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Are you a backpacker with a passion for conquering new lands? Do you have a strong interest in some motorbike tours that include the beauties of unspoiled nature and the flourishing city? If you are in this situation, try to experience a Hoi An motorcycle tour to Saigon right away!
You will have a chance to visit historical battlefields, majestic waterfalls, spring city, fresh beaches, and finally stop at the busiest city in Vietnam. Scroll down to discover the ride under a more specific route right away!

Hoi An Motorcycle Tour To Saigon
Monkey bridge in Hoian

Hoi An Motorcycle Tour To Saigon- 7 Days To Reach The Goal

Motorcycles are a great way to save money and prevent carsick while still enjoying the journey to the fullest.

If you choose this mode of transport, we estimate it will take you a week for the motorbike touring from Hoi An to Saigon. Scroll down to see where you will have interesting experiences.

Day 1: Hoi An Motorbike Tour To Kham Duc Town- 180 Km 

Kham Duc (in Quang Nam province) used to be the site of fierce battles during the anti-American war in Vietnam. If you want to come here soon, then 8:20 or 9 am will be the ideal time to start your journey to conquer this destination!

The first stop will be the My Son Cham holy site - a famous place with relics imprinted with ancient Champa culture. After visiting this place, you will probably want to indulge in this famous local specialty rice paper.

After about 2 hours of stopping, head to Thu Bon River and Ho Chi Minh trail to continue the journey. After reaching the Ho Chi Minh trail, we recommend that you take some time to have lunch and rest to regain your strength.

It is famous for its poetic waterfalls and exquisite warming massage services. If you haven't experienced them, this is a good opportunity to enjoy life!

Continue the motorbike ride, and you will reach Kham Duc town around 16:40. Complete your hotel reservation and wander around the local markets. 

My Son sanctuary, Vietnam
My Son sanctuary, Vietnam - 2008: My Son holy land, site of the Champa culture

Day 2: Kham Thien Town Motorbike Tour To Kon Tum- 190 Km 

You can have breakfast at your hotel in Kham Duc Town and start the trip at 8:30. After reaching the Dak Ga stream, stop to enjoy the beautiful scenery and pure water that nature offers.

The next walk will lead you to some other extremely fresh natural waterfalls. Enjoying them is worth it, but remember to stick to your trip route and reach Dakglei town at noon.

Next, you will have the opportunity to visit Charlie Hill and the American runway. In 1972, there was a major skirmish between South Vietnam and the Viet Cong.) After passing the Suspension bridge, you will reach the city of Kon Tum - a locality imprinted with many important historical events.

To this day, Kon Tum still has some vestiges of the French colonial period, such as the Roman Catholic wooden church. In general, all the architecture here has a vintage and unique beauty that no other place can simulate, worthy of you to experience.

KON TUM, VIET NAM, May 12, 2016 Children's groups, ethnic Ede, Central Highlands province of Kon Tum, Vietnam, are observed. Look cute

Day 3: Kon Tum Motorbike Tour To Buon Me Thuot- 240 Km 

After catching the dawn on Kon Tum, you need to continue moving to Buon Me Thuot. This 240km distance will take you a little longer to drive, but you will get more experience!

To ensure the time and route, you should depart from around 8 am. You will surely admire the beauty of tea and rubber plantations, the Buddhist pagoda, and the lake on the first journey. Take a few photos to capture their beauty in your travel album!

By the time you reach Chu Se town, it's probably past noon. After eating, you can take advantage of exploring the pepper plantation and rest at Hammock. Once you have recovered, start your motorbike and continue to conquer Buon Me Thuot - the coffee capital of Vietnam!

Buon Ma Thuot is located in Dak Lak province and plays an extremely important role in the defense and security of Vietnam. At the same time, it is also the largest city in the Central Highlands, with the unique culture of the Ede and Montagnards.

Riding to Buon Me Thuot, you definitely cannot miss enjoying the taste of coffee here. Sipping a fragrant cup of coffee in the evening will make all your fatigue after a day of driving disappear in just a moment!

Buon Me Thuot, Vietnam
Dray Nur Waterfalls, Buon Me Thuot, Central Highland of Vietnam

Day 4: Buon Me Thuat Motorbike Tour Lak Lake- 150 Km

The first step that you should not miss is the majestic Draysap waterfall. After crossing the waterfall, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the clear water of Gia Long waterfall.

To ensure the route, you should only spend an hour enjoying them and then continue to go to Lak lake. When stopping at this destination, we estimate the time will be 5 pm - the perfect time to enjoy the romantic sunset.

Lake Lak is known as a paradise on earth, captivating anyone who pursues nature's perfect beauty. Every year, it attracts many tourists and locals who come here to enjoy the wonderful unspoiled scenery - a combination of water, mountains, and forests.

When you come here, you will have the opportunity to discover the cultural beauty of the Mnong people through performing elephant rides and gongs. If you want to learn more about the culture, you can even stay overnight in a homestay.

Dac Lak, Vietnam
Tourists on elephant backs crossing the lake and walking around Lak village, Dac Lak, Vietnam

Day 5: Lak Lake Motorbike Tour To Da Lat- 170 Km

Morning in Lak Lake is ideal for riding an elephant to enjoy the scenery. After that, you need to hit the road to conquer the next destination- Da Lat.

Along the way, stop to discover hill tribes, coffee plantations, floating villages, or the silk and brocade production facilities of the Central Highlands. You will reach the "Eternal Spring City" of Vietnam - Da Lat city at the end of the day.

Dalat city belongs to South Central Highlands, and it is covered by lakes, pine forests, golf courses, and beautiful hills. The mild climate and poetic nature have made this city one of the most famous destinations in Vietnam.

Once you have successfully set foot in Da Lat, pick up your camera and start the journey to preserve the natural beauty through photos!

Buon Me Thuot, Vietnam
Mountain landscape, lake and mountain range, large lake and boat. Beautiful sunset reflected in the Lak lake, Buon Me Thuot, Vietnam

Day 6: Da Lat Motorbike Tour To Mui Ne- 190 Km

On the way to Mui Ne, you will have the opportunity to experience the culture of Buddhist meditation. After that, let's get rid of fatigue by walking in Paradise lake, Mushroom farm, and Datanla waterfall.

After successfully driving over the pass, you will see a windy beach with white sands in front of you. If you come to Mui Ne when it is still sunny, we recommend you stop at a beautiful sandy beach to sunbathe and enjoy the cool seawater before returning to the hotel.

At night, the temperature drops, making the air here cooler than ever. You can walk along the coast and enjoy delicious juices and delicious seafood dishes.

You may not know that Mui Ne is located on the east coast of Vietnam. Due to the long palm-fringed beach and excellent seawater quality, it is quickly becoming one of the top beaches in Vietnam.

Every year in dry color, Mui Ne beach is bustling with water sports such as boating, kitesurfing, and windsurfing. The huge number of tourists also contributes to developing a system of shops, restaurants, and hotels along the coast here.

Mui Ne, Vietnam
Mui Ne, Vietnam - April 22, 2018: Fishing village and traditional fishing boat with hundreds boats anchored in beautiful stream. This is bay for boats avoid rainy season storms in Mui Ne, Vietnam

Day 7: Mui Ne Motorbike Tour To Sai Gon- 260km

Day 7 is also the end of his journey. With an estimated distance of 260 km, you will have to leave very early to be able to ensure your correct route.

Along this beautiful coastline, you will find dragon fruit farms and salt farms on a huge scale. After arriving at the Saigon River, you will have the opportunity to experience crossing the river by ferry and officially arrive in Saigon at 5 pm.

Saigon is the most prosperous city, where many cultures and unique cuisines converge. It is ablaze with pedestrian streets and dozens of other outdoor places to go at night, worthy of your experience.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Aerial view of center Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam with development buildings, transportation, energy power infrastructure. View from the Saigon river with ships on the river.

What Should You Need For the Journey?

Your duties before taking Vietnam motorbike tours include:

  • Taking multipurpose gear.
  • Collecting a first aid kit.
  • Flashlight.
  • Reusable water bottle.
  • Other important personal items.

If you are a foreigner and this is your first time in Vietnam, it is best to memorize some simple sentences. For example, "Xin chào" ( Hi/ Hello), "tạm biệt" ( Goodbye), and so on. That will greatly help you in communicating with the locals.

You cannot guarantee that there will be no unexpected problems during the whole journey. Therefore, prepare some money to be ready to respond.

Some Bottom Lines

Hoi An motorcycle tour to Saigon is quite a long journey, consuming a lot of time and effort. Along the way, you will have the opportunity to discover and experience the beauty of nature and people to the fullest.

We hope you have planned for yourself as specific a route as possible through this article. See you in the next blog!

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