The Best Motorcycle Riding In Laos: 4 Routes To Chase The Sun

The Best Motorcycle Riding In Laos


Among Southeast Asian countries, Laos stands out as a beautiful country with rustic villages, tranquil mountainous areas, crystalline and refreshing branches from the majestic Mekong River, and friendly people. 

A few months ago, my soulmate and I decided to take exciting adventures on a motorbike in this country. And we are eager to share our experiences of the best motorcycle riding in Laos.

The Best Motorcycle Riding In Laos – Vang Vieng To Luang Prabang

Our motorcycle tour would have been meaningless without taking the Vang Vieng to Luang Prabang route on our bike. We decided to go on Western Route 4. In the future, if we had a chance to join another motorcycle adventure in Laos, we would embark on Eastern Route 13.

Although Western Route 4 is longer than Route 13, 141 miles compared to 114 miles, it will take less time to reach the destination than Route 13. The reason is that Route 13 consists of many curvy turns, mediocre road conditions, and challenging twists. We suggest you follow Route 13 if you enjoy a more adventurous and adrenaline-filled motorbike trip.

The Best Motorcycle Riding In Laos - Vang Vieng To Luang Prabang
Nam Song River at sunset with silhouetted rock formations and kayakers in Vang Vieng, Laos. Vang Vieng is a popular destination for adventure tourism in a limestone karst landscape.

When following Route 4, we experienced a mysterious vibe with the cover of a gray mist and the appearance of primitive karst mountains. After indulging in nature’s mystery, the peaceful scenery of rustic villages surrounded by poetic scenes of massive yellow rice fields and majestic forested mountains had taken us by surprise.

Vang Vieng is a reputable beauty spot in Laos. The geographical feature grants this town the privilege of staying between Vientiane and Luang Prabang. According to the information from the dedicated guide, Vang Vieng is a perfect place for families’ getaways or spirited souls’ adventures.

Our first impression of Vang Vieng is the pristine nature there. The offroad trails are appropriate for motorbikers who want to enjoy the thrilling atmosphere. We also spent a few hours riding our offroad motorbikes along the uneven roads and stopped at some hidden caves to time-travel back to the prehistoric vibe inside the caves. After exploring the caves, we took delight in the refreshing water to refill our energy before heading to Luang Prabang. 

Luang Prabang is a must-visit city when coming to Laos. The city combines natural magnificence and the bustling lives of local people. Along the route, we visited some coffee plantations and purchased some packs for later use in our motorcycle trip in Laos

The Best Motorcycle Riding In Laos: 4 Routes To Chase The Sun the best motorcycle riding in laos 2
Off-road Vietnam motorbike tour to Laos

Luang Prabang is not an optimal choice for off-road and trail bikers because of the paved road there. Therefore, we considered the day at the Luang Prabang city center as a day off. The street food in Luang Prabang is incredible. The Asian street food in Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam always amazes me. However, apart from the delicious food and bustling vibe, we didn’t find anything worth trying in the night market.

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Motorcycle Adventure In Laos – Conquering The Thakhek Loop 

Apart from the motorcycle tour from Vang Veng to Luang Prabang, we also took part in the trip to experience the spectacular biking route in Laos, the Thakhek Loop. 

This loop is a paved road with a total length of more than 270 miles. You can go from the South to the North of Laos via the Thakhek Loop. 

Along the stretches of roads, you can contemplate the most tranquil scenery in Laos with the forested mountains and rural villages. We had to hurry up for a trip to Kong Lor cave, so we couldn’t stop by and visit villages and people there. 

Motorcycle Adventure In Laos - Conquering The Thakhek Loop 
A boat ride on the other side of Kong Lor Cave in Central Laos

Notice for you before heading to the Thakhek Loop: The entire route is not a decent choice for bikers fancying challenging roads. The windy, long, and quiet roads will make you bored. 

Instead, the Thakhek Loop will please bikers who want to be embraced by the peacefulness of nature. Riding the motorbike along the limitless stretches of road seemed to ease our minds. Just us and the pristine nature. We can erase all the stress from our daily lives during the motorcycle trip and save all the precious relaxing moments in our memories. 

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A Must-Come Spot During The Laos Motorcycle Tours – The Kong Lor Cave

The Thakhek Loop is a perfect route for a casual motorcycle trip in Laos. However, the Kong Lor Cave must be the outstanding spot during the loop. After crossing some rustic villages on the Thakhek Loop, we arrived at a local homestay and booked our room for about $15. Then, we checked in and prepared some stuff for the expedition inside the Kong Lor Cave. 

Exploring the Kong Lor cave must be a boat ride because the cave is a 4-mile part of the famous Nam Him Bun river flowing through the primitive limestone mountains. The cave is definitely a masterpiece of nature, with the highest point up to 100 meters and around 100 meters in width. Therefore, if you want to discover the entire route inside the cave, it will take you days. 

When the boat slowly entered the cave, we could feel a sudden drop in temperature. We asked the boatman to stop for a few minutes to get off the boat and jump on the stalagmites to take photos. It was lucky that the boatman brought a flashlight with him because the smartphone’s flashlight wasn’t efficient with the massive darkness inside the cave.

A Must-Come Spot During The Laos Motorcycle Tours - The Kong Lor Cave
Rider in a canoe kayak on the lake of Kong lor cave, with green mountains in the background, Thakhek loop, Laos

We also brought a moped with us to carry out a gentle ride in the peaceful village after leaving the cave. You must ask the boatman to ensure that the vehicle you carry onto the boat is approved. 

Motorcycle Tours In 4000 Islands In Laos, Why Not?

Can only Vietnam motorbike tours, a coastal country, offer you rides on islands? It’s wrong. You must haven’t heard of the 4000 islands in Laos.

4000 is not the number of islands in Laos, but the name of the Si Phan Don in the Laos Southside. The generous Mekong River allows a landlocked country like Laos to have a wonderful riverine archipelago relatively resembling the beach vibe in other ASEAN countries. 

From the main island Don Det, we hired a small boat to transport our bikes to the island. It’s hard to believe that the scenery on the island is not a real beach. We rode our bikes on the gold sand and listened to the rustling sound of palm trees. Yet, the iconic salty smell of beach wind can’t be sensed there. 

Motorcycle Tours In 4000 Islands In Laos, Why Not?
4000 islands. Laos. Don Khong island. Fisherman in a Mekong river

We took a guided motorcycle tour there, so the tour guide took us on a ride to various waterfalls. The poetic waterfalls are so much like a scene in fairy tales. The roads to the location of waterfalls are covered in tarmac and sand, so it can be quite tricky for amateur bikers. 

After the motorcycle tour, we stopped at a wooden cabin by the riverside, enjoying cool cups of tropical fruit shakes and contemplating the incredibly emerald water. 

Bottom Lines

The best motorcycle riding in Laos must be the route from Vang Vieng to Luang Prabang. Furthermore, you should visit some breathtaking spots we have listed above on your motorcycle tour in Laos. From our experience, it is worth every meter we pass on our bike. 

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