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Cu Chi Tunnels are one of the legacies of the Vietnam-US war. They remind the Vietnamese of the tragic war in the past and the sacred sacrifice of their ancestors for the unification of Vietnam.
Nowadays, Saigonists and foreign tourists love to visit Cu Chi Tunnels by motorbike. Let’s scroll down this article to get a deeper insight into a motorbike tour to Cu Chi Tunnels so that you can make one with a fantastic experience.

Rider at the entrance of Cu Chi Tunnels in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, close up

How To Get to Cu Chi Tunnel by Motorbike?

Motorcycles allow you to travel at your own pace, as they have done for centuries. However, even if you follow this guide, you will encounter horrendous traffic to and from the Cu Chi Tunnels.

The Cu Chi Tunnels, a less-known and less-touristy site, can also be reached by motorbike, as there are few tourists and no lines. Motorbike tours Cu Chi tunnels may be best for this reason alone!

Cost: $10-45 plus $5 ticket and $5 gas

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How To Get to Cu Chi Tunnel by Motorbike?
Sofie Rovenstine joined our Hanoi Motorbike Tours and Cu Chi Tunnels Off-road Day Tour

There Are TWO Cu Chi Tunnels, Not Just One

That Cu Chi Tunnels are located on two separate sites is a little-known fact.

Ben Duoc Tunnels Is a Popular Tourist Destination

Compared to the less well-known tunnels, it takes about 20 minutes to get to Saigon via the Ben Dinh Tunnels.


  • Closer to Saigon
  • Larger grounds with more attractions
  • Various shattered tanks and other war relics litter the route.
  • One lengthy tunnel designed for tourists
  • Conveniently located after the tour is the gun site.


  • Touristic with crowds of visitors
  • Due to the number of visitors, guides are under pressure to move you quickly.
  • The actual tunnel has been greatly widened and is not original.

Ben Dinh Tunnels is Completely Free of Schedules and Lines

Ben Duoc, on the other hand, might be better served by delaying your visit until later in the day to avoid the crush of tour buses that arrive in the morning.


  • Pleasant number of visitors with no line
  • The majority of the tour consists of passing through numerous small tunnels.
  • Guides are taking their time and are in no hurry; all they want is to provide excellent service and receive generous gratuities.


  • With fewer attractions, the tour is shorter.
  • Numerous small tunnels are unsuitable for non-adventurers.
  • Distance from Saigon
  • The shooting range is extremely difficult to locate.

The Traffic In and Out of Saigon When Traveling Cu Chi Tunnel by Motorbike

It takes approximately one hour to "exit" Saigon in any direction. The direction of the Cu Chi tunnels is arguably one of the quickest routes into rural Vietnam.

The bad news is that this route is, without a doubt, the most congested way to leave Ho Chi Minh City. An important route for buses and other vehicles. The traffic is nearly gridlocked at all times of the day, and for a newcomer, the combination of gridlock and large vehicles is terrifying.

Those images of "chaotic" Vietnamese roads could not be more accurate than at this Saigon city exit and entrance, where the traffic is slow and almost at a standstill.

Other routes, such as the one we recommend for leaving Ho Chi Minh, which leads to Cat Tien National Park, also take one hour, but the traffic is light, and newcomers should feel comfortable with the task.

When planning routes and tours to the Cu Chi Tunnels, the elephant in the room is how to deal with the unavoidable extreme and intimidating traffic conditions, it negates any suggestion for a "Cu Chi motorbike tour."

If you're confident on a motorcycle and want the t-shirt for navigating Saigon's worst traffic, there is no better route to prove your worth in chaotic conditions!

The Traffic In and Out of Saigon When Traveling Cu Chi Tunnel by Motorbike

Best Time To Go Through the Cu Chi Tunnel by Motorbike

The 200-kilometer-long Cu Chi Tunnels, built by Vietnamese soldiers during the Vietnam War, feature rice fields, fresh air, and breathtaking scenery. In southern Vietnam's dry season, you can take a Cu Chi motorbike tour when the weather is ideal for outdoor activities.

Passengers can spend hours exploring the vast underground complex that once housed tens of thousands of soldiers. It's a well-known wartime tunnel. Starting at 6 a.m. is the best time to begin your journey. Ho Chi Minh City's center is about a two-hour drive away, and the tour ends at 2:30 or 6:30 p.m.

The wreckage of a tank was destroyed during an attack on the Cu Chi tunnels. Cu Chi Tunnels are a must-see when visiting Ho Chi Minh City, and there are three ways to get there: on a motorcycle, in a private car, or in a shared minivan.

When it comes to having a great time, there's no better option than a tour from Saigon to Cu Chi tunnels by motorbike

Renting a motorcycle is easy thanks to the availability of this service.

Machine gun Squad Automatic Weapon for people shooting at Cu Chi tunnels in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

The Tunnels' Architecture

Ben Dinh and Ben Duoc were bunkers, soldiers' quarters, traps, and bases during the war. An underground vent system prevented American bombs from reaching the tunnels. Cu Chi Tunnel shows the Cu Chi people's tenacity, sagacity, and pride.

Hoang Cam's kitchen is visible to visitors with their own eyes. Currently, only a few tunnels with extended sections are open to the public, making it easier for visitors to take in the sights. The lights are turned on, and the underground stairwells are illuminated beneath the tunnels.

The Tunnels' Architecture
Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam - 10 DECEMBER 2013 : Types of destructive bombs used during Vietnam war as exhibition in Cu Chi tunnel, the historic network of tunnels used as food and supply channel.

Budget for a Trip to Cu Chi tunnel by motorbike

Cu Chi Tunnels motorbike tours typically cost between $80 and $85 if purchased through a tourism agency, which includes a guide, a motorbike, and meals. If you go to the tunnels on your own, you will save money and be able to do whatever you want.

 The famous Cu Chi tunnels, which can only be reached by motorcycle, are the perfect way to cap off an action-packed day in Vietnam while providing some historical context for your travels. It was a wonderful vacation!

Cu Chi's Cuisine Is Diverse and Delicious

Cu Chi's Cuisine Is Diverse and Delicious
Speciality which riders should try while joining Motorbike Tours Cu Chi Tunnels

Cu Chi is a well-known historical site and a popular culinary destination known for its beef dishes. This dish is available at Vinh Xuan Heifer Restaurant on Highway 22. Cu Chi's famous durian – sugarcane mix and steamed coconut mix with cassava can be yours for just 5,000-15,000VND.

Pork knuckle noodle soup is a popular dish among customers. At this rural location, green jack fruit mix meat is a delicacy. Sweet, sour, and spicy flavors all come together in this dish. 

Cu Chi motorbike tour's abundance of food is also evident in the local specialty of grilled Arapaima Gigas fish. Let's have a go at each one.


Thanks to the experience of passionate backpackers with numerous beautiful and famous roads in Vietnam, your trip to Cu Chi tunnel by motorbike will not miss the interesting roads on your journey. 

Thank you for reading the article, and see you in the next post.

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