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If you are one of those traveling geeks, our 2-day tour to Nam Cat Tien National Park by motorbike will not fail to brighten your roving desire. Dubbed as a biodiversity treasure trove, this journey's end comes with promises to bring you the utmost thrilling experience. 

So, wait for no more, but let us walk you through a preview of what to take joy in!

Why Should You Visit Cat Tien National Park?

Once you have set foot in Ho Chi Minh city, it would be a pity to leave without stopping by Cat Tien National Park. 

To tell the truth, there are not many national parks offered in the South of Vietnam, but the Cat Tien is indeed the one to lay eyes on among those top drawers of the whole country.

Whether you are looking for a Vietnamese-countryside touch or a rare wild environment to discover the diversity of nature, you can all count on this destination.

Not to mention a wide range of seemingly boundless forests with tropical seasonal riparian areas and stretched vast grasslands where you may perfectly seize a breeze of the Earth scenery.

Due to that multifariousness, the park's administrators have recognized five astonishing primary ecosystems. Better yet, each of which may even be visited in a variety of ways.

Cat Tien is also home to various fascinating and endangered animals for feasible observation. Riding in Nam Cat Tien National park could be the highlight of motorbike tour in Vietnam!

Therein, the park's primate inhabitants are what you certainly do not want to miss out on: The number of 6 distinct primates, to say the least, including pygmy slow lorises and golden-cheeked gibbons, will impress you harder than ever.

2 Breathtaking Days To Nam Cat Tien National Park By Motorbike Tour

Day 1: Saigon to Nam Cat Tien National Park Motorbike Tour

In order to escape a congested metropolis, we will hop on the motorbike to leave Saigon early in the morning then head to Nam Cat Tien through the Bien Hoa, Dong Nai province route.

You will ride alongside Tri An Lake and into the Ma Da jungle via its confusing network of dirt roads and narrow trails after crossing the Dong Nai River, the longest river in Vietnam that wholly belongs to Vietnam territory.

And, of course, we understand your urge to undergo the most rip-roaring involvement. That is why we will head off to an unusual track that doesn't appear on the map, succeeding in leaving the Tri An ferry.

Then, it must cost you no guess to find out our first day's excursion is nowhere else but the Nam Cat Tien National Park.

The good thing to hear is: The greatest signature dishes will be served in meals with chilling beers throughout such a long journey.

What about at night? The jungle's animal sounds helping you unwind will make a scene just like the treasured lifelong moment has arrived right in front of you!

Appreciating the river and jungle the next day, Riverside lodging shall also work wonders for your relaxation.

Nam Cat Tien National Park By Motorbike
Sunset on Tri An lake

Day 2: Nam Cat Tien National Park To Saigon Motorbike Tour

After a hurried breakfast, we shall go on the motorbike ride Nam Cat Tien to continue the expedition and start a wonderful new day. 

Wild animal sounds from the forest make your morning better. Around Nam Cat Tien, there is a combination of muddy trails, gravel roads, and rocky terrain.

We'll keep on after overcoming these little mind-bending challenges and cross Tri An Lake on our way back to Saigon. 

Getting inspired to ride further into the South is surely inevitable after this brief journey. With all the enjoyable flavors of tropical forest, dusty pathways, and untamed threats, the craving can only increase!

Just like that, we shall auspiciously get to Saigon by 5.30 p.m or less.

Nam Cat Tien National Park view from above, Dong Nai, Vietnam.

How To Get To Nam Cat Tien National Park?

When it comes to transportation that delivers visitors to this place of interest, there are several to take into consideration. To name a few, the list includes buses, taxis, and of course, the majority's number one choice - motorbikes.

Each has its own advantage. As for the bus, the price ranges vary depending on numerous factors, but roughly 5 hours sitting (or lying) tight may be a constant you will meet no matter what.

If you are more in need of a private or merely seek a comfortable traveling experience, we recommend a four-seater taxi to be your best bet. It could cost a decent fortune compared to the first option, but what can we say? You get what you pay for!

Last but not least, here goes our favorite, the motorbike. We could not say enough good things about it. With the cost next to nothing and only from an hour to an hour and a half taken to wind up at your desired spot, you can no way derive a better option than that!

What To Do In Nam Cat Tien National Park?

Simply going on an eco-tourism tour and wandering to behold the Earth's heart-stirring spectacle may already sound ideal for nature lovers, but the revel does not rush to take a halt.

Aside from that, there are also plenty of intriguing pleasures to participate in. 

Ranging from paying a visit to the crocodile lake, Bau Sau; motorbiking across the beautiful narrow roads in the forest, being a guest of Dao Tien, the fairy island in the middle of the river; to joining in the local ethnic habitat, Ta Lai village; they are all those magnificent activities for you to become part of!

View on crocodile lake in the jungle of cat Tien national park in Vietnam

Local Food To Taste In Nam Cat Tien

In Nam Cat Tien National Park, light refreshments are a must for you to take along since the area does not feature many high-profile restaurants to meet the tourists' demands. 

Saying so doesn't mean there is nothing worth your shot. On the contrary, the three considerable local dishes below will somehow blow your mind whenever you recall them from memory!

Our recommendation first lies nowhere but a hot pot of Nam Cat Tien - the upshot of fresh forest vegetables and river fishes. The second name is Canh Luc Binh, a so-called Hyacinth soup, a soup made from Luc Binh's body and flowers. Last in order is perch and snake-head fishes, a bony yet delectable dish to have a stab at.   

The Bottom Line 

Above is a brief introduction about our wonderful 2-day tour to Nam Cat Tien National Park by motorbike and what this breathtaking location features to offer your fella tourists.

With all the hits coming on the way, no wonder why this place has become so sought-after in the tourism community. Now, hesitate no more but let's get yourself ready for a whole new touchstone upcoming!

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