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If you expect an unexpected youthful journey, a Saigon Motorcycle Trip to Hoi An will not let you down. You should be able to check all the spectacular countryside in the High Central of VietNam. We will drop by a chain of superb views on the way, such as waterfalls, tea/ coffee plantations, lakes, and forests.
Let's dive right into it with our detailed itinerary for this upcoming exploration!

Saigon Motorcycle Trip
The Hai Van Pass, Da Nang, Vietnam. A beautiful road to drive by motorbike, very nice curves, turns and awesome view. Aerial view.

9 Days of Saigon Motorcycle Trip

Day 1. SAIGON - DONG XOAI Motorbike Route

Distance: 170 KM

Include: lunch, dinner

We will kick off our first day on the Ho Chi Minh Trail motorbike tour in Saigon. We will soon head to see the marvelous Cu Chi tunnels, made by the combination of tremendous underground tunnels linking the north to west of Ho Chi Minh City. There is a stop to see how locals make rice wine and rice paper.

We will hop on the way of cashew nuts and visit some rural rubber tree plantations. By the end of the day, we should arrive at the Thanh Sang Hotel in Dong Xoai.

Cu Chi tunnels, HCMC
HO CHI MINH, VIETNAM - MAY 19, 2014: Visitor and Cu Chi tunnels in Vietnam. The Cu Chi tunnels were the location of several military campaigns during the Vietnam War.

Day 2. DONG XOAI - DI LINH Motorbike Tour

Distance: 195 KM

Include: breakfast, lunch, and dinner

When breakfast is done, we hit the county road at around 8.00 am. Our motorbike ride says goodbye to the cashew nut to ride on Highway 20. 

You will take part in a crocodile park and go for an exhilarating trek to a rock cave. Be sure that you don't fear heights to join the cave lifting 10 kilometers on the mountain pass and enjoy the views of mountains over mountains down there.

Our next stop is Dambri Waterfall, with a height of up to 90m, seeing how magnificent it is before reaching Di Linh. Stay a night over there at Nhat Minh Hotel.

Di Linh, Vietnam
Dambri waterfall in sunny day, Vietnam

Day 3. DI LINH - DA LAT Motorcycle Trip

Distance: 205 KM ( breakfast, lunch, and dinner included)

Pack your backpack for our next destination to the Chicken minority tribe. We will take a little while to observe their culture, customs, and tradition, then continue our motorcycle journey to the mountains. Drop by a mushroom farm on our way to Da Lat. 

Before entering Paradise Lake, you can see the tranquil Datanla Waterfall and immerse yourself in nature. From there, you have a chance to witness one of the biggest meditation landscapes in the country.

A famous tourist attraction is waving at you at the end point, Da lat city - "le petit Paris'' of Viet Nam. Spend the rest of the day seeing the scenic Crazy House. When the night falls, stop at Les Sapins Hotel for a rest. 

Dalat, Central Highland Vietnam
Central highland Vietnam Dirtbike Tour

Day 4. DA LAT - LAK LAKE Motorbike Route

Distance: 160 KM

Today's schedule for our motorbike touring Da Lat is quite hectic yet full of fun activities. First, we encounter the Dragon Pagoda and the Lat ethnic minority community. Then, we join the leader for his tour village introduction, stop by his gong music show and have a taste of the local wine.

You may soon trek down a Dalat farm growing a variety of plants: vegetables, mushrooms, flowers, fruits, and tea. There are numerous places you should visit next, including a greenhouse, a coffee plantation, a silk village, and the Elephant Waterfall.

Arriving at Lak Lake to glance at Jun minority village, joining some unique and lively traditions there. For tonight's plan, we will spend it with M'Nong ethnic people staying at a homestay.

Lak Lake, Buon Me Thuot
Panorama of a Lak lake at sunrise

Day 5. LAK LAKE - BUON ME THUOT CITY Motorbike tour

Distance: 140 KM

You can see the splendid views from the top of Elephant Rock Mountain when trekking for half an hour there. Afterward, we take place for the next ride over peaceful paddy fields. 

Before reaching Buon Me Thuot city, you will encounter numerous well-known places, including Dray Sap, Gia Long falls, and the Dray Nur falls.

Take a rest in a park and have a bath to be ready for our amazing national park discovery later. We will catch Buon Me Thuot and stay the night there.

Pleiku City, Gia Lai province, Vietnam - April 29, 2019: asphalt road through the town and clouds on blue sky in summer day


Distance: 195 KM

On the way to Ho Chi Minh Trail, we'll have some moments to see how marvelous the monument from the Civil war was. It is also enchanting to observe wealthy rubber and pepper plantations. This is one of the facets making this tour one of the best Vietnam motorbike tours.

Next, a place named Sea Lake will surprise you with a quiet lake and pine tree forest. Let yourself get lost in such a scenic landscape and atmosphere. Or try to have fun activities there with swimming and kayaking.

Forest pine trees Pleiku, Vietnam.

Day 7. PLEI KU - KON TUM Motorbike Tour

Distance: 140 KM

A long run of 80 km to the east poses as our challenge for this morning, and the destination is Mang Den town. It will not disappoint you with waterfalls and lakes of the jungle. 

After that, Ba Na ethnic minority people will welcome you to their traditional communal Rong house. Then, you can continue to ride back to Kon Tum and stop to visit an ancient church where orphanage children live.

Rest a night over at local Hotel

PLEI KU - KON TUM Motorbike Tour
Rong house in Bahnar villages in Highland Vietnam. The Rong is used as a venue for festivals and village meetings, is the communal house of villages of the Bahnar, Jarai and other ethnic minorities.

Day 8. KONTUM - KHAM DUC Motorcycle Route

Distance: 170 KM

Leaving Kon Tum to nail at Dakto village for a visit to a cruel battle in the American War. Once again, we will have a chance to meet the Trying tribe, an ethnic minority, and have an amusing challenge to pass. 

To be more specific, you must ride across their small hanging bridge! Saying goodbye to the hill tribe people, you will head to Dak Ha hot spring and swim there in the warm and cozy spring waters. 

Check in at a local Hotel for an overnight stay.

KONTUM - KHAM DUC Motorcycle Route
KON TUM, VIET NAM, June 4, 2017 Group of children, ethnic Ede, central highlands, Kon Tum province, Vietnam. Collectively, rice bag, cow herd, on the way home

Day 9. KHAM DUC - HOI AN: The End Of Saigon Motorbike Tour

Distance: 161 KM

For the final ride to Hoi An, we trek on Highway 14E. We will soon transcend to Thu Bon River, My Son, and the Champa Kingdom.

Eventually, we can arrive in Hoi An in the evening, and our trip should be successfully finished!

Hoi An, Vietnam,
Hoi An, Vietnam, October 30, 2021: Three men in a fishing boat moored in the Duy Hai fishing port. Thu Bon river mouth. Hoi An, Vietnam


With our Saigon Motorcycle Trip, we hope you have the most fruitful and amazing memories of your life. It is confident that our itineraries and services are all well-thought-out, expecting to bring you the most comfortable and once-a-life-time experience!

The next review of Motorcycle is a whole different surprise. Stay tuned to catch up with us!

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