10+ Motorcycle Tours South Vietnam

10+ Motorcycle Tours South Vietnam Mekong Delta Motorcycle Tours

Motorcycle Tours Southern Vietnam: Things To Know Before Going

Welcome to Vietnam – a beautiful country with a great combination of ancient and modern. While the North nature shows its majesty, the South landscape is more soft and gentle. 

We suggest you visit the North first before heading to the South, take motorcycle tours South Vietnam once in your life and let the beauty of this area engrave in your mind.

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10+ Motorcycle Tours South Vietnam Mekong Delta Motorcycle Tours
Woman in a boat selling watermelon at the Floating market at the delta Mekong in Can Tho, Vietnam.

Important Notes For Motorcycle Tours South Vietnam

Here are some important things for your motorbike trip to South Vietnam. Please take note of them before diving into the motorbike trip

The Weather

South Vietnam has two distinct seasons. Though the temperature fluctuates slightly year-round, the wet season usually comes with heavy rains from May to November.

In fact, it can reduce your will to drive as the infrastructure may get worse. We recommend starting your trip between late November and March – Pleasant weather and low humidity will enhance your enjoyment in this area.

The Bike

Ho Chi Minh City is the best place to start your journey. Most foreign tourists buy or rent motorbikes here and move down to the southern provinces. You can easily find both of these services in the backpacker counties but must watch the quality and licensing.

In detail, Honda Win (manual) and Yamaha Nouvos (automatic) are popular choices for Vietnam motorbike adventure trips. The cost of buying either one often accounts for about $250,000. Meanwhile, rent for a month never exceeds $200 – $300. The option is up to you.

The Bike
Honda CRF250L

The Route

A very important regulation in this country is to drive on the right. You must obey traffic lights (red to stop and green to continue) and wear a helmet when riding a motorbike.

Highway sections allow high top speeds. On the contrary, maintaining at 30-40 km/h is a must in residential areas. It is best to ask the locals about the road ahead. Their friendliness and enthusiasm become the best guide you cannot find on the Internet.

In addition, one liter of fuel helps you to travel about 40 km. Chain and tire maintenance should be carried out every 1000 km.

The Pack

A 60- liter waterproof travel bag is everything you need for your tour. Besides, the amount of clothes depends on the length of the trip. 

While traveling, you can buy a few more personal items and souvenirs at supermarkets in bustling towns. It is not necessary to bring food throughout the journey. We’re gonna give you a good tip here: It would be best if you save your stomach for delicious street food in Vietnam; everyone loves those cheap but delicious street foods!

Mekong Delta Discovery For Motorbike Travel 

Sai Gon

There’s no better start to your trip than exploring the heart of the South – the beloved Saigon. Boost morning energy with a coffee cup in front of Notre Dame and kickstart your motorbike right away.

In particular, this city has a long history that goes back over 300 years. Some old buildings such as the Opera House, the Independence Palace, and the Central Post Office still retain ancient French architecture – It is time for history to reemerge! 

Never forget to visit the War Remnants Museum or Nha Rong Port to understand this heroic nation.

Once the sun goes down, Saigon flips into another exciting state – modern and vibrant. Again, energizing is a must as you cannot miss out on the delicious street foods. They provide a burst of taste without spending a fortune.

Now, enjoying the hustle and bustle of this big city at Nguyen Hue or Bui Vien walking street puts a perfect end to your day.

10+ Motorcycle Tours South Vietnam Mekong Delta Motorbike Tour
Crowed scene of city traffic in rush hour, crowd of people wear helmet, transport by motorcycle, stop at red light in stress situation, HCMC, Vietnam

Long An – Ben Tre

Leaving the busy city, let’s head down to the West to discover unspoiled nature and interesting local culture. In Long An, you should take some time to visit the Tan An museum. It recalls another page of Vietnam’s history: the resistance war against the US and Pol Pot (Cambodia).

Back to the journey, the green rice fields come to catch your sight. If you arrive at harvest time, the busy rice mills create an unforgettable memory for your motorbike trip.

Besides, you may pass by a few dragon fruit fields, fruit-laden coconut trees, old temples, and small ferries, typical of this river region.

10+ Motorcycle Tours South Vietnam Mekong Delta Motorcycle Tours
BEN TRE, VIETNAM.  A famous tourist destination is Ben Tre village in Mekong delta , Vietnam. Mekong Delta is home of people who live along the many channels

Tien Giang – Can Tho

Following the previous route, arrive at Tien Giang – the legendary land of Khmer Krom. Cambodian temples over 1000 years old and small villages of ethnic minorities gradually appear as you follow the small trails. It is a unique beauty that can only be enjoyed in the South.

Make sure to allocate time reasonably so that you can spend the night in Can Tho. Going to bed early and waking up at 5 a.m is your only chance to discover this area’s most unique cultural feature: Cai Rang floating market.

A whole new world gradually opened up. You may just experience this type for the first and only time in Vietnam. A calm river full of small boats overwhelmed your eyes. Oddly enough, they sell everything from fresh produce, breakfast food, drinks, and even gas or household goods. 

Ca Mau

You have now arrived at the last province on the map of Vietnam. Turn on the throttle to reach the landmark 0001 GPS pier – the endpoint of this country. Ca Mau Cape is the only place to watch the sunset and rise on the same day.

Besides, this small town serves you with wild nature and fresh air. If you have the time, take a tour of the mangroves to clear your mind of trouble. Enjoy a few more specialties here, such as honey or seafood (especially crab), to bring you the complete experience.


This article has just suggested a few interesting destinations for your travel. Still, motorcycle tours South Vietnam include more than that. This area has several other provinces that give you different vibes. Do not hesitate to set your footprint in more places for a full emotional package!

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