16 Astonishing Reasons Why Travel Vietnam By Motorbike

Why Travel Vietnam By Motorbike


Why travel Vietnam by motorbike” is likely a catchy title every time summer comes. Speaking of Vietnam, do you think about visiting the gorgeous pagodas, enjoying the street cafes, entering street markets, and taking a stroll around the lake? 

With your motorbike, you can do everything and go anywhere you like. The locals are hospitable and kind-hearted, and Vietnam is like a hidden gem with numerous stunning and tempting scenery. 

Of note, here comes a list of 16+ reasons why travel Vietnam by motorbike. Off we go!

  • Vietnam With Top-notch Tourist Sites

Vietnam has it all: a slew of spectacular scenery: from bustling cities, drop-dead beaches, and jagged mountains to stunning coastal views, along with a wealth of history and culture.  

Besides big cities, many spots in Vietnam are untouched, offering one-of-the-kind backgrounds and routes that take you a day or two to discover. 

Vietnam With Top-notch Tourist Sites
Farmer in Mu cang chai village walking on the mountain and golden rice terraces at Mu Cang Chai town near Sapa city, north of Vietnam
  • Food For All Tastes – Cautious Western Food & Adventures Vietnamese Cuisine

The peculiar cuisine is satisfactory for why Travel Vietnam by motorbike. Regarding the peculiarities across the country, no one can skip Pho Bo (beef noodles), Banh Canh (noodles), and Banh Mi (baguette-style sandwiches). Interestingly, they’re underpriced yet mouth-watering. 

Getting there, immerse yourself into the off-limits food like snails, duck fetuses, and dog meat. Do not overlook cafes as well! 

16 Astonishing Reasons Why Travel Vietnam By Motorbike why travel vietnam by motorbike 3
Pho Bo Vietnamese fresh rice noodle soup with beef, onions, lime, herbs and chilli decoration. 
  • Affordable Hotels, Home-stay Everywhere

Hotels represent everywhere with a budget-friendly price. In the metropolis, hotels range from $5 dorm rooms up to ⅘ star resorts. Motorbikers can take a rest in any hotel along the road. 

Check out Airbnb, Traveloka, and Agoda apps with plenty of hotels and homestays with high-end interiors and different prices for you to freely pick. 

Affordable Hotels, Home-stay Everywhere
Dinner at local home-stay in Thac Ba lake, Vu Linh
  • Vendors And Convenience Stores On Every Nook & Cranny

Vietnam provides you with convenience stores and street vendors across the country. It’s easy to take various items, from junk foods, clothes, household devices, cameras, and electrical accessories,…everything needed for a trip spilling out along the streets. 

In other words, there is no need to carry too many things in your luggage. Picking up groceries for good deals is never a matter. 

16 Astonishing Reasons Why Travel Vietnam By Motorbike why travel vietnam by motorbike 5
Winmart shops everywhere you can go and shop hear some travel needs
  • Seeking Mechanic Shops – It’s Easy!

At some point, you may get a flat with a broken motorbike. Countless mechanic shops can bring the services everywhere and anytime. 

Lucky you, motorbikes seldom break down in Vietnam. And the fee for fixing can not break your bank. Yet it’s better to enter some genuine shops like Honda or Yamaha for quick and skilful services. 

16 Astonishing Reasons Why Travel Vietnam By Motorbike why travel vietnam by motorbike 6
Local Motorbike Repair shop
  • Locals With Great Hospitality – Befriend Locals With Ease!

Vietnamese are willing to support you if needed. Thus, Vietnamese hospitality is often commended by foreigners. 

You can catch sight of the image of people smoking pipes or drinking rice wine. They’re so whole-hearted with kind manners. It is easy to strike up a conversation with a warm attitude. 

Locals With Great Hospitality - Befriend Locals With Ease!
Nice and friendly local people
  • Vietnamese Speak English Well!

In major cities, English is so far-reaching. Many primary school children can communicate fluently and freely. This proves that the language-learning trend is widespread in society. 

Vietnamese are also studious. These keen learners have a lot of ways to brush up on their languages. Even the authorities in remote regions can make you open your mouth with their language competency.

16 Astonishing Reasons Why Travel Vietnam By Motorbike why travel vietnam by motorbike 8
The local speaks great English
  • You Can’t Take Your Eyes Of “Ao Dai”

“Ao Dai” is not just a mere traditional custom. It is well-known all over the world. Women look seductive in “Ao Dai” gowns. Accordingly, countless writers, poets, and journalists use their pens to commend this custom. 

Indeed, what makes ao dai stand out is its silk-tunic material that tightly forms a woman’s body and drapes across her pants. It’s also a prevalent dress code in Vietnam’s feasts, festivals, and holidays. 

You Can’t Take Your Eyes Of “Ao Dai”
Ao dai is a traditional custom in Vietnam
  • Why Travel Vietnam By Motorbike – Everything Is Cheap

No wonder the traveling expenditure is so cheap in Vietnam.

Still, tourists should heed that some well-traveled tourist tracks have a two-tier price system, charging foreigners more than locals—notably the drinking water price. 

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Be wise to avoid big purchases in prohibitive tourist areas. It can help save a buck of money. Also, renting a motorbike to visit shops and local markets sounds better to keep more.  

Why Travel Vietnam By Motorbike - Everything Is Cheap
Local fresh beer shop in Hanoi
  • The Police Are Somewhat Relaxed

The police are the person in charge of traffic orders. They often have loose guidelines for traffic rules overall, but not in all cases. Thus, the chances of meeting the police are not high, apart from main roads in big cities. 

But if they stop you for identities or relevant documents, check. It’s absolutely a minor inconvenience. Hand them over some “coffee money,” and you can rectify this situation rapidly. 

The Police Are Somewhat Relaxed
Local police car in Vietnam
  • The Nice Weather Is Like No Other!

Travelers may encounter various weather conditions per day. Be wise to pack with various types of clothes instead of sole beach clothes, which are perfect for swimming. They’re perfect in the pouring rain or scorching weather. 

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The tropical climate also entails several sudden storms or other volatile conditions. Thus, check the weather before departure for better preparation or wiser travel plans. 

The Nice Weather Is Like No Other!
On top of Sapa heaven gate
  • Various Supportive Transports: Flights, Trains & Buses

Large urban areas are well-connected with multiple means of transport. Indeed, for convenience, moving your motorbike by train, bus, or coach is easy.

If you’re in a hurry, low-cost domestic flights can be a game-changer. They do the trick for faster and more effective movements. 

16 Astonishing Reasons Why Travel Vietnam By Motorbike why travel vietnam by motorbike 15
Beers and cafe at the train street
  • Countless Untouched Beaches & Mountains On The Go!

The stretched coastal line of Vietnam has numerous splendid and breathtaking beaches, such as Da Nang, Nha Trang, and Phan Thiet,… They are all accessible to any backpacker. 

Riding, taking a stroll, or hiking are some ideas for what to do in mountainous areas. The rolling mountains along Laos and Cambodia borders are all go-to places that should be on your to-do list. 

Countless Untouched Beaches & Mountains On The Go!
Da Nang, Vietnam: The beauty of sunset at My Khe beach.
  • Small Displacement Motorcycles

Small displacement motorcycles can optimize for maximum power-to-weight ratio, explaining why travelers rarely complain about the power lack during traveling. 

On a big 250cc trip around Vietnam, many feel nervous somehow, requiring skillfulness and high concentration. Go for a lightweight go-kart motor style flawless for narrow and mountainous streets in Vietnam.

16 Astonishing Reasons Why Travel Vietnam By Motorbike why travel vietnam by motorbike 17
Honda CRF300L and CRF250L
  • Cost-saving Motorbikes

You can rent a motorbike for a surprisingly low price. Towards foreigners, having a high-end and stylish motorbike certainly fits your budget. Pick the genuine renting spot, and you can quickly get the expected quality. 

Anyway, the roads and streets in Vietnam are so fantastic for motorbike tours. Dealers with riding rent services are also abundant.

Cost-saving Motorbikes
Group of 9 bikers from Newzealand booked our 12 Day Motorbike Guided Trip from Hanoi to Hoian
  • Flexibility And Freedom

Motorbikes are well-received in Vietnam tourism as they’re versatile in any terrain. No matter windy, rough, or bumpy roads, they never disappoint you with their competency. 

Beyond that, it’s free that you’re forced to follow no specific schedule of anyone. Let’s travel in your own style!

Flexibility And Freedom
Free like the birds, happy riding on Ma Pi Leng Pass, Ha Giang, far north Vietnam
  •  Level Up Problem-Solving Skills

Breaking down, running gasoline, or having dilemmas on a craggy road requires your wisdom, bravery, and agility. Trekkers must be calm and spot the measures to overcome. Also, you can brush up on your skills while seeking hotels, booking homestays, and planning itineraries.

What you gain and experience will be an irreplaceable part to fulfill your competency over the long run.

16 Astonishing Reasons Why Travel Vietnam By Motorbike why travel vietnam by motorbike 20
Off-road trip in north Vietnam

The Bottom Line

Now that you’ve grabbed the convincing and far-out +16 reasons why travel Vietnam by motorbike

With the tempting location with tourist privileges in ASEAN, domestic tourism in Vietnam will certainly move up the success ladder. That being said, it’s tricky to feel low if you choose Vietnam for your forthcoming destination. 

Feel free to share this post with your besties before hitting the journeys!

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