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An exciting and stimulating Vietnam motorbike trip is suitable for those who have a flexible schedule and desire to visit many places along the way. However, long-distance motorbike driving needs careful preparation and abundant experience in motorbike driving trips.
So, how to enjoy the Nui Chua Motorbike routes, Phan Rang to Cam Ranh trip to the fullest? What to notice along the way? Read to the end of this article to get the full answer and collection of information.

Ninh Thuan, Vietnam
Aerial view of Binh Hung island and road from Cam Ranh to Phan Rang, Ninh Thuan, Vietnam

About Nui Chua Motorbike Routes

A combination of bright sunshine and breeze wind with a breathtaking itinerary, the Central Coast in Viet Nam is an amusing destination for travel, especially traveling by motorbike.

Nui Chua is a rugged peninsula in the middle of the East Sea and stays on the road from Phan Rang to Cam Ranh. The road to the peninsula is still relatively intact. Still, the new winding roads leading to beaches and relative areas around the island have created a great attraction for this area. 

Do not miss the Nui Chua motorbike road through Phan Rang and Cam Ranh if you want to travel and enjoy the beautiful scenery in Vietnam along HCM road. Let's explore the Nui Chua Routes in Phan Rang to Cam Ranh motorbike trip below.

Phan Rang,Ninh Thuan
Early at Hon Thien fishing wharf, Phan Rang.Picture taken in May 2018 in Phan Rang,Ninh Thuan

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What To Enjoy From Nui Chua Motorbike Routes, Phan Rang To Cam Ranh?

Road trip details:

  • Total Distance: 55km
  • Duration: 1-3 days
  • Route: Follow the Nui Chua coastal road from Phan Rang to Cam Ranh 
  • Road Conditions: magnificent new coastal roads, open traffic
  • Landscape: beaches, mountains, forests, ports, fishing harbors.
  • Motorbike: Prepare independently; good suggestions include all-rounded motors such as Honda, Yamaha, or Harley Davidson.
 Cam Ranh town, Khanh Hoa, Vietnam.
Aerial view of DT6571 road from Nha Trang city to Cam Ranh town, Khanh Hoa, Vietnam.

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Ninh Chu Bay 

As a beginning point of motorbike touring along Nui Chua routes, this is a beautiful nightlife beach in Nha Trang that gets minimal attention. You can stay in bungalows, resorts, beach clubs, bars, etc. There are many camping activities, entertainment, and stress relief with a stunning night view of the beach.

Yen Ninh Street's end is a new bridge leading to a fishing harbor at a splendid lagoon. You will come over to Ninh Chu Bay to continue the Nui Chua coastal road, also known as DDT702.

Viet Nam, Ngu Thuy Bac - May 16, 2019: lonely fishing boats on sand beach.

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Mui Dinh Promontory

Forward the coast for 10km is a gorgeous view behind Ninh Chu Bay and Mui Dinh cliffs. North of the road is immense salt fields drying in the hot Central sun with rocky mountains as the background.

The boats are thickly moored near the shore during the day, preparing for endless sea hunts all night. The nets from the previous night are often brought to factories with the characteristic smell of fish sauce.

NINH THUAN,VIETNAM, -APRIL 19, 2019:Locals people swimming in the sea, near Saigon Ninh Chu Resort on Phan Rang Beach, Ninh Thuan, Vietnam

Nui Chua National Park

The road continues 20km to the north is Nui Chua National Park. It's appealing that everything is gradually getting more agricultural. Forests and fishing areas are sparser, replaced by rice fields and farmers.

There may appear some heavy dirt roads followed by concrete roads. This way leads to striking beaches behind the immense dunes and wild trees growing along the coast.

The scenic road is great for taking photos or selfies due to the double-side of the pompous wild jungle and a lovely windy beach.

Ninh Thuan Province, Viet Nam
Ninh Thuan Province, Viet Nam - April 16, 2016: Sunrise over young man fishing on large coral rocks at Nui Chua national park, one of amazing landscape in Vietnam, masterpiece place for travel.

Vinh Hy Bay

Over the next road, after climbing Nui Chua, we arrived at Vinh Hy Bay, a beautiful puddle surrounded by two mountain ranges of Nui Chua. 

This place is a paradise for anchor boats and your Nui Chua coast road stop due to serving lunch and getting passing sightseeing at this alluring place.

You can experience the unique glass-bottom boat to visit the small dunes and unique coral reefs if you have time. Pay a visit to villages and settlements by following the side streets behind the Bay.

Stop by Vinh Hy - a place to linger to eat and rest. You can choose your favorite seafood to order at the resort to cook it up. There will be street foods on the southern roadside of the Bay. Walking at sunrise and sunset while sipping snacks is marvelous.

Vinh Hy Bay, Ninh Thuan Province, Vietnam
Vinh Hy Bay, Ninh Thuan Province, Vietnam - January 17, 2021: Vietnamese woman working as a net mending worker in Vinh Hy Bay, Ninh Thuan Province, Vietnam

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Binh Hung Island

As the road continues along the coast, you will encounter grand Binh Hung Island. Though this area is restricted for foreign visitors because of military restrictions and the trouble of hawker hassling, these restrictions are still being gradually alleviated and lifted.

There is an exquisite beach with jade-like transparent flows from the ravine - this is striking scenery! It would be great to walk on the bridges that run along this charming natural landscape. Yet, beware of trash trapped in the corner can affect the monetary view.

It's a real deal to find fresh and clean swimming water on those seasides of Vietnam. If you want to take a shower, then Binh Hung Island is a great place to do it and snap a bunch of summer photos.

Khanh Hoa province, Vietnam
Binh Hung Island is one of the famous tourist attractions of Khanh Hoa province, Vietnam

Cam Lap Promontory

Driving along the sea for a few hundred meters, you will turn right where plants plenty of signposts. Do a turn, and you will continue to enjoy the scenery of the clear blue sea and deep sky, white sand, and glowing sunshine. 

There are also tourist-friendly fishing villages and sheltered rocky bays for those who want to rest. Cam Lap also has plantations of fresh fruit trees and small casual eateries with all kinds of great seafood.

After getting your belly full of that delicious food, you also have the option of fully furnished dormitory rooms by the sea. 

Camping is available, and you can spend the night right on the sea to experience the fullest nightlife on the beach.

Binh Ba, NhaTrang province, VietNam
Wood basket on the beach and view to small island at Binh Ba, NhaTrang province, VietNam, June 2016

Cam Ranh Bay

From the turn at Cam Lap, head to the Western. Next, exit the Nui Chua National Park then follow Vinh Cam Ranh road to enter National Highway QL1A.

If you want to enjoy Nha Trang party city, turn right on the highway leading to Nha Trang (about 65km). Otherwise, you can turn left to the south to enter the highway leading to Phan Rang (about 35km) if you miss the scenery of Phan Rang beach.

A shortcut will bring you to Phan Rang instantaneously in the west direction, which enters both the Cai River Road and the Burnt Road. This is a winding road with poetic scenery passing through Cam Ranh.

Khanh Hoa province, Cam Ranh Bay
Beautiful photo of happy young caucasian couple in Cam Lap promontory - island in Cam Ranh, Vietnam. Khanh Hoa province, Cam Ranh Bay


This motorbike trip is great for those who love Motorbike Adventures. Riding a motorbike a long distance on Nui Chua Motorbike routes, Phan Rang to Cam Ranh trip and you will thank yourself for not missing this trip.

Now, pack your stuff and get ready for this trip! Follow us for more interesting Vietnam motorbike travel posts! Hit us up at:

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