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In a motorcycle tour from Hoian to Saigon, passing through some Central Highlands provinces such as Kon Tum, Quy Nhon, Pleiku, and Dak Lak, they are all spectacular offroad highlights in the country.
Hoian motorbike tour is attractive to all different ages, from the young to elder people, grabbing all your attention when visiting the rice paddy fields, waterfalls, terraces, coffee yields, and tea.
To know more about our itinerary, let's get started!

Motorcycle Tour From Hoian
Motorcycle Tour From Hoian

9-Day Motorcycle Tour From Hoian to Saigon Via Highland Central


Route Count: 140 km – 5-hour ride

At 8:30 AM, we will start our motorbike tour in Hoian or DaNang. Quickly, you will ride yourself to the countryside where you can visit some villages such as incense village, rice paper making, conical hat making, to name a few.

Next, you will transcend to My Son Holyland, discovering the history and spiritual place of Cham Towers. The following destination is the Ho Chi Minh trail which brings out the ancient vibe as it has survived in the Civil War and the enchanting nature presence you don't want to miss. 

We will camp and rest in a small town before entering Kham Duc at 5 PM.



Route Count: 170 km – 6-hour ride

After leaving Kham Duc, we will continue our next motorcycle journey to discover the minority communities in Churu, Tay, and Nung villages. It's a chance to broaden your knowledge about their lifestyles, cultures, and customs. 

Then, we head back on our Ho Chi Minh trail to reach Phoenix Airport and stop to have a look at the prominent bases of the Southern Government. 

The following in the Kham Duc - Kon Tum motorbike trip is visiting Vinh Son orphanages, Wooden Church, and finishing our day in Kon Tum.


Route count: 180 km – 6 hour ride 

Our next itinerary: Kon Tum to Kon Ktu. We want you to learn the Bana's tradition, cuisine, unique costume, etc., and reach Mang Den and discover its magnificent nature view as well as the "Eyes of Pleiku" Sea Lake. These landscapes are one-of-a-kind and worthy to see once in your lifetime.

We will go back and stay in Pleiku by motorbike.

Sea lake " Bien Ho" central highland Vietnam


Route Count: 230 km – 7-hour ride

After having breakfast, the Pleiku - Cu Jut motorbike route continues to discover the rubber plantation combining visiting Ede minority people to join in their daily activities and enjoy signature food. We will soon head to Drap Sap and Dray Nu waterfalls, the most giant waterfalls in Vietnam, and take a bath in the Fairy Pool.

At Cu Jut, we will spend a night in the bungalow which is near the Virgin waterfall.

Dray Sap water fall
Dray Sap water fall in Dak Nong province, central highlands of Vietnam


Route Count: 100 km – 3-hour ride

Today's plan for the Hoian motorbike tour is a bit hectic yet exciting as we will drop by numerous places. One of the exhilarating destinations we will encounter is a coffee-making factory, enjoying the tastiest coffee in Vietnam. 

After that, we will explore Elephant Mountain looking over a superb view down there. Also, you can learn the elephant hunting mystery and the M'nong hill tribe's customs. If you want to check-in, a dusk Lak lake will give you a nice shot of photos. Rest there and have dinner.

Mountain landscape, lake and mountain range, large lake and boat. Beautiful sunset reflected in the Lak lake, Buon Me Thuot, Vietnam


Route Count: 165 km - 5-hour ride

We will have some challenging activities for today, riding an elephant, or you can choose to sail a boat to meet the M'lieng ethnic people. From there, you will trek to Jun village and discover the M'nong tribe's lifestyle and tradition.

Riding next to the bottom of the mountain, you can observe the way of making incense, pottery, etc. We will quickly head to see the orange agent area where the Civil War took place, then transcend the jungle and immerse ourselves in nature.

After discovering Chicken Village, and Paradise Lake, our Lak lake - Da Lat motorbike trip will end up in Da Lat at 5 p.m for an overnight.

Sea lake " Bien Ho" central highland Vietnam

DAY 7: Da Lat

Dalat has been one of the most popular spectacular tourist attractions in Vietnam for millions of tourists annually. This romantic city is well-known for its chill weather, gorgeous waterfalls, and lovely forests. 

You will have a day at this place for your free activities. Some landscape suggestions include a flower park, Tuyen Lam Lake, and Da Lat market that you may fall in love with. Just hop on your motorbike and explore this poetic city.

Amazing and mesmerizing scenic landscape picture of the sunset sky over the Tuyen Lam lake of Da Lat, Vietnam. Silhouette of the nearby pine trees on the lake bank reflected on the colorful water


We will keep on moving for a long motorbike trip down the 20 roads. Along our route, we will approach several mountains and valleys where you can stop and relax in the forests or plantations or have a chat with hospitable villagers. 

After checking in at a hotel in Dambri, you can leave by motorbike to see the zoo and play at the waterfall. 

Beautiful view of Tam Chau tea plantation in Bao Loc city, Lam Dong province, Vietnam. Travel and landscape concept.



Before arriving in Saigon, we will trek to Nam Cat Tien National Park, which has embroidered Vietnamese war stories and presented the existence of herbicide sprayer, causing numerous disabled people's lives. The proof is still there as the trees haven't grown anymore.

There are off-road motorbike rides through jungles for you to discover the variety of fauna and flora here.

Finally, we will ride to Ho Chi Minh city and finish our beautiful motorcycle trip from Hoian! 

Fanciful scenery of an early morning when the sun rises over the Dai Lao mountain range, Bao Loc district, Lam Dong province, Vietnam


Every trip is our life experience, and we want to bring you the most beautiful and unforgettable memory of your Vietnam motorbike holiday. The true journey is not only about enjoying but also about learning about life. For that reason, we add a lot of places of ethnic minority villages, historical places for you to learn and explore things. 

Hopefully, our motorcycle tour From Hoian will help you discover life, nature, and yourself more positively and live in every moment. If you have itchy feet like us, stay tuned for the next itinerary!

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