Hanoi and North Vietnam By Motorbike – Sparkle Your Life

Hanoi and North Vietnam By Motorbike


Hanoi and North Vietnam by motorbike is an unrivaled journey! If you come to Vietnam without experience of the North, it is surely a big regret for any motorcyclists. It is no exaggeration to say that this is one of the most beautiful roads in Vietnam Motorbike Tours

Let’s dig into the itinerary to see why people describe it templating like that!

Hanoi and North Vietnam By Motorbike - Sparkle Your Life hanoi and north vietnam by motorbike 2 | Vietnam Motorbike Tours
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Hanoi and North Vietnam By Motorbike – Sparkle Your Life

Preview Of The Tour

We aim to travel as many kilometers as possible in the allotted seven days.

Route: Ha Noi – Ba Be – Ban Gioc – Meo Vac – Sa Pa – Lao Cai – Ta Phin – Ha Noi

Duration: 7 Days

Accommodation: hotels + homestays + eco-lodge

Hanoi and North Vietnam By Motorbike - Sparkle Your Life
Ban Gioc waterfall, Cao Bang, one of the best places for dirtbiking in northern Vietnam

Day 1: From Hanoi To Ba Be lake by Motorbike

Distance: 229.2 km

Riding time: About 4.3 hours

We start one of the best off-road motorbike tour North Vietnam by leaving Hanoi for Ba Be. Although most visitors make Ba Be Lake their overnight stop, we will arrive at roughly 11 a.m because we are quick travelers. We will have more time to discover Ba Be due to the soon arrival.

You have two options on the table.

  • A boat trip to the lake.
  • Or you may want to take a pick to go to the Suspension Cave instead.

We also have the opportunity to discover Động Puông. The Ba Be district’s Nang River is where Puong Cave is situated. A big cave in the National Park that is 300 meters long and 30 meters high is intriguing. 

Besides, stopping at the bridge to see the surrounding areas and breathe the Ba Be atmosphere would be worthwhile. Then, we will continue our first day by driving to explore Cao Bang, where we will spend the evening at Pedro’s Pizza. 

We have to mention this restaurant because, despite its remote location, the pizza is outstanding. 

A good meal and a good night’s sleep will compensate for all the hard work that you have done on the day!

From Hanoi To Ba Be lake by Motorbike
Epic view from Ba Be lake view homestay

Day 2: From Ba Be lake to Ban Gioc by Motorbike

Distance: 205.7 km

Riding time: About 4.58 hours

The seven days can not be voted one of the most remarkable Northern Vietnam motorbike tours if the motorcyclists never put their feet on the Ban Gioc waterfall

On the second day of the trip, we will go ahead to the picturesque waterfall. It has long been one of our favorite spots, and we advise you to pack a picnic to explore and enjoy the region. It is a terrific way to experience this riveting place fully. 

After seeing “Tiger Cave” in Ban Gioc, we will make a brief but enjoyable diversion via “Thác Cò Là”. You can choose to wander along the place where Ho Chi Minh’s president lived for a while – Pac Po cave or you can continue your journey by slamming the DT211 in the direction of the west. That’s what we plan. 

From Ba Be lake to Ban Gioc by Motorbike
Landscape in Quay Son river, Trung Khanh, Cao Bang, Vietnam

Day 3: From Ban Gioc To Meo Vac by Motorbike

Distance: 236.5 km

Riding time: About 6.38 hours

The wonderful Ha Giang popular itinerary design is highlighted on Day 3. We go through the lovely Meo Vac. Then, we will make a trip to the enormous Meo Vac market. You can buy some traditional clothing here. 

The Skywalk: Ma Pi Leng Pass, indicated on the map, is our next stop. Considered one of the most dangerous yet worthy roads, the Skywalk has become an experience of a lifetime. 

However, be cautious when you are here. You must be a skilled rider! There are several skywalks, and you can easily get stuck or lost. 

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We salute China as we make our way to Lung Cu Flag Tower. After that, we will travel to the Ta Lung Cave in the south. We next move on to Dragon cave. Eventually, we can complete the Nine Ramp, also referred to as the small Meo Vac. We will now travel through clouds.

The vista is so beautiful that we are sure you need to take a moment to breathe in the jaw-dropping landscape and the relaxing atmosphere. The day ends at the magnificent and bustling homestay named Bong Bang. It is among our top lodgings when traveling to Ha Giang. 

From Ban Gioc To Meo Vac by Motorbike
Dong Van, Meo Vac, Ha Giang, The best parts for riding in Vietnam

Day 4: From Meo Vac to Sa Pa

Distance: 384.5 km

Riding time: About 9.26 hours

On the 4th day, we will travel to Sa Pa. 

The border route rises up and over various mountains, passing through the township of Lao Cai, Si Ma Cai before continuing to the well-known Bac Ha – the market town. The road connects dozens of individual minority towns and villages and outlying army outposts. Anyhow, the journey from Ha Giang to Sapa by motorbike is a wonderful one that is well worth doing. 

Our favorite homestay today is La Beauté Bắc Hà. A little French taste but Vietnamese flavor, don’t you think? Two girls operate the establishment. The place is unquestionably a quiet, untapped treasure. 

From Meo Vac to Sa Pa
Amazing view of Sapa rice terrace fields

Day 5: From Sapa To Lao Cai

Distance: 59.1 km

Riding time: About 1.25 hours

Day five begins with a direct trip to the historic French-built residence and Vietnam heritage – Dinh thự Hoàng A Tưởng. 

Cracking up the schedule and learning something new is imperative every vacation because you can’t drive the motorcycle all day. 

After the hour-long course in architecture, we will move to Lao Cai’s North on the road DT153, which we believe is the greatest road in all of Vietnam for driving. 

Road travel is much more than simply the scenery. Additionally, road surfaces and cornering circumstances must be considered. Tight bends, open corners, and learning curves are all perfectly balanced on the flawless tarmac. 

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We will keep following the Chinese boundary after Lao Cai. The road is in fair shape. 

The location of “Y Ty” is like a reward to anyone riding the road. It is one of the most stunning landscapes in Vietnam Motorbike Tours. No, maybe the best in Vietnam. You can get your mind blown at Y TY. If you want the place to be the final destination for the fifth-day journey, prepare ahead. You can not stay there if you do not ask for permission. Well, beauty has the price and also the preparation, right?

From Sapa To Lao Cai
SAPA – FEB 22: Woman from the Red Dao Minority group with a turban in Ta Phin. Red Dao Minority are the 9th largest ethnic group in Vietnam.

Day 6: From Lao Cai To Ta Phin

Distance: 58.6 km

Riding time: About 1.26 hours

On the sixth day, we will tour Ta Phin Cave. 

Ta Phin Cave (Hang Tả Phìn) is the destination of several important and interesting archaeological works, scientific investigations, and excursions. It is a part of a  mountain range named Hoang Lien Son. 

Besides, the H’Mong and Dao people live in Ta Phin, 12 kilometers from Sapa town. Therefore, you can likely meet genuine native people to share their daily stories and life with you. You also can know more about the two minority cultures.

After that, we go to the South by QL32. QL32 is not hard to overcome. However, it is boring. But, you can lose yourself on your motorbike, and you may have a chance to visit a travel destination named Cầu Kính Rồng Mây. The price is about $17. Another option is coming to Bản Thẳm Cave. You can observe the cave while still on the motorbike. The cave is also a highlight of the last day before returning to Ha Noi.

From Lao Cai To Ta Phin
Sapa heaven gate after the rain! The best Stunning mountain pass to ride in Vietnam

Day 7: From Ta Phin To Ha Noi by Motorbike

Distance: 314.6 km

Riding time: About 5.10 hours

The journey into Hanoi needs to take place on the 7th day. On the way, you can visit Bach Long Glass Bridge, a brand-new landmark in Son La. 

It is anticipated to become the world’s longest bridge at 632 meters in length.  The 290-meter-long bridge spans two mountains and the 342-meter-long jagged portion of the cliff. 

The cliff glass path is 1.5 meters wide, while the Bach Long main bridge part is 2.4 meters wide.

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The bridge leads to God Bird Cave, which, in the opinion of long-time inhabitants of the area, has natural stalactites linked to the mythology of the god bird. 

There will only be one direction for the bridge, and a maximum of 500 people can cross it at once.

The road and the atmosphere at the tourist attraction give us a chance to stretch our legs before returning to Hanoi.

From Ta Phin To Ha Noi by motorbike
Terraced rice field landscape near Sapa in Vietnam.


The seven days to Hanoi and North Vietnam By Motorbike is for quick travelers. You may need more time to discover all the roads and places like the article. Please take advantage of your time there and don’t stress about seeing it all. 

Enjoy your trip, and don’t forget to send us some feedback about the route you experience. If you wish to discover more about the Vietnam Motorcycle tours, move around some clicks, and they are yours. Thank you!

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