Why Visit Vietnam? 5 Reasons From A Local Vietnamese Guide

Why Visit Vietnam? 5 Reasons From A Local Vietnamese Guide why visit vietnam 1


Why visit Vietnam is a general question to first-time tourists. What is excellent about Vietnam is that it always has something to offer everybody. 

No matter your preferences, you will surely be mind-blown by the beautiful landscapes, unique flavors, and diverse chains of activities. 

As long as you want to immerse in the vibe, this article about 5 reasons from a local Vietnamese guide is for you. 

Why Visit Vietnam
Halong Bay, Vietnam

Why Visit Vietnam? 5 Visitors-Approved Reasons

1. Mesmerizing And Diverse Natural Landscape

Vietnam is one of a few countries that can offer a mesmerizing yet diverse landscape from its very north to its south. Whether you are a TikTok travel blogger or a professional photographer, you will definitely crack your memory card with loads of aesthetic photos and videos when visiting Vietnam. 

Why Visit Vietnam? 5 Reasons From A Local Vietnamese Guide why visit vietnam 8
The Hai Van Pass, Da Nang, Vietnam. A beautiful road to drive by motorbike, very nice curves, turns and awesome view. Aerial view.

As for UNESCO World Heritage sites, you should once look at the gorgeous limestone karst of Halong Bay with your own eyes. Or, immerse in the Avatar-like feelings in the world’s largest caves – Phong Nha, where twisting rivers flow beneath ancient karsts and secret mountains. 

However, the non-heritage sites aren’t any less astonishing. Dalat is misty yet super romantic. Sapa’s cloudy and heartfelt rice terraces are best for coming in the harvest season. 

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Mui Ne’s breathtaking sand dunes bring out the best photos with much sunshine and its reddish-pink color. And endlessly emerald shorelines stretch along the S-shaped country for thousands of kilometers. Just hop on your motorbike, and you’ll buy our words soon!

Hanging bridge with a view of green water stream in Phong Nha, Ke Bang National Park, Vietnam
Hanging bridge with a view of green water stream in Phong Nha, Ke Bang National Park, Vietnam

2. Delicious And Cheap Food Everywhere

Vietnam is a dream paradise for food lovers, vegetarians, and low-cost tourists. Let us explain why. 

Vietnam has way more than Pho, Bun Cha, and Banh Mi which can stimulate your mouth-watering feelings. Vietnamese cuisine varies by region with various sorts of poultry, meat, seafood, sauces, spices, and fresh vegetables. 

In the north, the local appetite is sour and salty. The mid regions offer more spicy and salty flavors, while the south is all about sweetened fish sauce and mixed-flavorful taste. 

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As for vegetarians, if you’re worrying you won’t be able to enjoy much or need to pay extra, you’re wrong! As many Vietnamese people’s religion is Buddhism, it is easy to find vegetarian food stores serving ready-to-eat dishes and packaged food in every city. 

Whether you’re choosing a budget-friendly option or a fancy culinary experience, Vietnam offers it all. Street foods are reachable everywhere, whereas high-end tourists can head to fine luxury dining. 

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Assorted vietnamese dishes with pho, bahn mi, spring rolls in top down composition on dinner table other

3. Traditional Festivals All Year Round

Due to its long and exciting history, Vietnam has festivals and celebrations all year round. Countless of which are unheard of in the West or even in other Asian regions.

Tet holiday, for instance, is an optimal chance to see how the Vietnamese embrace their love of families and good old values. It looks like the Lunar New Year in numerous ways, yet it changed with Vietnamese vibes.

Southern Fruit Festival, Hung Kings Commemorations, Buddha’s Birthday, Parasite-killing Festival (Mid-year Festival), Ghost Festival, and so on are ones no vlogger ever mentions but from a local Vietnamese guide. 

Every public occasion in Vietnam is certainly worth joining. On your next motorbike trip across Vietnam, you’re advised to check which holidays are coming and if there are any overcrowded or prohibited areas (in the case of firework showcases or parades).

Why Visit Vietnam? 5 Reasons From A Local Vietnamese Guide why visit vietnam 5
A Bustling Scene: Night Boat Ride at Ancient Town of Hoi An, Vietnam

4. Affordability To Some Other Asian Countries

Many tight-budget travelers pick Vietnam on their list of destinations. What’s better than cheap transportation, food, and accommodations?! You won’t need to burn every last dollar even if you extend your vacation to 1 or 2 more weeks. 

There are a lot of reasonable hostels and guest houses in every city at prices beginning at $25-$50/night. Renting a motorbike can be $25-$50 each day. Large numbers of the attractions charge an entrance fee, yet the fees are so low! Just around $3-4/adult. And the local food specialties vary from $1. So $20 or less is somewhat of a luxury meal. 

So it mostly depends on how you want to spend your days in Vietnam as a fancy vacation or a low-budget motorbike tour. More dates and infos hit the website up at: https://vietnammotorcycletours.com/

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Ha Giang Dirtbike Adventures

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5. Wide Variety Of Transportation

A hilarious myth spread among Westerners is that Vietnam is an underdeveloped country. And that’s no way near the truth. As for transportation, Vietnam has a wide variety of selections from domestic airplanes, trains, sleeper buses, boats, ferries, or ride-hailing services like Grab, Gojek, ” Xe Om, Motorbike taxi” or Be. 

On top of that, a motorbike tour must be the most exciting and enjoyable experience. Why travel vietnam by motorbike? Riding a motorbike is a way of life in Vietnam. Because it is about the feeling of total freedom, of genuinely diving yourself into the scenery around you and all those kind people you meet on the road. 

Many foreign tourists travel across Vietnam on motorbike and never regret anything. Not only is it a dream for tourists, but it’s also in the bucket list for every Vietnamese millennial. 

Mẻ Pia pass in Cao Bang, Vietnam.
Mountain pass in Cao Bang, Vietnam. Mẻ Pia pass in Cao Bang, Vietnam.

10 Bucket-List Experiences If You Plan To Visit Vietnam 

Are you feeling excited already? Why don’t you visit Vietnam this time not only to see, do, and touch but also to smell, taste, and memorize? Here is a list of 10 bucket-list experiences recommended by a Vietnamese tour guide when you travel Vietnam by motorcycle:

  • Explore a cave in Phong Nha
  • Visit the mind-blowing sand dunes in Mui Ne
  • Visit a floating market in the Mekong
  • Grab yourself a cup of Vietnam’s famous egg coffee
  • Visit the lantern market in Hoi An
  • Snorkel in Cham Island
  • Go trekking in Sapa
  • Visit Hanoi craft village
  • Try extreme sports in Dalat
  • Serve yourself with Banh Mi
Why Visit Vietnam? 5 Reasons From A Local Vietnamese Guide why visit vietnam 9
MU CANG CHAI, VIETNAM, September 21 , 2017: Women farmers are harvesting rice in a field at sunset in Mu Cang Chai, northwestern Vietnam.

Final Words 

A unique travel experience has to suit your tastes. Are you looking for an off-the-beaten-path experience? How bad do you love mind-blowing sites? Do you want to be like local people? We hope this post gives you various reasons why visit Vietnam

Little secret for you: Vietnam motorbike tours are the best approach to conquer and take in every corner of this charming country. You are always welcome! Come and feel it!

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