Ha Giang Motorbike Tours 2023: Where Heaven And Earth Meet

Ha Giang Motorbike Tours


The northern mountainous region of Vietnam is often a favorite destination for adventure seekers. The combination of breathtaking scenery and ethnic and cultural diversity captures the hearts of every visitor. 

After much deliberation, we chose Ha Giang motorbike tours 2023 for our holiday. The great experience on the first trip in 2021 motivated us to come back again. Let’s see what has changed after 2 years! 

Bamboo rafting in Khau Vai, Ha Giang

Ha Giang Motorbike Tours 2023 In 4 Days For Tight Schedule

Day 1: Hanoi – Quan Ba – Dong Van Motorbike Trip

When the sun appears behind the mountains, you will take your first step into Ha Giang. Our motorbike tour Ha Giang begins on the winding roads around the mountains. The first stop is the Heaven Gate. As its name suggests, the mountain scenery and the sky merge into one encroaching upon our view.

You then head to Dong Van Karst Plateau. The green fields are nestled among the soaring limestone mountains. You will stop by a prominent architecture – Hmong King’s Place. The blend of French and Chinese designs has stood the test of time.

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Day 2 : Dong Van – Lung Cu – Ma Pi Leng – Meo Vac Motorcycle Tour

You will move closer to the border marked by the Lung Cu flagpole. When we first arrived here in 2021, the road was crowded with tour groups with the same schedule. We looked over a breathtaking wild nature landscape at the important landmark of Vietnam’s sovereignty.

Dong Van - Lung Cu - Ma Pi Leng - Meo Vac Motorcycle Tour
The resistance of the Ma Pi Leng even challenges experienced riders!

You will go back to Dong Van and proceed in a different direction. The noble goal is to conquer Ma Pi Leng. Vietnam’s “king” pass may challenge the participants quite a lot. At an altitude of 2000m, you must grip the steering wheel to overcome sharp turns. On the bright side, you will be rewarded with a panoramic view of the valley and Nho Que river.

Day 3: Meo Vac – Nho Que Boating – Du Gia Motorbike Route

You should arrange for the third day to fall on the weekend. We were blessed to participate in the Meo Vac market that only takes place on a Sunday. A fair attracts many ethnic minorities and tourists. Locals in colorful clothes and woven bags bring many necessary supplies. The trade activities create a bustling atmosphere.

Meo Vac - Nho Que Boating - Du Gia Motorbike Route
The happy road of Ha Giang

Tu San canyon is your following location, where you trek down the Nho Que river and get on a kayak. It is impossible to get bored amidst a stunning landscape. Believe it or not, we floated in the clear water for several hours. The silence calmed down our souls, and the slow water flow seemed to strip off our tiredness and worries in life. When you come here, don’t forget to give it a try!

Day 4: Du Gia – Lung Tam – Ha Giang – Hanoi Motorbike Travel

You will move slowly on the beautiful road to the center of Ha Giang. In the middle, it is a good opportunity to stop at Lung Tam village ruled by Mong people. 

After a hearty meal, you will participate in traditional work. Craft items may vary every day. A friendly local taught us how to make a handkerchief with hemp. She introduced beeswax to decorate the finished product. If you are lucky, you can find another hostile local like us. But don’t fret, as they are all down to earth.

The farewell dinner is the last activity of this trip. You will kiss goodbye to Ha Giang late at night and return to normal life. 

Du Gia - Lung Tam - Ha Giang - Hanoi Motorbike Travel
Motorbiking on heaven of Ha Giang

Ha Giang Loop Motorbike Tours In 7 Days To Discover More 

Day 1: Hanoi – Tam Son Motorbike Tour

If you have a lot of free time, a trip in one week will take you out of the bustling town and to rural areas. All the participants will arrive at the gathering point at 7 a.m. You then drive out of the center of Ha Giang for 50km. 

The further away from the city, the lower the temperature. Movement speed depends on the adaptability of the riders. You may sometimes stop at the viewpoints to recharge. The fresh air will boost your spirits the most. Do not think that being on a motorcycle all day is boring. On our most recent trip, the pollution-free beauty of nature satisfied us.

Hanoi - Tam Son Motorbike Tour
Happy corner of Ha Giang motorbike trip

Day 2: Tam Son – Yen Minh Motorcycle Route

A wonderful day begins on the curvy roads along the mountains. You will climb up and downhill through many ethnic minority villages. We ran into many riders who shared the same passion for adventurous trips. That is the good thing about motorcycle tours. You can make many new friends.

Yen Minh pine forest may remind you of Da Lat. It stays outside the tourist exploitation, so it still preserves the wilderness. The straight and endless rows of green pine trees show off the small presence of humanity in front of nature.

Tam Son - Yen Minh Motorcycle Route
Ha Giang and Chinese border ride

Day 3: Yen Minh – Sung La Motorcycle Trip

You will move closer to the edge of the Chinese border. The road leading to this destination passes through Chin Khoanh slope. It is composed of several interconnected U-corners.

The danger of the passage seems to contradict the gentle charm of nature. Depending on the season, the scenery changes. We came in the spring when the flowers on the hill were in full bloom. Light breezes spread a light fragrance in the air. If you want to behold the same stunning scene as we did, come here in February or March.

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You will go down to the sightseeing spot and move to the village of Hmong. You stay overnight in simple wooden houses with locals. They may prepare a cozy campfire to welcome visitors. 

Yen Minh - Sung La Motorcycle Trip
Happy H’mong Kids in Ha Giang

Day 4: Sung La – Dong Van Motorbike Path

It is best to wake up early to visit Sa Phin Market. Not only for commercial purposes, but attendees also come to enjoy wine and confide with old friends or partners. Leave this unique cultural activity only after filling your backpacks with souvenirs. 

The motorbike tour runs to the Lung Cu flagpole. You will always be overwhelmed no matter what time it is for the majestic view at the peak. Isn’t it wonderful that Mother Nature bestowed so many masterpieces in Vietnam?

Ha Giang Motorbike Tours 2023: Where Heaven And Earth Meet ha giang motorbike tours 2023 9
The Lung Cu flag tower at Lung Cu in the northern Viet Nam.

Day 5: Dong Van – Meo Vac Motorbike Route

After a good night’s sleep in Dong Van, you will transfer to its neighboring town – Meo Vac. You face two options: moving along Ma Pi Leng pass or backroads. We fell for the second one that was not very popular with tourists. Our tour sometimes boarded a bamboo raft to cross the river.

Similar to Dong Van, the terrain in Meo Vac is mainly limestone. The terraced fields and Nho Que river follow your every step. Pay attention to the friendly locals, especially children. They will shout hello from the little houses on the hill.

Ha Giang Motorbike Tours 2023: Where Heaven And Earth Meet ha giang motorbike tours 2023 10
Scenic view of northeast Vietnam

Day 6: Meo Vac – Du Gia Motorbike Trip

On spectacular roads, the Meo Vac district to Du Gia lasts 80km. The difficulty increases if the weather turns bad. We struggled for the first 30km under a drizzle. The fog almost obscured the front sight. So good luck for your motorbike tour!

Once you pass the beautiful suspension bridge, you are lost in a fairyland. The two rows of peach blossoms on both sides of the road stretch endlessly. The song of the nightingale awakens the artistry in your souls. 

Ha Giang Motorbike Tours 2023: Where Heaven And Earth Meet ha giang motorbike tours 2023 11
Wonderful ride on Ma Pi Leng pass

Day 7: Du Gia – Ha Giang Motorcycle Tour

The last day of the great journey arrives, but that does not mean the end of the fun. It would be best if you slowed down to save the memories of Ha Giang in your hearts before hitting the main highway. Participating in Ha Giang motorbike tours and getting closer to untamed nature is never enough.
On the last night of the motorcycle trip, our crew threw a small party to recall the good days together. If you like, you can have a campfire. Just ask the host to prepare some food. 

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The Ha Giang motorbike tours 2023 is always the right choice for itinerants, whether you travel long or short. We accumulated great things on both visits to this border city. Will we be back again? The answer is always YES. 

Try the Ha Giang loop by motorbike once in your life! And please share this post to your beloved ones and plan for your next trip together.

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