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The Central Vietnam motorcycle tour on Ho Chi Minh trail - 8 days is an excellent way to explore the most beautiful scenery of Central Vietnam. You will ride along the stunning Ho Chi Minh highway, visit many interesting sites, and meet the locals. An exciting journey awaits!


This Vietnam motorcycle tour offers all-inclusive trips that take you on a wonderful journey through the vibrant and charming streets of Vietnam's central region. As the staff at our company are very kind to make sure that once you've booked your trip, our staff will be more than happy to assist you in completing your itinerary to fit in with your time frame and budget. Not only do you get a chance to ride on luxury buses between all the different destinations, but you also get to meet some very friendly and fun people.
All is inclusive Tour: Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Accommodation, Bike, Guide... etc


Day 1: Hoi An (Or Da Nang) To Hue

Distance: 130 km

Depart Hoi An for Hue at 8 a.m., pausing for the first of many stunning vistas at Hai Van Pass. On our trip to Hue for lunch, you'll want to stop and take snapshots of Lang Co.

On the motorcycle route, traverse a picturesque mountain pass to arrive in Hue by midday, then take a walking tour of the gorgeous imperial capital city of Hue and Thien Mu Pagoda. Walk around its historic walls and learn about old Vietnamese cities. After supper, go shopping for some unique items before coming back to your Hue hotel for the night.

Day 1: Hoi An (Or Da Nang) To Hue
Ngo Mon gate - the main entrance of forbidden Hue Imperial City in Hue city, Vietnam, with Vietnamese girl wearing traditional dress Ao Dai

Day 2: From Hue To Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park

Distance: 230 km

We will get the opportunity to sample Bun Bo Hue delicacies before departure. The distance from Hue to Quang Binh is 168 kilometers, beginning in Hue Ancient Capital and riding motorbike north along Highway 1A for more than 3 hours until you arrive at Dong Hoi.

We were able to take a boat trip down the river at Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, which is one of the most interesting things to do in this area. 

This park is known as a "Paradise for Cave Lovers" and features gorgeous caverns, but we're going into Phong Nha Cave, one of Vietnam's most renowned. After an exhilarating voyage down the river, we arrived at our ultimate destination, Phong Nha Cave.

This incredible cave has crystal-clear turquoise water that's so strong that it's pretty hard not to get mesmerized. It also has everything to have and does not include sparkling stalactites and stalagmites.

Day 2: From Hue To Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park
Tourist boats, the mouth of Phong Nha cave with underground river, Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, Vietnam

Day 3: Phong Nha – Ke Bang

Distance: 230 km

Phong Nha Cave is part of the Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park and is located in Son Trach commune, Bo Trach district, Quang Binh province, 45 kilometers to the northwest of Dong Hoi city. 

Visitors will stroll on the famed Truong Son route from Dong Hoi to Phong Nha. Tourists follow the Son River to Phong Nha after arriving at the Phong Nha tourism hub.

You will travel along Bi Ky cave, Tien cave, and Cung Dinh cave. This is an underground water cave in the mountain bed with several classic stalactites. Phong Nha is well-known for its unusual rock formations that have been called natural features.

Dirtbiking trip On Ho Chi Minh Trail

Day 4: From Phong Nha To Khe Sanh

Distance: 220 km

Our Vietnam Central motorcycle tour continues with a destination in Quang Tri - Khe Sanh.

Khe Sanh town is located in the middle of Huong Hoa district, a hilly area on Quang Tri province's western border. It used to exist as a presence of coffee plantations owned by Westerners during the French colonial period. Many individuals are just aware of a holy forest and deadly water.

In early 1968, our army and people launched the Road 9 - Khe Sanh campaign, drawing tens of thousands of US marines into the forest and baffling the American authorities.

Anyone who arrives here will witness the town of Khe Sanh, the capital of the Huong Hoa district, on the rise. Khe Sanh town has been rebuilt from the ruins, and several high-rise structures have been constructed.

Day 4: From Phong Nha To Khe Sanh
Khe Sanh Combat Base( HCM Trail, Vietnam )

Day 5 From Khe Sanh To Prao

Distance: 190 km

When you first arrive in Prao, you will be taken aback by the young green tea hills presented as a picture of valleys and valleys. Tea hill in Tay Giang has become a well-known name among young people who come to capture lovely moments in their wedding photographs or are passionate about traveling and conquering all routes.

Your motorbike tour will then head to Co Tu village, where the huge primeval woods will provide us with a rich and diversified experience of the Truong Son range's flora and animal ecosystems. Visitors will be able to view spectacular waterfalls and pure blue streams intermingled with rocks and ancient primeval woods if they come here.

Day 5 From Khe Sanh To Prao
HUE, VIETNAM, JUNE 19, 2017 Co Tu ethnic group performs CONG CHIENG, village festival ( Ho Chi Minh Trail by motorbike )

Day 6 From Prao To Kon Tum

Distance: 270 km

Before getting on the road, start the day with a nutritious breakfast. Pleiku is the destination for today's journey. This historical site, located on Highway 17, has various noteworthy monuments and constructions in Dak Xu Commune, Ngoc Hoi District, Kon Tum Province. 

We will ride motorbikes along the Ho Chi Minh Trail, a lengthy roadway supported by wooden beams utilized during the American-Vietnam War. This historical landmark is significant in the history of Southeast Asia, and we want you to discover all of its delights today!

Aerial view of To Nung lake or T’nung lake near Pleiku city, Gia Lai province, Vietnam. To Nung lake or T’nung lake on the lava background of a volcano that has stopped working

Day 7 From Kon Tum To Quang Ngai

Distance: 210 km

Make plans to visit a once-in-a-lifetime natural wonderland. This time, we'll travel more than 50 kilometers on Highway 24 to a new tourist spot. 

The Mangrove Ecotourism Site is located at Kon Tum, near the mouth of the Kon River, where the river meets the ocean like hairs on a beard. Numerous plants and animals make their home in the wooded wetlands surrounding this amazing place. It's a location you don't want to pass up!

We'll have time to linger here, and you'll be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery on your own. Riders will continue their journey in the afternoon and arrive at Quang Ngai to spend the night.

Violak pass, The border between Quang Ngai and Kon Tum

Day 8 From Quang Ngai To Da Nang / Hoi An

Distance: 180 km

Join us on a one-track motorbike ride through Kon Tum province, starting at Kon Tum and heading to Quang Ngai. Come up with us over the Violac Pass between Quang Ngai and Kon Tum! Lofty cliffs accompany a winding mountain road as you cross over this mini-version of Vietnam's famous pass!

On the last day of the journey, we will make our way to My Lai, a place marked with history during the Vietnamese resistance war. Passing through the coastal roads, we will arrive in Da Nang, the trip's final destination.

Aerial view of Linh Ung pagoda and Son Tra peninsula which is very famous destinations of Da Nang city


The Central Vietnam Motorcycle Tour on Ho Chi Minh Trail - 8 days offers one of the most thrilling motorbike tours in Vietnam, which is a must-do trip for all motorbike travelers. It's an adventurous motorcycle tour for those who want to be active and see many exciting places. Come to visit Vietnam to get this one-of-a-kind experience.

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