Can Foreigners Buy Motorbike In Vietnam? Know Before You Go

Can Foreigners Buy Motorbike In Vietnam


Why do Vietnamese ride motorbikes more than any other vehicle? The reason is due to various advantages, such as flexibility in traffic jams and reasonable prices. That’s why motorbike tours are a must-try activity for foreign visitors coming to Vietnam. 

The Vietnam government has enforced special laws related to the owner of a motorbike in the country. So can foreigners buy motorbike in Vietnam? Let’s find out!

Can Foreigners Buy Motorbike In Vietnam?

Can foreigners buy motorcycle in Vietnam? YES. Buying a motorbike in Vietnam is possible for foreigners if they properly satisfy and follow the country’s laws, especially the compulsory documents.

Motorcycles in Vietnam: Everything You Need To Know

Motorcycles in Vietnam: Everything You Need To Know
Motorbiking in Ninh Binh

#1 When Can You Buy A Motorbike In Vietnam?

Vietnamese government allows a foreigner to purchase and carry out the registration procedures for his car or motorbike in Vietnam when he can satisfy one of the requirements:

  • You are working for an international organization, consular offices, or being on diplomatic missions in Vietnam.
  • You permanently live or work in Vietnam
  • You temporarily live or work in Vietnam. The minimum time to stay or work in Vietnam must be one year.

If you are not in one of these three cases, you should consider renting a motorbike instead of buying it. Otherwise, let’s move on.

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#2 Mandatory Documents When Buying A Motorbike In Vietnam

  • Motorcycle License: Vietnam’s two common motorcycle licenses are A1 and A2. A1 license is for people who ride a motorbike from 50cc to 175cc, whereas an A2 license is for drivers having more than 175cc motorbikes. 

Almost every motorbike in Vietnam is suitable for the A1 license. Unless you have a passion for sports motorbikes, an A2 license is redundant. 

If you already have a driver’s license, you can apply for an exchange of driving license in your province’s Department of Transport. Suppose you haven’t had a driver’s license; you can take a test at the nearest Automotive training and mechanism center.

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    • Vehicle Registration Certificate: The vehicle registration certificate is a piece of plastic paper that displays all the fundamental information of the owner and the motorbike, like the owner’s full name, owner’s address, owner’s identity card number or passport, and number plate.
  • Motorbike Owner Documents: If you are in Vietnam for diplomatic missions and purposes, you must ask for a recommendation letter from the Department of Foreign Affairs. Then, submit it along with your identity card. 

On the other hand, if you have lived or worked in Vietnam for more than one year or permanently, you will need an introduction letter from a valid Vietnamese organization. And submit it with your passport, residence card, and work permit.

    • Vehicle Documents: Documents proving your motorbike purchase, like the sales invoice, and confirming your payment of the vehicle registration fee. Documents showing your motorbike’s origin are also required.
  • Motorbike Insurance: Foreign motorbike owners consider this document as Yellow Paper Insurance. Purchasing insurance is compulsory when you buy a motorbike in Vietnam. The insurance may handle a specific amount of money with you in the off chance of an accident.
Mandatory Documents When Buying A Motorbike In Vietnam
Vietnam motorbike insurance certificate

#3 Find A Legit Motorbike Resellers In Vietnam

Since finding and buying motorbikes in Vietnam is effortless, foreigners or even Vietnamese citizens may sometimes ignore the risks from unknown sources of vehicles. 

Some motorcycle retailers in Vietnam may sell stolen or smuggled ones. You will face many legal problems whenever you accidentally buy and use these types of vehicles. The most prominent hint of such motorbikes is their incredibly low price. 

Buying a motorbike in Vietnam from famous and valid retailers will guarantee you excellent services and warranty policies. Although the price can be relatively high, you get what you pay for. 

Find A Legit Motorbike Resellers In Vietnam
Hanoi, Vietnam: Front exterior view of motorbike service store in Cau Giay street

What To Check Before Buying A Motorbike In Vietnam?

#1 Headlight

If you buy a motorbike for traveling purposes, the vehicle’s headlight will play a crucial role in keeping you safe. 

The dark and foggy atmosphere may restrict your vision when you enjoy the night motorbike trip along the hill road. For this reason, an adequate headlight ensures that you can observe what is ahead.

#2 Front Brake

The proper front brake will save you from a severe crash when you, unfortunately, face an accident. 

#3 Rear Swingarm

The rear swingarm must be straight so that you can handle the motorbike’s direction as you want. Or else, you will lose control over your vehicle when it crosses a pothole or strip.

#4 Horn

Believe it or not, the horn is indispensable on a Vietnamese motorbike. In Vietnamese traffic habits, drivers of every vehicle use horns to communicate and warn others. You must learn how to use horns when participating in Vietnam traffic.

#5 Battery

A battery is the heart of a motorbike because it maintains the vehicle’s proper function and activation. You can’t kick start a motorbike with an electric starter when the battery runs out of electricity.


#1 What Is A Motorbike Blue Card In Vietnam?

What Is A Motorbike Blue Card In Vietnam?
Motorbike registration card or Motorbike Blue Card In Vietnam

A blue motorbike card in Vietnam is a piece of paper with a slightly blue color displaying all the basic information about the vehicle and its owner. The official name of the blue card is Vehicle Registration Certificate, but foreign motorbike riders often refer to it as a blue card. 

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#2 When To Rent And When To Buy A Motorbike In Vietnam?

According to a survey, foreigners should buy a motorbike in Vietnam if they stay in Vietnam for more than three months. This is a financial matter. The total money spent on renting a motorbike in three months can be greater than the amount needed to buy one.

Bottom Lines

Can foreigners buy motorbike in Vietnam? Yes, they can buy, sell, and own a motorbike in Vietnam as long as they meet the requirements and comply with the rules of the Vietnamese government. 

Hopefully, our guide will be of great help. And if you haven’t made up your mind about where to go yet, visit our site for a slew of stirring Vietnam motorbike tours!

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