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Motorbike Tours Laos couple conquering mountain top nong khiaw panoramic view nam ou river valley laos national flag scenic mountain landscape 1

Motorbike Tours Laos: Five Signature Options To Blow Your Mind

Laos always warmly welcomes tourists to visit in many forms. One of the most recommended is motorbike tours. This form allows you to explore breathtaking landscapes in the most remote regions. 

The best part of the journey is the roads leading to the destinations. Some parts keep the wildness that the car trip fails to portray properly. If all of this wins your heart, read this article to find out about motorbike tours Laos for your upcoming discovery!

Motorbike Tours Laos: Five Signature Options To Blow Your Mind
LAOS: A Laos fisherman sit in his boat in sunrise morning.

Motorbike Tours Laos: Why & When?

Why You Must Try 

It is a worthy investment to explore the heart of Southeast Asia. The beauty of this landlocked country comes from the simplicity and friendliness of the indigenous people. The majestic landscapes continuously overwhelm the tourists.

Fortunately, motorbike tours give you a more immersive experience. As you spend your time wandering on the roads, the wild beauty of nature here appears more clearly than ever.

Besides, this area shows a very different perspective if you open your heart slowly. The old architecture still has some ancient features influenced by the French colonial years. Rich historical elements combined with innovation make for an exciting journey of discovery.

When To Ride

Laos distinguishes two seasons: the rainy (May to September) and the dry (October to April next year). The average temperature of sunny days falls up to 35 degrees. It begins to drop gradually below 30 degrees as the rains appear.

Honestly, this country is a year-round tourist country. Each natural condition gives you different vibes. However, heavy rains can obstruct your vision, which is dangerous for adventurous roads. The infrastructure system is also worse in some areas outside the center.

Hence, you should make a trip at the end of the wet season if safety is your priority.

Motorbike Tours Laos: Why & When?
Aerial view of Nong Khiaw village at sunrise, Laotian, Luang Prabang, Laos

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Motorbike Tours Laos: Five Routes You Must Visit

Take your time to explore the most beautiful tourist destinations for a wonderful trip. Here are some of our suggestions for must-visit places. Check it out!

Motorbike Tours Laos Motorbike Tours Northern Laos
Wooden bridge over river song to riverside guesthouse, Vang vieng, Laos

Vang Vieng To Luang Prabang

Without a doubt, the road connecting these two famous tourist destinations is the most amazing discovery in Laos. To travel between the two places, you can choose between going east on route 13 or the opposite direction on route 4.

Yet, the second choice facilitates your journey more. At 141 miles, you have about 3.5 hours to enjoy the deep blue limestone mountains enveloped in mist. The road also serves you with rice fields interspersed with small towns.

On the other hand, the east trip may take 5.5 hours. The distance is slightly shorter (114 miles), but the twists never disappoint the adventurous explorers. It is best to spend a few nights in these two cities if you have time.

Northern Villages 

Starting in Luang Prabang, exploring the north side is a good idea for your discovery. It leads you through many small villages such as Nong Khiaw, Pak Beng, Oudomxay, Muang Khua, and Phongsali.

This route separates you from the city’s smog by following the forest trails. You can breathe in the fresh air and bask in the wild beauty of mother nature. 

Warning: This route is part of the bomb disposal campaign. You must follow the marked paths to ensure your safety. Never foolishly stray from the main roads. The results of war are still valid to this day.

Motorbike Tours Laos buddha park laos
Buddha Park-Laos

Thakek Loop

In fact, this route is suitable for cyclists and not very popular with most adventurers. One of the causes comes from the easy loop, which does not give too much stimulation.

But who says you cannot take your first motorcycle tour on this route? It is a quiet excursion to the east with the same starting and ending location.

This roughly 270-mile circle follows the main road connecting the north and south side. Do not pass by Kong Lor cave on your journey – a must-go tourist destination. This motorbike trip allows you to freely stop and rent a boat to swim along the Nam Him Bun River.

Laos’ Mountains

Once again, the Northern side welcomes you differently. Instead of going through the forest, you can turn the throttle to conquer the mountain passes. The majestic scenery gradually takes over the eye as you make your way through the sharp turns of the endless twist.

It is a road with no trace of tourist exploitation. You may encounter a few ethnic minorities living in remote villages during your trip. Old times seem to return with wooden stilt houses in the soaring hills.

Motorbike Tours Laos couple conquering mountain top nong khiaw panoramic view nam ou river valley laos national flag scenic mountain landscape
Couple conquering mountain top at Nong Khiaw panoramic view over Nam Ou River valley Laos national flag scenic mountain landscape famous travel destination in South East Asia.

4,000 Laos Islands 

Located in the center of Southeast Asia, but surprisingly, this country has about 4000 islands. They are collectively known as the Si Phan Don archipelago in the south of the country  – a wondrous masterpiece of the Mekong.

It sounds odd to explore the island by motorbike, right? It is, until you know about Don Det – the main island of this scenic cluster.

Driving on the coastal roads gives you a completely different experience than the options above. On the islands’ trails, you can pass small waterfalls, French colonial railway, and Irrawaddy river dolphins (if you are lucky). Some parts of your move may require crossing sand. Do not worry! It is a relaxing ride beneath the green palm trees.

Once you get tired, it is a waste if you don’t rest in cheap rented hammocks with a stunning view of the clear blue water. Leave your worries behind, slow down, and enjoy the beauty of life right now!

4,000 Laos Islands 
Si Phan Don, 4,000 Islands area in Southern Laos.


Motorbike tours Laos have never been a bad choice for your vacations. No matter which route you choose above, we believe it will always bring you excitement and relaxation. 

Instead of sitting in a car with the doors closed, it is best to enjoy nature with all your senses and make it an unforgettable experience. For tour details hit us up at:

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