International Driving License And Vietnamese Riding

International Driving License And Vietnamese Riding


Both an International driving license and a motorcycle license from your home country are required to drive lawfully in Vietnam. 

In Vietnam, driving without a permit is widespread and accepted, and dealing with the cops will just cost you some coffee. Nevertheless, having all your paperwork in order becomes more crucial if you drive a vehicle exceeding 150cc.

Introduction Of International driving license
International Driving Permit

International Driving License 

The terms “international driver’s permit” – IDP and “international driver’s license” – IDL are interchangeable. The international driver’s permit is a deal that allows nations to accept each other’s driving licenses. 

Sadly, there are two separate agreements of the international driver’s permit: the one from 1968 and the one from 1949. The IDP wiki page includes the most recent details on which edition each nation uses. Vietnam was a part of the 1968. USA and AUS (Australia) are included in the 1949 revision. Australians and Americans cannot, therefore, lawfully drive in Vietnam.

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Is It Legal To Drive Without Any License In Vietnam? 

Simply put, it is not legal to drive without a license. 

Still, years have been driven without the need for a license behind the wheel in Vietnam by both natives and visitors. Riding without a license is okay for an ordinary, typical vacation without any issues. 

However, issues emerge if you are related to an accident for you and any potential third parties. Any insurance you own will be void when you ride in Vietnam illegally. As a result, it is up to you to figure out the solution for the matter you are stuck in. One must weigh this risk when deciding whether to hire a motorbike and ride it in Vietnam.

international driving license 3
OZ riders are having fun in Vietnam

AUS And USA, As Well As Other Nations Not Party To The 1968 Convention

Regrettably, some nations are unable to ride a motorbike in Vietnam legally. These traditions are unknown to the police, though. 

For your trip, having an international driving license is still worthwhile. The problem occurs if you attempt to file an insurance claim. If the insurance company investigates the situation thoroughly, they can find this flaw and reject your insurance. Emailing the insurance provider is what we recommend. Get a formal confirmation stating they will cover you while you do Vietnam Motorbiking after truthfully and explicitly outlining everything you need to be covered.

How Can I Obtain An IDP?

You can obtain the IDP from your country. The procedure is inexpensive and simple. Obtaining the IDP is theoretically impossible when you are currently traveling. There are internet firms that guarantee you can get IDP. But it is not real, so please prepare ahead when you go aboard for your safety or discuss it with your lawyer for more information.

Can I Hire A Motorbike If I Don’t Have An IDP Or Legal License? 

It depends on where you hire. 

However, the goal of checking the driving license is to prevent people who do not know how to ride from hiring motorcycles. So, an IDP or legal license is eligible to hire a motorbike and ride it. Every business will be clear about the regulation to protect their business and you. Our policy is to provide you with all the necessary information for your Vietnam motorbike tours.

international driving license 4
Sapa, Vietnam – march 04, 2020 : Vietnamese police officer stopped a motorbike driver for violating traffic rules on the street in mountain village Sapa, North Vietnam

Crashing Our Motorbike

We provide an optional loss damage waiver in riding in Vietnam. You can pay in advance for this, regardless of IDP or license. The term absolves the driver of all financial liability for accident-related costs. It has no extra and is designed to make renting a motorcycle easy, so we won’t have to hassle consumers with payment when they return their bikes. 

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Important Information About Vietnam Motorbike Drining License

Although not everybody in the S letter land has a driver’s license, having one will make your life simpler and safer. Most accidents may be settled immediately with police dialogue. Your insurance will be null and worthless without a valid driver’s license. Consider this risk thoroughly before making your trip arrangements. We provide a loss damage waiver to save you from paying for any motorbike damage. 

Important Information About Vietnam Motorbike Drining License
Vietnamese Driving License

Why Should I Get An IDP If I Can Just Pay The Cops?

You can pay the cops for almost all minor offenses. The International Driving Permit is useful when dealing with serious difficulties. Presenting legal papers to the authorities will help keep you safe. If you engage in unlawful activity, your insurance provider will not consider you insured. For example, riding a motorbike without a driving license in the S-shaped land is typical in which the insurance company will deny cover for you. You must have all the required papers to claim the insurance if you are unlucky in an accident.

Motorcycle Insurance In Vietnam

Motorbike local insurance is not effective for foreigners who are traveling to the S-shaped land. A third-party yellow insurance document may be offered to you for purchase by local vendors. You get nothing from this. You should inquire with your regional insurance company regarding offering insurance for motorbike rentals throughout the S-shaped land before leaving on your holiday. In the case of a serious catastrophe in the S-shaped land, they will provide you with detailed information based on what they can and how it could protect you.

international driving license 6
Motorcycle insurance form, we suggest that riders should buy all travel insurance before coming to Vietnam for motorbike trips

Our Suggestion For Acquiring Insurance

  1. Obtain a license to drive internationally. By Vietnamese police standards, you are in good standing.
  2. Write to an insurance provider. Describe the tale in depth.
  3. Fantastic if the company consent to cover.

What Occurs In A Major Collision In Vietnam?

Local people will instantly encircle the accident scene because of their curiosity if either the tourist or a resident is hurt. Then, the authorities get notice, and they will arrive without delay to conduct an on-site investigation and provide a decision. 

The police will inform the final decision after their brief probe. The cops are often quite useful in this situation. Usually, they support fair negotiation between Westerners and Vietnamese.

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Concerning the amount of money required to resolve the matter, we advise according to the policeman’s instructions. The cops will unlock the motorcycles after everyone agrees to walk silently. The most effective technique to solve problems is to take advantage of the small amount of coffee money for small issues.

Clients must correctly and completely disclose the entire situation to receive our aid. Travelers frequently “twist the truth,” which frequently helps to dig significant holes for everyone concerned. Travelers can usually take care of the problem on their own. Again, if you follow the rules of the road and have an effective license and the IDP, this will be helpful if you get into an accident.

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Riding Ha Giang On Honda CRF250L


An international driving license is important whenever you want to drive a motorbike in foreign countries. It will eliminate most of the obstacles you may encounter in riding a motorcycle in Vietnam. It also guarantees that you have permission to drive legally. 

However, if you come to the S-shaped land without a license, a conversation with your insurance company to fully understand what may happen in the future is a big help. 

We hope that you have the best time in Vietnam. Don’t let any paperwork hold you from experiencing all the remarkable riding roads in the world! 

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