. Simply put, you read feedback from hosts and guests and decide whether to trust them.

Transportation Apps


European visitors should know that Uber has disappeared in Vietnam. In Southeast Asian countries, Grab dominates the ride-hailing market. This app provides countless options for its users, such as motorbikes, cars (4 or 7 seats), goods transportation, and even food delivery.

When we were in Sai Gon, we often booked a car during the rainy season, but a motorbike ride with locals on nice weather days saved us from traffic jams. Users know the exact price and trip info before getting in a vehicle. It also links with credit cards for cashless transactions and great promotions.


If you are on a tight budget, download BusMap and choose public transport for your discoveries in Ho Chi Minh City. Though you cannot buy a ticket on this app, it directs you to the correct station and gets you on the right vehicle to the desired destination.

The app also integrated bus suggestions to shorten commute time, so foreigners have no trouble getting used to the public transport system in Vietnam. Additionally, users keep track of all working buses and access detailed information about routes and operating times of every line.

Mai Linh Taxi

Remember that Grab is only available in big cities. Hence, you should install the Mai Linh Taxi app on your phone before traveling to small provinces. It is similar to the car-booking service of Grab, but the interface is not very friendly.

On the bright side, Mai Linh expanded its taxi service all over Vietnam, thus shortening driver pick-up time in crowded tourist locations. Fixed fare is charged per kilometer so that it may be cheaper than Grab on bad weather days or peak hours.

18 Mobile Apps Vietnam To Facilitate Your Trip mobile apps vietnam 6 | Vietnam Motorbike Tours
VIETNAM! A MaiLinh taxi in Hanoi. Taxi operator Mai Linh uses vehicle wrap advertisements to create awareness of its services which are cheaper than painting the artwork directly the cab

Food Delivery Service


Despite being a latecomer to the food delivery market in Vietnam, Baemin quickly captured the hearts of locals. The first impression of this food app is cute graphics along with a neat arrangement of categories in the main interface. One-click takes you to a long list of restaurants serving your favorite dish.

We were overwhelmed by the generous promo codes from brands, payment partners, and merchants. This means you can apply multiple discounts to cut your bill. 

Trust us; we treated our stomachs with a hearty lunch of com tam (rice with grilled pork and omelet), soup, and soft drinks for only 60,000 VND (about $3). We hit the jackpot with two 25,000 VND discount codes and one free shipping code for our order. It is not a miracle but a normal thing in Baemin.

Happy Cow

Despite the unrelated name, Happy Cow was born for vegetarians. You no longer struggle to find a vegan restaurant since all the addresses are available on this app. 

When you enter the main interface, it directs you to restaurants nearby in your current location. Your mission is to surf the reviews, menus, and pictures provided. 

All this information guarantees a delicious meal at a pre-estimated cost. Instead of wandering the streets and choosing restaurants by chance, download Happy Cow and stop by the top-rated eatery. 

Happy Cow
Traffic jam in rush hour


Like Happy Cow, Foody is famous for restaurant reviews to satisfy your taste buds. The application displays genuine feedback from other users, menus, and some basic information (address, opening & closing time). It focuses on all types of restaurant businesses, from fast food chains, roadside eateries to luxury restaurants.

The good news is that Foody now launches its own food delivery service. Besides Saigon, its network extends to Hanoi, Da Nang, Nha Trang, and Hai Phong. However, the number of delivery men is limited, thus taking a long time to look for a driver.


Google Maps

Google Maps is popular in many countries and, of course, in Vietnam too. There’s not much to say, as most travelers have used it on a daily basis in their hometown. One caveat is that you should save offline navigation during poor cell data. 

Combined with traffic forecasting, you can devise a specific schedule with a driving route and estimated time. However, from our experience, you should double the travel time in bustling cities. Some directions in remote areas also suck, so it’s best to ask some locals there.

Google Maps
Google Maps application icon on Apple iPhone

Coc Coc Map

The greatest advantage of Coc Coc Map comes from the instant updates by adventure riders. As a result, the database grows in detail. It also catches up with more than 1 million new locations, including restaurants, businesses, gas stations, and ATMs. 

This number increases by the hour thanks to contributions from the local development team. Coc Coc works well in both city and countryside, so you are rarely misdirected in deserted areas.

Ticket And Tour Booking


Klook’s operation focuses on promotions and discounts for tours. It comes out on top whenever we want to book tickets in advance for attraction locations and transportation. In-app activities are exchanged for credits and then converted into extra discount vouchers.


While Foody or Happy Cow recommends places to eat, TripAdvisor covers all the local experiences to try. It suggests restaurants, places to visit, spas, or even Vietnam motorbike tours tripadvisor! 

Unbiased reviews and estimated prices always accompany recommendations. That’s why it’s popular among tourists who come to Vietnam for the first time.

18 Mobile Apps Vietnam To Facilitate Your Trip mobile apps vietnam 4 | Vietnam Motorbike Tours
Vietnam motorbike tours tripadvisor

Other Recommendations

Google Translate

Don’t let language be a barrier to your experiences. Downloading Google Translate and communicating with locals is the best way to learn about Vietnamese culture. The “direct translation” function lets you capture and understand a printout in your native language. This is helpful when you have a museum tour or read a menu.

On the downside, the translations are not entirely accurate, especially those with complicated grammar. Fortunately, Vietnamese people understood the context and responded to us with ease.

Momo – E-Wallet

If you plan to stay in Vietnam long, have the Momo e-wallet on your phone – a popular online payment method in Vietnam. Link to your visa card and feel free to go out without cash. 

Setting up a local bank card for the transfer is unnecessary since this function is already integrated into Momo. It also serves a lot of other interesting features like savings, donations, etc. Install and discover it yourself!

Zalo – Popular Local Messaging App

When you want to make friends with locals, most of them give you a phone number to contact through Zalo. It is a popular social network in Vietnam as a hybrid between Messenger and WhatsApp. 

We fell in love with its ability to send photos in HD – no loss of compression or complicated operations.

XE Exchange – Currency Converter

This trusted app helps compare values between currencies based on real-time exchange rates. It serves as a conversion tool to estimate and maintain your budget. 

Remember that locals may offer different rates at checkout. Thus, those amazing features of XE Exchange provide a solid basis for bargaining.

XE Exchange - Currency Converter


Mobile apps Vietnam is a necessary preparation in your checklist before setting off. Some of them come in handy as soon as you plan your trip. 

Of course, there are a few other options, like banking or e-commercial platforms, but they only arise when you stay in Vietnam for a long time. Our list is enough for you to survive and have a pleasant journey.

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