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Northern Vietnam is a region with untamed and majestic nature, daunting routes, and distinctive cultural traits of ethnic minority communities. As a result, this is a popular destination for motorcycle riders.
If you're a big fan of motorbiking, the information about the motorcycle tour Northern Vietnam we shared below will compel you to pack your backpack and immediately hit the road. So what makes this experience trip interesting? Let's dive in!

Motorcycle Tour Northern Vietnam
Single track riding in northern Vietnam

Motorcycle Tour Northern Vietnam: Highlights

Even if Google Maps helped us locate these locations, we wouldn't know where to stay or dine on the go. As a result, we decided to share our 8-day itinerary of Vietnam motorcycle tours for your reference.

Our eight great days on this Northern Vietnam motorbike tour are filled with breathtaking scenery, hearty cuisine, and winding roads ideal for two-wheeled riding.

Day 1: Ha Noi to Phu Yen (Son La) Motorbike Tour: 160km

Our journey began in Hanoi and traveled to Phu Yen (Son La). We left the capital's hectic atmosphere and traveled to the mountains and the town of Phu Yen. The predominant topography in this area is the plateau, with undeveloped hills that are no less attractive.

The tour guide claimed that if we traveled here in November, we would experience the poetic view when the mustard flowers blossom all over the plateau.

Here, we rested for one night before starting the long trip for the next day.

Ha Noi to Phu Yen (Son La) Motorbike Tour: 160km
Great fun right on the first day off-road ride

Day 2: Phu Yen to Than Uyen Motorcycle Tour: 210km

On the second day, we departed Phu Yen and continued traveling along QL.37. After that, we crossed the Lung Lo pass, separating Son La's and Yen Bai's provinces.

Lung Lo Pass served as our nation's lifeline throughout the resistance fight against the French colonialists by transporting troops and supplying food to take down the Dien Bien Phu stronghold.

This legendary route presents us with a demanding challenge in addition to its spectacular splendor and dangerous curves and twists. Though we are not Vietnamese, we still felt the blood swirling with a patriotic sense when we set foot there and heard locals telling their old but gold historic stories.

The green of the Yen Bai mountains and woodlands surrounds the major pass. Even if it's your first time visiting, the stunning, gently sloping hills and mountains will make you want to fall in love. Today could be the most scenic motorbike rides in Vietnam.

Off-road riding on Ta Xua Dinosaur Spine

We took breaks along the way to enjoy the Mam Xoi hill or get a closer look at Mu Cang Chai's terraced fields.

When viewed from a distance, the village of Yen Bai is further adorned by goat and cow farms and the towering dwellings of the people in the mist.

We continued to follow the directions to travel to Than Uyen town of Lai Chau after viewing this charming scene.

Day 3: Than Uyen to Sapa Motorbike Tour: 110km

From Than Uyen, we rode around 100 kilometers to Sapa. Then, we crossed the incredibly challenging and hazardous O Quy Ho pass.

It was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to view the spectacular majesty of Fansipan mountain from the top of the pass, looking toward Lai Chau.

We entered Sapa after navigating this treacherous pass. A must-see location on north Vietnam motorbike tours, the mountain town in the mist draws both domestic and international visitors to explore.

Here, we had the chance to dress in traditional Sapa attire, stroll through the countryside, snap photos beneath the Cat Cat waterfall, and explore Muong Hoa valley. In the evening, we ate dinner with the distinctive local cuisine of the H-mong tribe. The food was delectable, and we will never forget the happy-sounding song of Giang A Pao - a rustic local there.

Than Uyen to Sapa Motorbike Tour: 110km
On Top Of Sapa Heaven Gate or O Qui Ho Pass

Day 4: Sapa to  Bac Ha (Lao Cai) Motorcycle Tour: 120km

We visited the Bac Ha Lao Cao district on the fourth day of the tour. When we arrived in Bac Ha town, we were fortunate to attend Bac Ha market, which meets every Sunday morning.

On the way to the market, we saw nature's magnificent scenery bestowed on this land, with terraced fields stretching and majestic mountains beside deep blue abysses.

Each ethnic group of Mong, Tay, Dao, etc., wearing beautiful brocade clothes, smiles and converses, leading horses carrying various wares to the market. 

Sapa to  Bac Ha (Lao Cai) Motorcycle Tour: 120km
Amazing Sunset of the rice terraced fields on mountain at SAPA, Lao Cai, Vietnam. The most of area is rice terraced.

They sell various highland goods in the market, including vegetables, fruits, honey, or even important agricultural equipment like plows, hoes, shovels, and knives. Yet, the most alluring item is still jewelry, and brocade gowns made by the ethnic Bac Ha highland are hand-woven with colorful designs. We bet these will make good keepsakes for your beloved ones.

While visiting the market, we also had time to savor Thang Co, a local Mong specialty, and bowls of corn wine.

Day 5: Bac Ha to Ha Giang City Motorbike Tour: 200km

We began the day by heading to Ha Giang. The Ha Giang roads are intrinsically difficult due to their winding and rocky terrain, but as we zoomed in, the anxiety vanished as we took in the majesty of the plateau.

After stopping for lunch in the village of Xin Man, our group traveled to Hoang Su Phi to shoot pictures before arriving in the city of Ha Giang. It is another highlight of Ha Giang Motorbike Touring.

Bac Ha to Ha Giang City Motorbike Tour: 200km
Meet New Friends in Ha Giang

Day 6: Ha Giang to Dong Van (Ha Giang) Motorcycle Tour: 160km

Following QL.4C, about 150km from Ha Giang city, we rode to Dong Van. In the middle of the road, we stopped at Quan Ba, watching the vast pine forests and winding slopes. After lunch in Lam Son town, our group traveled to Ma Pi Leng pass. 

From the height of 1,200m on the top of Ma Pi Leng, we enjoy the Dong Van Plateau’s panoramic view. The magnificent mountain scenery is a cliff on one side, and on the other, you will behold the Nho Que river’s deep abyss with jade green water.

Ha Giang to Dong Van (Ha Giang) Motorcycle Tour: 160km
Ha Giang Remoted Ride Near Chinese Border

After that, we proceeded to the Vuong family home by taking the winding path after crossing the pass.

The home was constructed in a very advantageous spot, on a turtle-shell-shaped mound surrounded by tall mountains. Despite the ups and downs of history, the Vuong family home in the mountains of the Northwest still has a lot of historical, architectural, and beautiful values.

Day 7: Dong Van to Ba Be National Park Motorcycle Tour: 160km

After enjoying breakfast, we left Dong Van and continued our journey to Meo Vac. Although this is a small region, it has untamed beauty, paired with the soothing Nho Que river, located at the foot of Ma Pi Leng pass, with green terraced farms and distinctive cultural ethnic communities. 

Here, we had lunch and continued to ride to Ba Be National park. Sitting in a boat allowed us to experience nature at its purest beauty while capturing a panoramic view of the evergreen vegetation and chalky karst mountains.

Great Bamboo Rafting on Nho Que River, Fantastic View Today

Day 8: Ba Be Lake to Ha Noi Motorbike Tour: 230km

We got up early in the morning to start this lengthy route. We said farewell to Ba Ba Lake with stunning vistas of lakes, limestone summits, deep evergreen woods, and quiet rivers. Our eight-day motorcycle trip through North Vietnam came to an end as we rode back to Hanoi.

Ba Be Lake to Ha Noi Motorbike Tour: 230km
Fantastic Boat Ride On Ba Be Lake


One of the best travel decisions we ever made was to take an 8-day motorcycle tour Northern Vietnam. It was a memorable experience to wind through treacherous passes with breathtaking views while enjoying delicious food and discovering the local culture. What are you waiting for? Let's hit the road with your best friends and start exploring!

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