Hai Van Pass Motorbike Route: Stunning and Poetic Landscape

Hai Van Pass Motorbike Route


Hai Van pass is a unique and stunning tourist site on the north-south national route. It is best known as the highest pass in Vietnam. No wonder Hai Van pass motorbike route is a hot potato regarding motorbike travelling to-do list

However, there are probably many people who have not heard about Hai Van before. It’s a hidden gem of Vietnam. If you plan an offbeat holiday in Vietnam with your buddies, read more about what you can do at Hai Van pass. Off we go!

Hai Van pass is an inspiration to poets and writers. 

Hai Van Pass – Breathtaking & Jaw-dropping Destination

Hai Van Pass is located in central Vietnam, between Thua Thien – Hue province and Danang City. This highest pass in Vietnam appears like a giant dragon.

The breathtaking pass marks the ends of the Truong Son Range, stretching along the sea sides. Diving into this awe-inspiring pass is far-out for mountaintops and poetic scene lovers. 

This fantastic stretch of road is only accessible during summer when the snow has melted enough to allow traffic to Hai Van safely. Be it on your own or with a group of friends. 

Hai Van is a very prevalent destination among both locals and foreigners. You can see amazing sights dotted with lush, green valleys and snow-capped peaks. The road heading to Hai Van winds through the thick forest, offering views of waterfalls and streams.

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Hai Van Pass Motorbike Route

It’s like a threshold with open-minded and one-of-the-kind landscapes, sending it off a famous site worldwide. 

The Pass Route Guide

The most accessible route over Hai Van is the way from Hoi An to Hue and vice versa, which is roughly 170km long. It’s easy to rent a scooter at departure and have your luggage transferred by a company. 

It takes about 5 hours to get to this site at an average speed (none stops). Attractively, 9 – 10 am perfect for you to commence your motorbike journey. It allows you to get several breaks before it gets dark. Shortening the route with an end in Da Nang is also a good idea.  

Regarding the route, drive along the coast from Hue by following the main road 49 heading to Thuan An. Then, turn to the large one to reach highway 1A. Do not take the motorway from scratch due to the hefty traffic there. Other roads seem better to get started with!

The Pass Route Guide
Hai Van pass – the famous road which leads along the coastline mountains near Da Nang city, Vietnam. Beautiful nature and transportation background.

Tips For Vietnam motorbike route to Hai Van Pass:

  • No one wants pouring rain while driving, so let’s track the weather forecast before starting.
  • Pack the warm scarves or clothes together as the peak is pretty cold.
  • The route is safe overall, yet driving with focus and care is advisable. Minor mistakes might end up with bad results.
  • Navigation apps such as Google Maps (online) or Maps.me (for offline) are so valuable.

Ride Hai Van Pass Motorcycle Route – Where To Stop?

Its route springs into your mind as a place to let your hair down. En route, don’t skip the Elephant Stream for a break. Here offers you a deep-refreshing dip in the water with picturesque scenes. 

Then, go for Lang Co beach at night! The alluring view, numerous resorts, and seafood restaurants can drop your jaw at first sight. Take a deep breath there and enjoy the tranquillity of this sleepy city. 

Regarding the road up the mountain, pay a visit to the bridge from Lang Co and cross the track. Here comes a well-rounded view of poetic overlapped mountains.

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Afterwards, reach the lookout point at the Hai Van’s top (496 meters above water) and capture some pics of the brick gate of Emperor Minh Mang and the gun towers used by French and American troops.

It’s hard to miss the large rock alongside the way to Da Nang. Get inside Da Nang, and unwind with stretched deserted beaches and the Son Tra peninsula. Then, get to Hoi An as your ultimate destination. 

Ride Hai Van Pass Motorcycle Route - Where To Stop?
Famous tourist attraction – Golden bridge at the top of the Ba Na Hills, Vietnam

The Merits & Demerits Of Hai Van Pass Route

Hai Van is a great road that twists and turns up the hillside, connecting two very different areas of VietNam. 

The north is dominated by the Red River Delta, a flat, densely populated place full of industrial towns and small cities. The southern side is covered in lush green mountains and hillsides with few people. 

As flawless as Hai Van is, its route still comes with several pros and cons highlights that you’d better know well. 

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It was built as a strategic military pass during the war, yet now it’s also a wonderfully scenic drive. There are many great roads in Viet Nam. Still, this one stands out owing to its unique combination of breathtaking views, lush forest, and steep hairpin curves.

  • At 33 km long, it’s not exactly short either! It climbs to over 500 meters above sea level which means incredible views along almost every bend in the road. Getting there, you can complete the trip in roughly 5 hours only. 
  • Take a rest with countless affordable motorbike rentals throughout Hoi An to Hue.
  • Joining backpackers is easy. The route is convenient and great for your peers to enjoy the blast together.
  • As of 2021, Hai Van became a loop owning a tunnel through the Mach Ma National Forest.


Apparel the bright sides, the Hai Van route also comes with many downsides that all beginners should know:

  • To be honest, some reckon that this road is overrated. Indeed, countless streets in Vietnam are far more picturesque. The hyped fame of beauty may distract travellers from exploring the truly tempting avenues (like Phuong Hoang, Khau Pha, and Ngoan Muc pass, to name a few).

Accordingly, Vietnam should also promote other routes to brush up the list of far-out sites for tourists. 

  • A crowd of backpackers driving on a twisty road can cause congestion. Multiple crashes may result in complaints and damage the motorbiking’s image in Vietnam.
  • Be careful with the too-cheap scooters sold on the Hai Van Pass for backpackers. Their prices can even run into the ground, but it’s a trade-off regarding quality and safety.
  • Passing a crowded highway with semi-trucks and trucks is a must before reaching the Hai Van. Thus, riders must be more cautious while overcoming harsh areas.

Take-home Messages

There must be a good reason so many tourist businesses are expanding into Asia. Viet Nam is one of these prosperous areas to invest in. It’s also home to the Hai Van, a scenic mountain pass with excellent potential for logistics businesses. And it connects two major scenic hill stations – Da Nang and Hue.

We bet our ins and outs of the Hai Van pass motorbike route will inspire you with countless ideas for your imminent journey. Pack your luggage and go for a trip!

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