Cambodia Motorbike Tours – 9-Day Tumble Through The Jungle

Cambodia Motorbike Tours


Ancient temples hidden in the foliage, a culture with a long history, sparkling smiles, dazzling eyes, honest, friendly, warm people, historic landscapes, amazing food, and beautiful hiking trails/epic trail riding – Cambodia possesses all the factors that make up a one-of-a-kind motorcycle trip! 

Cambodia motorbike tours will leave you moments of life so that you will forever smile and be proud of having entered this land!

From Phnom Penh, the largest and richest, to the peaceful and warm suburbs and countryside, Cambodia is like a chameleon, giving visitors challenges, delight, warmth, surprise, and unexpected and peaceful souls, all in one! Let’s discover with us!

Angkor Wat Motorbike Tours
Angkor Wat, Cambodia

9-Day Cambodia Motorbike Tours 

Preview Of The Tour

The motorcycle tours in Cambodia begin with the temple complex – Angkor Wat in Siem Reap. You will ride through jungle paths, traverse a forest, cross rivers, climb steep rocky slopes, and camp on a cliff, admiring the stars colonizing and brightening the sky, overlooking the forest below.

From river floating lodges to 5-star hotels, from thatched-roof to luxury resorts, bikers will have a chance to lodge in a diverse selection of accommodations. You’ll discover Cambodia’s horrific past – the Cambodian genocide, enjoy some delectable delis and get a taste of the “local Cambodia”.

Day 1: Siem Reap Welcomes You!

Cambodia Motorbike Tours - 9-Day Tumble Through The Jungle cambodia motorbike tours 2
Local Cambodian seller in floating market.

Your motorbike tours of Cambodia start at the hotel with a warm hello from your tour guide. From here, hop in a tuk-tuk and head to the UNESCO World Heritage Site and religious monument Angkor Wat. The temple complex blows your mind at first sight because of its huge size and interesting story behind it. 

Following that, we’ll go for a typical Cambodian lunch prior to returning to the accommodation. Taking a picturesque ride above Angkor Wat in a helicopter is a suggested afternoon activity. Observing the World famous Angkor temple from a unique perspective is an out-of-this-world experience!

We’ll proceed to the famed ‘Pub Street’ for a welcome supper later in the afternoon after receiving a comprehensive briefing on the motorbike tour ahead.

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Day 2: Siem Reap To Battambang Motorbike Tour

Distance: 185 km

Riding time: About 3.2 hours

On the first day of the motorbike tours cambodia, we leave the crowded city behind, head towards the Thai border, and stop at a Buddhist temple to receive the blessing of the local monk for a safe route!

We’ll tear along rivers and through little Cambodian towns on a combination of pavement, dirt roads, and meandering trails. Before rounding Tonle Sap lake and proceeding to the historic Battambang town – one of the French colonial buildings- we will have western picnic lunch provided by our support team for this motorbike trip! 

If you’re lucky, you even get a chance to sample the specialty of the roadside BBQs – the local rice field rat. It has a similar taste to chicken; wild flavor and mouth-watering bites are everything you can await!

Day 3: Battambang To Pramaoy Motorcycle Trip

Phnom Banan Temple, Battambang, Cambodia
Phnom Banan Temple, Battambang, Cambodia

Distance: 175 km

Riding time: About 2.5 hours

The Cambodia dirt bike tours continue with the visit to Phnom Sampeau, where the remnants of war remain. You get “chill” here with the Killing cave, a temple located on the hilltop where it was used to preserve the bodies of war victims in ancient times. 

Coming here, bikers will feel like reliving the old war days and sensing the pain and loss caused by the war. 

It’s a fascinating experience as you have a chance to explore more about Cambodia’s history. If it is mango season, you may have some fresh mangoes. But pay attention to the surrounding area because there are some thieving monkeys.

Moreover, trail riding is available for you, along with river crossings, steep rocky slopes, fast-speed dirt roads and winding dirt paths that ascend Krâvanh Mountains, and stunning vistas across the hills.

We will spend the night in the little mountain village of ‘Pramaouy.’ The guest house will host a large BBQ feast for dinner. You can experience the local life with a “bowl game” or walk into the town to taste dumplings!

Day 4: Pramaoy To Tatai River Motorbike Route

Distance: 175 km

Riding time: About 3.5 hours

The fourth day begins with a beautiful dirt road winding through the hills and the water crossing on little wooden rafts. After that, we are off into the Tiger Trail in the jungle.

Narrow singletrack, rough slopes, crossing a creek, and perhaps there are some fallen trees that you have to duck under or carry your vehicle over. At the end of this route, our support team will provide some of the refreshments you need to keep you energized!

After having lunch, we’ll stop at a waterfall before drifting down and out of the area on a fusion of thrilling concrete and dirt roads.

The destination for the 4th night is a Tatai River floating resort. This location is very lovely. It is a great night that you will remember very carefully until later to tell relatives and friends about Cambodia.

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Day 5: Relax Day

Tatai River is the destination to relax on the Cambodia motorbike tours. A day off from riding allows you to unwind before the second half of your journey. There are three choices that you can choose: 

  • swimming in the river
  • relaxing at the lodge
  • paddling down the river in the kayaks

If being away from your motorbike is causing you discomfort, you may return to the Thai border and go to the beach. It’ll be a terrific day either way!

Day 6: Tatai River To Chiphat Motorbike Tour

Distance: 175 km

Riding time: About 2.5 hours

We’ll take up the ancient ‘Smuggler’s Trail’ on the 6th day. Quirky bridges, river crossings, steep rocky hills, and some enjoyable single tracks are what the 6th day is about.

A challenging but rewarding day’s ride brings you to Chiphat, a magnificent traditional riverside village. Some beers brought to the waterfall after swimming will be the best treat in the late afternoon.

Day 7: Chiphat To Kirirom National Park Motorbike Trip

Distance: 140 km

Riding time: About 6.2 hours

The 7th day’s terrain is a fantastic blend of long stretches of sand, fast-moving jungle riding, rocky areas, and several river crossings. Kirirom National Park’s pine woodlands will welcome you after a tough and diversified day of riding.

On the 7th night, you will be camping in possibly the most breath-taking camping area in your life. The camping spot is perched on a cliff’s edge, bordered on top by pine forest and facing the jungle on the bottom. We will send a team to set up and prepare camp and a delightful feast for you! This is going to be a great night into nature!

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Day 8: Kirirom National Park To Phnom Penh Motorbike Route

Distance: 160 km

Riding time: About 2.5 hours

Cambodia Motorbike Tours - 9-Day Tumble Through The Jungle cambodia motorbike tours 5
Kirirom National Park in Cambodia. Step into peaceful woods, towering mountains.

It’s the last day of your Cambodia off-road motorbike trip, and you head straight for the trails that meander through the pine trees. The last stage is known as enduro riding paradise. You will be sad to see the finale of the tour!

Cheer up with celebration beverages before jumping in tuk-tuks to an outstanding hotel where the nicest rooftops in the city are waiting for you!

After that, we’ll have a farewell meal at a fantastic riverfront restaurant. Phnom Penh – the party town will lead you to a diversified, vibrant nightlife place if you wish your party to go endless. 

Day 9: Departure – Airport Transfer  

Cambodia Motorbike Tours - 9-Day Tumble Through The Jungle cambodia motorbike tours 6
Killing Fields Mass Grave, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

We strongly advise visiting some attractions in and around Phnom Penh before departing Cambodia.

Although Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum and the Killing Fields are not entertaining, they are extremely informative and unexpectedly enlightening. After experiencing Cambodia for the previous days, viewing these locations will truly astonish you.

Cambodia is fantastic! You will feel it with every breath.

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Cambodia motorbike tours combine amazing off-road driving with one-of-a-kind adventures in the exotic and culturally intriguing country. 

Kind and hospitable residents, a distinct culture, excellent lodging, breathtaking landscape, and all of Asia’s greatest trail riding are godsends.

Our motorcycle tours are packed with unforgettable adventures you will remember for the rest of your life. Come to Cambodia, ride with us, and live your life right away!

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