Vietnam On Motorbike 2023 – 8 Days Discovering Northern Vietnam

Vietnam on Motorbike 2023


Joining Vietnam On Motorbike 2023 tour is one of the best ways to explore this beautiful country. You may experience all the features of the northern region of Vietnam, particularly Ha Giang and Sa Pa, in this 8-day motorcycle trip. 

You will get to visit a variety of vibrant hill tribes and stunning landscapes throughout the course of our 8-day motorcycling route. After experiencing these tours in the past, we consider this itinerary as the best trip to the north of Vietnam in the next year.

Vietnam On Motorbike 2023 – Northern Vietnam Discovery

Day 1: Hanoi – Phu Yen Motorcycle Trip

We started our incredible motorcycle Vietnam tour with a quick ride from Hanoi to Phu Yen, a tranquil village in the verdant Son La provincial valley. After a two-hour ride, we were in a mountainous area with backroads between fields of tea and green rice.

After lunch, we rode a leisurely off-road motorcycle through hill tribe settlements and across the local hills to Phu Yen. Once we arrived, we took a quick stroll through the quiet town, had dinner at a local restaurant, and returned to the hotel to rest.

Hanoi – Phu Yen Motorcycle Trip
Motorbiking Phu Yen, Son La

Day 2: Phu Yen- Than Uyen Motor Tour

Following breakfast, we commenced our motorcycle tour. It was a long ride, but there were several beautiful stops along the way, as well as many intriguing sights to view.

After leaving the town of Phu Yen, we traveled over the stunning and winding Lung Lo pass. From there, we enjoyed an exhilarating off-road Vietnam motorcycle tour that included riding up and down hills while enjoying views of green tea and rice fields. The crew continued heading to Than Uyen.

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Day 3: Than Uyen – Sa Pa Motorbike Tour

In the morning, we had a leisurely motorcycle trip via the locals’ green tea and rice farms before riding on the smooth roads, passing through some hill tribal settlements along the route. The crew rode over Qui Ho pass for the remaining part of the journey to traverse the Hoang Lien Son mountain range, which is the tallest in Vietnam and includes Fansipan peak.

Once we arrived at Sa Pa, we had lunch at a local restaurant and took a short break. In the afternoon, we had a quick ride to explore this charming town in the clouds. Then, our team enjoyed dinner and rested to recharge ourselves, preparing for the upcoming long but exciting day.

Than Uyen – Sa Pa Motorbike Tour
Sapa by motorbike tour 2022

Day 4: Sa Pa – Ha Giang Motor Trip

Today was an exciting day with numerous stops and activities. After a hearty breakfast, we began our Vietnam motorcycle tour to Ha Giang. We first headed to Lao Cai town, located 40km away from Sa Pa. Along the way, we took in the beautiful view of the H’mong people’s rice terraces on the mountains.

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After lunch at Pho Rang town, the crew embarked on a motorcycle journey that included both on- and off-road sections, frequently stopping along the way to take pictures and pay a visit to one of the region’s ethnic villages. Our day came to a close in the charming and tranquil Tay village, located 3 kilometers from the city.

Sa Pa – Ha Giang Motor Trip
Ha Giang on motorbike

Day 5: Ha Giang – Dong Van Motorcycle Tour

Once leaving Ha Giang, we rode slowly on the roads that crisscrossed the Karst Plateau and took in the breathtaking scenery. We also rode on single tracks alongside the plateau, occasionally stopping to visit the vibrant and joyful locals who reside there.

Following lunch, we visited the H’mong King’s Palace to learn about the intense Indochina and the local life during this period. Then, we carried on our journey and headed to Dong Van, where we spent our night.

Ha Giang – Dong Van Motorcycle Tour
Bamboo rafting in Ha Giang

Day 6: Dong Van – Bao Lac Motorbike Trip

The host treated us to a full breakfast with Thang Den (cake made from sticky rice with ground green beans inside) and Tam Giac Mach cake (buckwheat cake), which are both signature dishes there. 

We made a quick hike to the hilltop, which is about a kilometer away from the hotel. Our finest vantage point for viewing Dong Van Town was from a hill that the French used as a fortress during the 1890s war. Then, we returned to the hotel, back on our tour and started enjoying the stunning scene by motorbike in Vietnam.

We got the opportunity to ride a motorcycle over Ma Pi Leng Pass, one of the four most stunning passes in Vietnam. The crew stopped at Meo Vac town to have lunch. Afterward, we carried on and rode straight to Bao Lac.

Dong Van – Bao Lac Motorbike Trip
Cao Bang, northeast Vietnam by motorbike

Day 7: Bao Lac – Ba Be Motorcycle Tour

We continued our motorbike trip from Bao Lac and headed to Ba Be. Along the road, we passed through beautiful mountains and breathtaking scenery, which let us forget about any driving fatigue. We arrived at Pac Ngoi village at noon and had a delicious lunch with many of the region’s specialties.

Then, we took a short ride to Ba Be lake, the largest freshwater lake in Vietnam, measuring around 8 kilometers from north to south. We had a pleasant swim in the calm, clear waters of this stunning lake.

After the long swim session, we relaxed on board and enjoyed the spectacular and pristine view of the surroundings. Then, we headed back to the homestay in Pac Ngoi and rested.

Bao Lac – Ba Be Motorcycle Tour
Mountain pass in Cao Bang, Vietnam. Mẻ Pia pass in Cao Bang, Vietnam.Landscape of area Trung Khanh, Cao Bang, Vietnam.

Day 8: Ba Be – Hanoi Vietnam by Motorbike

On this last day, we took a boat journey for more than an hour in the morning to explore the magnificent Ba Be lake and enjoy the spectacular surroundings. The crew visited a magnificent cave and took in the striking stalactites and stalagmites there.

We headed to a local restaurant to have lunch, packed our bags, and rode back to Hanoi. In contrast to the motorcycle tour from earlier days, the journey today was in far more traffic, but we still found something intriguing. In the late afternoon, we arrived at Hanoi, and our adventure was finally over.

Ba Be – Hanoi Vietnam by Motorbike
Boating on Ba Be lake

The Bottom Line

Our Vietnam On Motorbike 2023 will bring you the most authentic experience while discovering this wonderful country. The cultural attractions of northern Vietnam vary, ranging from the hectic highland marketplaces to the far-northern hill tribes.

So don’t hesitate and sign up to be a part of our tour now! Also, follow our website if you want more touring details of other exhilarating Vietnam motorbike tour adventures.

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