Do I Need A Motorcycle License In Vietnam? – The Complete Guide

Do I Need A Motorcycle License In Vietnam?


If you’re planning to travel to Vietnam, then using a motorcycle to explore the cities and countryside will bring you the most authentic experiences. The flexible way of traveling allows you to freely explore the places and become one with the Vietnamese lifestyle.

But do I need a motorcycle license in Vietnam? – you may ask. The country itself is quite flexible regarding having a foreigner riding a motorbike, but you’ll still need a license to deal with the police should anything happen.

The following article will answer your questions and provide sufficient guidance in getting a bike. Feel free to check it out if you’re interested in traveling in Vietnam on motorcycles.

Do I Need A Motorcycle License In Vietnam? – The Complete Guide

Learn everything you need about traveling in Vietnam on a motorcycle!

Do I Need A Motorcycle License In Vietnam?

Yes, you’ll need to have your license if you want to explore the country safely and without getting questioned by the police. It’ll also show that you can tour Vietnam with motorbikes, which helps guarantee your safety and others.

According to Point h Section 5 and Point d section 6 from Article 6 of the 12/2017/TT-BGTVT Circular, the Vietnam Ministry of Transport permits foreigners to exchange their existing driver licenses with an equivalent in Vietnam, as long as they are still viable.

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So, if you have an active driver’s license, feel free to contact the nearest transportation department to inquire about your Vietnamese driver’s license.

And to provide you with more useful sights when registering this document, the following guide will let you know how to get yours quickly.

Do I Need A Motorcycle License In Vietnam?
Le Thuy district, Quang Binh province, Vietnam – September 7, 2020: Traffic police are training skills to drive safe motorbikes for people.

How To Get My Vietnamese Driving License?

How To Get My Vietnamese Driving License?

You’ll need your licenses to Vietnam by motorbike to avoid the police!

In this motorcycle travel guide in Vietnam, we’ll be showing you how to exchange your driver’s license for a Vietnamese equivalent:

  • According to Article 42 of the 12/2017/TT-BGTVT Circular, you’ll need to fill out a form to propose your driver’s license exchanges.
  • Have the translated version of your driver’s license in Vietnamese and have it notarized by your embassy or other authorized organizations.
  •  A copy of the passport with confirmations of you entering the country legally is required. And don’t forget your 3×4 profile image to be used on the license.
  • You can send out your applications or submit them directly at the nearest transportation department in Vietnam. Once everything is confirmed, you’ll get your driver’s license.

The mentioned practice can be overwhelming for travelers, so we suggest you get help from your travel agencies or the hotel staff whose services you’re planning to use.

Here in Vietnam, many of these organizations offer quick services to get your driver’s license. You just need to have all your papers ready and leave the rest for them. This way, your driver’s license will be ready when you get off your plane.

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Renting And Buying A Motorcycle In Vietnam

Once you have your license in hand, it’s time to get yourself a motorbike to conquer Vietnam. Here, unless you’re planning to stay in the country for a long time, renting a motorcycle for touring is always better.

Depending on your licenses, in our Vietnam motorbike travel guide, we recommend getting a regular 125 or 150cc vehicle, which should be more than enough to get you going. Not to mention, the more powerful sports bikes are more likely to get targeted by the police.

Ask your local travel agency, hotel, and homestay staff for good recommendations. If it’s possible, you should have them accompany you to the place to look for the best deals.

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The process of renting a motorbike is quite simple. All you need is to provide some sort of social credibility and pay your renting fees. You can then have the vehicle ready to be used on the go.

You’d better rent your bike to travel only around the local area and follow tours if you’re going on a long trip. Once you move to a new place, you can always get your new bikes from other rental services.

Note: Riding across Vietnam by bike is not really suitable for first-time travelers since there are many hidden dangers on the roads. 

Renting And Buying A Motorcycle In Vietnam
Starting point at Vietnam Motorcycle Tours Office

Where To Travel With My New Motorbike?

Where To Travel With My New Motorbike?
Bamboo rafting in Khau Vai, Ha Giang! The Ha Giang Loop is a great tour on motorbikes!

If you need good suggestions for motorbiking in Vietnam 2023, then we highly value the Ha Giang and Sapa loop motorbike tours. You can travel solo or join tours that are organized by the locals.

In addition, the Ho Chi Minh trail is also a great option to explore remote central Vietnam. The roads here are in good condition, and there isn’t much traffic compared to the main roads. Thus, such a route grants you much more room to discover the country.

Other than that, you can freely use your bike to ride around the cities, towns, and other attractions in Vietnam. It’s the beauty of traveling by bike, as you can make your stops whenever you want.

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Dodgy Businesses To Look Out For

Here are a few notions to keep in mind when traveling the country on your bikes, which come from our previous experiences, to make sure that you are having the best time of your life.

  • When renting a motorcycle, it’s quite common for property owners to offer their renting services to customers. So, we always find it more convenient to rent our bikes directly from the homestay or hotel.
  • On the roads, pay attention to the traffic since Vietnam has one of the most dangerous city routes due to the massive crowds.
  • In the countryside, keep a close eye on unidentified objects on the roads, which can be fodders and other ridiculous stuff that farmers tend to leave out. Sometimes, you’ll even come across herds of cows or run over some cow dung.
  • And most importantly, you’ll need to excuse the reckless local drivers.
Dodgy Businesses To Look Out For
Rice terraces in October! Northwest Vietnam tours ( Sapa, Mu Cang Chai, Tu Le, time to ride here: August to October )


So do I need a motorcycle license in Vietnam? Absolutely yes! But don’t worry about the process since it wouldn’t take much of your time, especially if you can follow our provided instructions. 

Once you’ve done it, the country really opens up to you, and you can truly enjoy your travels on motorbikes.

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