Vietnam Dirtbike Tours 2024 – 3 Best Dirtbike Tours In Vietnam

Vietnam Dirtbike Tours 2024


Rev up your engines for an epic adventure with our Vietnam Dirtbike Tours 2024. Blaze through picturesque landscapes, conquer challenging terrains, and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Vietnam’s diverse cultures. 

Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a thrill-seeker, join us for an adrenaline-pumping exploration of Vietnam’s hidden gems on a dirt bike.

Vietnam Dirtbike Tours 2024

Vietnam Dirtbike Tours 2024
Off-road dirtbike tour in Vietnam

Northwest Trail Dirt Bike Tour In 4 Days

Northwest Trail Dirt Bike Tour In 4 Days
Ta Xua Dinosaur backbone spine

Day 1: Hanoi – Ta Xua Motorcycle Trip

On the first day, we started to escape the bustling streets of Hanoi City to immerse in the refreshing beauty of mountains, terraced rice fields, and tea farms. As we ascended to the middle land, the diverse terrain offered an exhilarating mix of on and off-road adventures along farm trails. The crew stopped at a local restaurant for a hearty lunch.

In the afternoon, we went through the highlands to unveil magnificent vistas, accompanied by challenging off-road and single trails for every rider. Our day ended with an overnight stay in a house boasting a million-dollar view, allowing us to immerse ourselves in the breathtaking landscapes of Vietnam.

Day 2: Ta Xua – Moc Chau Biking Tour

Day 2 began with a picturesque breakfast at the highest elevation, offering the best view of the trip. Then, we navigated between on and off-road paths through the highlands. We got a chance to talk with A Lung, an ethnic person, about the Hmong’s colorful culture and way of life, which is very interesting. Afterward, we crossed the Black River on a ferry to reach Moc Chau.

Our team explored more dirt roads in the afternoon. We got to delve into the beauty of Moc Chau, renowned for its flowers and off-road haven. At night, we were treated with a barbecue dinner and cold beers, savoring the memories of an adventure-filled day in this captivating Vietnamese landscape.

Day 3: Moc Chau – Muong Waterfall Motorbike Ride

We embarked on a day in enduro heaven, conquering a thrilling 10km challenging single trail showcasing our riding prowess. Each morning turn promised an adrenaline surge, invigorating our entire being. The adventure continued with farm trails leading to a satisfying lunch.

Afternoon drives took us through captivating landscapes, culminating in an overnight stay in a natural reserve. We visited a dreamy waterfall and lush green surroundings make it a true retreat. Our day concluded with a farewell dinner. The whole crew celebrated with Mrs. Hung’s family, the friendly locals in Moc Chau, marking the beginning of a memorable night of festivities and camaraderie.

Day 4: Muong Waterfall – Hanoi Motorcycle Route

The final day promised a leisurely ride, gliding through the lush embrace of the primary jungle, connecting to a segment of the legendary Ho Chi Minh trails. We were mostly on the road to get back to Hanoi, offering captivating scenery for our enjoyment.

As we approached Hanoi, we once again navigated through the chaotic traffic. It became the ultimate challenge, with the primary goal of returning to the office in one piece. This engaging day encapsulates the essence of our remarkable motorcycle adventure, concluding with the triumph of conquering Vietnam’s diverse terrains and bustling cityscapes.

Northeast Dirtbike Tour Vietnam In 4 Days

Northeast Dirtbike Tour Vietnam In 4 Days
Ban Gioc waterfall

Day 1: Hanoi – Bac Son Motorcycle Trip

Our journey today led us to Bac Son Valley, a haven nestled northwest of Lang Son province, approximately 160 km northeast of Hanoi. This picturesque destination boasted rivers winding through golden rice fields, a muse for photographers capturing masterpieces. We went through towering mountains, reaching heights between 500-1200 meters, contributing to an awe-inspiring panorama when viewed from the valley’s peak.

As we rode along a bustling highway toward the Chinese border, we paused for a brief break to capture stunning photos. Then, we turned onto a narrow, muddy road and went to Bac Son Valley. After hours on the road, we found solace at Tay’s homestay of A La’s family. They treated us with the iconic smoked buffalo meat, which everyone said to be one of the most delicious distinctive dishes they have ever tasted.

Day 2: Bac Son – Ban Gioc Waterfall – Quang Uyen Biking Tour

Day 2: Bac Son – Ban Gioc Waterfall – Quang Uyen Biking Tour
Aerial view of “ Ban Gioc “ waterfall, Cao Bang, Vietnam. “ Ban Gioc “ waterfall is one of the top 10 waterfalls in the world. View from Vietnam.

On the second day, the highlight awaited at Ban Gioc Waterfall in Cao Bang province, nestled between the borders of Vietnam and China. Its enchanting allure varies throughout the year, revealing a gentle elegance in the dry season (October to May) and transforming into a majestic spectacle during the rainy season. 

Our journey to Ban Gioc involved challenging roads, from ascending hills to traversing the historic Highway 4, known for Viet Minh forces’ raids in this remote border region. Here, we listened to an inspiring story from an elderly named Minh, one of the soldiers who have fought to protect the country. After a delectable lunch at Ban Gioc, we returned to Quang Uyen, navigating through passes and tunnels. 

Day 3: Quang Uyen – Ba Be Lake Motorbike Route

Embarking from Cao Bang, our journey headed southwest, covering approximately 153 kilometers. As we went, picturesque rural landscapes and hills adorned with renowned honey-producing apiaries unfolded before our eyes. The route offered a choice between a smaller and a larger road, both easily navigable. 

However, we opted for the larger road to ensure ample time for an included boat trip to Ba Be Lake. Nestled in Bac Kan province, Ba Be Lake stands as one of Vietnam’s largest freshwater lakes and is internationally recognized as a prime tourism destination.

Arriving in the afternoon, we basked in the tranquility of Ba Be Lake, embraced by mist, bird melodies, and the gentle breeze. The evening unveiled the marvel of the green lake against mountainous silhouettes and cloud-draped skies as we stayed overnight at a stilt house belonging to a Tay minority family on the lake’s shores.

Day 4: Ba Be Lake – Hanoi Biking Trip

Day 4: Ba Be Lake – Hanoi Biking Trip
Bikes on Boat on Ba Be lake, Bac Kan

On the 4th and final day, our journey spanned approximately five hours, covering a distance of 240 km. We kicked off a bit earlier than previous days, ensuring a smooth return to Hanoi before the rush hours ensued. Riding through the Red River Delta, we traversed regions inhabited by Hmong, Dao, Tay, and Nung minority communities.

The route back to Hanoi offered a blend of challenging tracks and well-maintained sealed roads, culminating our unforgettable Vietnam motorcycle adventure. As we bid farewell to other fellow riders, anticipation lingers for the prospect of reuniting on another thrilling expedition in the future.

Dalat To Central Highland Loop Dirt Bike Tour In 4 Days

Dalat To Central Highland Loop Dirt Bike Tour In 4 Days
Offroad in the rubber plantation around Da Lat

Day 1: Dalat – Lak Motorcycle Tour

After securing our luggage on the bikes, our exploration begins with iconic Dalat attractions like Crazy House and Dragon Pagoda. Venturing into the remote countryside, we witnessed scenic terrace fields and gained insights into local farming practices. 

Winding mountain roads offered breathtaking views, and a stop at a mountaintop restaurant treated us with many delicious traditional Vietnamese dishes, such as Nem Nuong (grilled pork sausage) and Banh Can (mini pancake). After that, we took a leisurely trek through lush rainforests, allowing for relaxation amidst nature.

Day 2: Lak – Dray Sap Waterfall Bike Trip

Awakened by the serenity of the rural village, we enjoyed a hearty breakfast and coffee while observing the morning routines of the M’nong Ethnic Minorities engaged in fieldwork or fishing on the lake in wooden boats. The crew took a stroll through Jun Village and got a glimpse into the traditional culture of the M’nong.

Our team then embarked on a trek to the summit of Elephant Rock Mountain, fully freeing ourselves in nature’s embrace and panoramic village views. We also took a visit to a brick factory that unveiled the traditional brick-making process. En route to Dray Sap waterfall through jungle paths, we encountered the majestic highland waterfall. We enjoyed an exciting evening with BBQs and bamboo-tube-cooked rice, completely satisfied.

Day 3: Dray Sap Waterfall – Bao Loc Motorbike Route

Following breakfast, we embarked on a captivating journey along the iconic Ho Chi Minh Trail, winding through the Central Highlands’ dramatic landscapes. Immersed in the region’s scenic beauty, we visited rustic villages to understand local livelihoods, experienced their warm hospitality, and delved into their wartime resilience.

Today’s ride showed us the unspoiled natural wonders untouched by tourism, offering a unique exploration. The final leg led us through winding mountain passes to Bao Loc, adorned with picturesque terraced rice paddies and tea farms, where we took lots of photos. By approximately 5 P.M., we checked into a delightful hotel, concluding the day on a high note.

Day 4: Bao Loc – Dalat Biking Tour

Departing early from Bao Loc, we navigated the mountainous route to Da Lat, making a captivating stop at the stunning Pongour waterfall. The afternoon unfolded with a ride through picturesque mountain roads, offering splendid views of the Central Highlands.

We rode through charming, isolated villages, ascending twisty mountain passes and lush jungles. Then, we explored the unique cultures of the K’Ho Ethnic minority in Chicken Village, followed by a scenic drive through countryside back roads. After visiting the mysterious Truc Lam temple, we winded our way up to Dalat. Arriving before sunset, we checked into our chosen hotel, marking the conclusion of our enriching 4-day adventure.

The Bottom Line

Now that the Vietnam Dirtbike Tours 2024 has come to an end, it wouldn’t be strange if you and your adventuring spirit ask for more. Each trail conquered, every bend navigated, and the camaraderie forged on this journey adds to your tapestry of unforgettable adventures.

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