General rules for motorbike riding in Vietnam

General rules for motorbike riding in Vietnam

General rules for motorbike riding in Vietnam

General rules for motorbike riding in Vietnam
Hanoi countryside by motorbike, one of the top thing to do in Hanoi ( Outdoor adventure )

It is claimed that riding motorbike in Vietnam is not easy, especially for the inexperienced ones. However, it would be much easier for motorcyclists if they follow the rules and traffic laws of Vietnam rigidly. To ensure that you have a safe motorcycle trip and lifetime experience in Vietnam, there are some regulations that you need to bear in mind:

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The Rule Is NO RULE, check out below video we recorded in Hanoi Old quarter. Everyone is SAFE and NO ACCIDENT.

The Rule Is NO RULE, check out below video we recorded in Hanoi Old quarter. Everyone is SAFE and NO ACCIDENT.
Hanoi, Vietnam – Sep 14, 2016: Aerial view of traffic in rush hour in Truong Chinh street
  • We mostly ride up mountain and nothing like below video. After 30 minutes we will be in the empty traffic road, mostly we ride back-roads, countryside and trails, tracks so no worry about Vietnam traffic.
  • Helmet is a compulsory equipment for motorbike riding
  • You should use the high-quality helmet which was certified by traffic safety management bureaus or helmets following international standards. If you use the cheap helmet, it could be dangerous in case of injuries and accidents.
  • In Vietnam, we follow the right hand side rule of traffic
  • Be confident and decisive when riding. Don’t freak out or be nervous.
  • Ride carefully and control the speed in different circumstances.
  • In Vietnam, it is acceptable in using horn. Therefore, using it smartly because it could help you avoid undesirable cases. In some routes, there might be blind corners or crossroads, so it would be useful to utilize horn.
  • Give ways to bigger vehicles such as trucks, cars, buses or cart-transporting vehicles. It can ensure your safety and one thing for sure, they would take up for big parts of road surface.
  • Ride slowly when making a turn. It is important for you to push the light signals and sound so the left-behind vehicles are aware of your turn. However, you are advised to use your hand gesture and body language also because it would be more noticeable (waving hand when you want to turn left or right)
  • Show your respect and friendliness to people on the roads. Avoid conflicts with others because you don’t know who you are facing with.
  • Be friendly and chummy to other vehicle controllers when they greet you.
  • Be polite with the police. Don’t show out your abnormal or strange and suspicious behaviors on the road and the police will get no attention on you.
  • Drinking and riding should not be gone along.
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Single track riding in northern Vietnam

Vietnam Motorbike Tours from A to Z: how the tours are organized?

Catering customers from A-Z with highly-regarded service and high-quality Vietnam motorcycle tours, we believe that motorbike tours in Vietnam would be your best choices when travelling to this land.

Vietnam Motorbike Tours from A to Z: how the tours are organized?
Riding to the remoted school in Ha Giang

Established by experienced tour guide, who have experiences in guiding and organizing various kinds of motorcycle tour in many years, Vietnam Motorcycle Tours is highly appreciated by many travelers, who have used our service. See what riders have said about us on Tripadvisor link:

We truly understand the need of customers and offer them suitable tours, which is tailored to fit their schedule and their demand. With the motto of bring the high flexibility to customers, all experts in Vietnam Motorcycle Tours believe that the satisfaction of each guest is the proof for our success and for that reason, we will try our best to ensure that you will have wonderful moments with motorcycle tour Vietnam.

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To start off a Vietnam motorbike riding tour, our experienced guides will pick you up from your city and transfer to the suburban areas, where traffic is not totally messy and chaotic. From there, we could hit the road and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of countryside in Vietnam.  Normally, our motorbike tours start and come back to Hanoi on finishing. However, if your visiting cities are not Hanoi but others such as Da Nang, Hoi An or Ho Chi Minh City, we will design the appropriate tours with your travelling schedules. In each tour, there will be around 1-2 tour guides. With the knowledge and experience in on and off-road riding in mountainous areas in northern Vietnam, they could make sure that you will have a good and safe motorcycle trip. There will be so much fun and surprising things waiting for you ahead as guiding experts will lead you through unique and special places, where normal tours could not offer to you. What you have to do is reveling yourself in panoramic view of northern mountains of Vietnam.

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Amazing view in Ha Giang dirtbike trip

One of competitive advantages of motorcycle tours Vietnam is the flexibility. We could turn your wishes come true and handle all kinds of request from travelers. Your time is limited? You have never ride before? Or your flight has been delayed so the trip will be late? Don’t worry with every change because we will try our best to make it fit your schedule. With motorcycle tours Vietnam, we will make impossibilities become possible and for sure, you can have a completed trip with high level of satisfaction in Vietnam.

Did you know? Vietnam Motorcycle Tours can organize any additional accommodation. Flights, day tours from Hanoi…etc.

Call us on + 84.985.333.066 to speak to one of our experts or click here to request a quote.

Normally, with the big group, there might be some people who are not familiar with riding motorbike in long hours. Therefore, our experts will manage the riding time carefully to make sure that your riding distance is not too long, but not so short. Basically, it will start at 8:30 am and we finish the day trip at 5pm. On the way, there could be some stopovers for you to take a rest or get snacks. Besides, in the tour itinerary, there might be also stop points for visitors to enjoy the scenery, visit some hill tribes or simply catch the impressive views of nature and take photo. We bear it in mind that motorbike tour is a tour, not a race to see who is the winner.

Motorcycle Tour Northern Vietnam
Hilltribe lady leading her buffalos home!

Many tourists concern about the safety of their luggage because there are probably some valuable things, documents and important papers. In motorbike tours Vietnam, we will provide each motorcyclist with bags so that you could keep your small luggage inside your saddle bags. With the unbreakable one, you could tie it at the back of motorbike, covered with plastic bag in case of rain or intense sunlight. Furthermore, if you request supporting vehicles, we could arrange transportation to carry your luggage along the way of motorbike tour.

Along with the intense itinerary of riding and visiting, there will be some free days for visitors to walk around and relax by themselves. You could take your time to get laid after a couple of riding days. Just enjoy the beauty of the mountain town or city, go shopping or simply lay in the beach and savor the tranquility of ocean.

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If you want to enhance your riding experience, joining motorbike tour Vietnam is definitely a good choice for you. No matter how expertise or unexperienced you are, we will try our best to accommodate you with proper options. There will be a short riding training prior to the tour if you need and obviously, the price is really reasonable. And also, right before the tour, a session about rules and regulations for traffic in Vietnam will be delivered so you could feel comfortable and pleasant with the Vietnam motorbike travel.

Those are few flexible ways our motorbike tours follow. If you have further questions for us, please not hesitate to contact us at VietnamBikers Mail

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