Book a tour: Nong Khiaw By Motorbike – Explore Fascinating Lao Northern Yourself!

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If you get a chance to come to Laos, do not miss the chance to take Nong Khiaw By Motorbike tour! This fantastic trip promises to bring many interesting experiences to travelers. Read on for all info on Nong Khiaw By Motorbike Tours!

Nong Khiaw By Motorbike - Explore Fascinating Lao Northern Yourself!
Girl with green shirt sitting on a rock on top of a mountain watching the beautiful scenery of the backcountry of Nong Khiaw, Laos. Location: Viewpoint in Nong Khiaw.

What To Expect From Nong Khiaw Motorbike Tours?


As one of the most popular Laos motorbike tours, this trip gives you a chance to explore the brilliant beauty of Northern Laos by motorbike. 

As this motorbike trip is a self-driving motorbike, you must check on full motor combos from an intimated vehicle, protective gear, and a full gas supply on the road. 

It is suggested that you learn about the local culture and geography before starting the trip. You will take a trip from Hanoi to Nong Khiaw through Mai Chau and Son La in VietNam, then Muang Mai, Muang La, and Oudomxay in Northern Laos

This trip highlights gorgeous mountain scenery, stunning villages on the roads, historical places, rustic countryside, many interesting experiences crossing the VietNam-Laos borderline, etc.

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River view of world heritage site, Luang Prabang, Laos.
River view of world heritage site, Luang Prabang, Laos.

Day 1: Ha Noi – Mai Chau

Kick off the motorbike journey with about 160km driving from Hanoi to Mai Chau through capital heavy traffic. Start your motorbike trip at 8:30 A.M, and head in the western direction to reach Mai Chau - our first beautiful destination.

Vent out to Highway 6 and admire immense paddy field lines with three rows. Mai Chau is famous for its boundless valley and sky-reaching cliffs with international and local travelers. There are also many bustling villages for you to visit with rustic local dishes and hospitable people.

You can have lunch in Hoa Binh province, then head to the next lovely place of valley settlement - Mai Chau through Thung Khe passes. 

Enjoy your dinner and try some rice wine - special wine fermented from rice. After that, you can rest and recharge for the next day at a homestay or a house on stilts - a symbol of the Thai people.

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Dirtbike trip to Mai Chau valley

Day 2: Mai Chau – Phu Yen

Leave the bed in the early morning and have breakfast in Mai Chau. You will surely love the fresh air here. After visiting the village one more time, we can depart at 9.30 A.M to be in time for lunch in Moc Chau.

After lunch, you can comfortably go to tourist attractions such as plum and peach blossom fields. The weather here is also quite cool and pleasant, which is suitable for walking or driving to enjoy the scenery and shopping in the residential village.

Following that, head to road 43 to reach the Da River. Crossing the river by embarking on a boat at Van Yen dock. 

Now, check-in at Phu Yen - which is located east of Son La province, and enjoy the vast fields and unspoiled landscapes.

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Phu Yen by motorbike, Northwest Vietnam

Day 3: Phu Yen – Son La 

Head to Road 37, and cross the zigzag hills to enjoy the sweetness of the sugarcane forest in the Son La plateau. You will have a chance to visit the Old French prison after having a mid-day recharge with lunch in Son La City.

This prison has imprisoned and tortured no less than a thousand Vietnamese people and is granted the name "Hell on Earth", which was begone after a fierce bomb battle by the US army.

Although the prison has been partially restored, most of the historical traces are kept intact to preserve the most original historical footprints for tourists.

You can spend the night in Son La to set aside the exciting fourth day of sightseeing and prepare for the awaiting 4th day.

Son La prison
Son La prison

Day 4: Son La – Pha Din

Good morning and farewell Son La. We will crack the whip into a journey to Pha Din Pass. Along the road of Pha Din pass are villages on winding bends of the Black Thai people.

This 30km pass road connects Son La and Dien Bien provinces. In fact, it is a great place to see the amazing endless sky of Son La and the majestic mountains of Dien Bien.

Travelers normally choose to have dinner at a local restaurant along the way after completing the pass. Coming to Dien Bien Phu City, you will be stunned by its rich historical treasure.

Muong Thanh Bridge, War Museum, and A1 hill are in town. They all contain traces of heroic battles and preserve historical artifacts during the period of resistance against the French.

The winding road of Pha Din pass attracts the attention of bikers.

Day 5: Pha Din – Muang Mai

Prepare yourself with a full-tasting breakfast to boost your day up due to the energy-demanding of passing a long way with 140km of distance. 

The first 30km driving from Dien Bien Phu City is to complete some legal documents when passing the Tay Trang border gate and entering Laos.

Once completed, drive along the Muang Mai riverside to enjoy fresh nature and charming villages in Northern Laos.

You can also learn about the life of people here and immerse yourself in the picturesque riverside, which is especially beautiful at night.

You can stop by a guest-house or homestay to rest and recuperate for your next motorbike journey deeper into Laos.

Tay Trang, Dien Bien, Vietnam - Mar 18 2019- TAY TRANG INTERNATIONAL BORDER GATE is a major border crossing between Vietnam and Laos.

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Day 6: Muang Mai - Muang La

Another day with a long journey, estimated at 160km and 60km off-road. The next stop is Muang La, a spectacular rural scenery. The attractive town is packed with blue rivers, tranquil farmland, and green-covering forest mountain.

In addition, Muang La is also famous for its hot springs and village of indigenous people. Let's grab the chance to learn about Akha minor tribal culture and tradition, especially weaving fabric you won't regret.

Last stop in Oudomxay. You will discover many ethnicities in Muang Xay town, a unique town with a dynamic multi-ethnic feature that creates more uniqueness to this city than anywhere else.

Free to take a rest after a whole day of wandering. You can choose a suitable homestay for sleep and charge your mind for the final day of this Laos motorbike holiday. 

Wat Sing Kham Temple, Muang La, Laos. 12/04/2014. Buddha novices resting in their dormitory after prayers.

Day 7: Muang La – Nong Khiaw

Say goodbye to Oudomxay. We will follow a winding road to Nong Khiaw. If you are a nature-holic and have an adventurous soul, this will be a great place to visit compared to centers like Luang Prabang and Vientiane.

The next place is Pa Thok Caves, an out-of-blue stone located in the middle of the deep forest. This is also a historical trace of the Indochina War.

If you want to stop by this breathtaking scenery, go upward for an hour from the town, and you will see Muang Ngoi. This isolated village is only available for entering by boat and doesn't leave a trait of modernity. 

Mountains in Laos,view from Nong Khiaw village viewpoint

In Conclusion 

Nong Khiaw By Motorbike Tours will not disappoint any travelers who love adventure and traveling. This is a great chance to create an experiential journey. 

Hope this article helps you prepare better and have more knowledge to start a thrilling trip soon! Stay tuned for our next post!

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