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My travel buddy and I had already heard of the irresistible beauty of Sapa when we came to Vietnam. Sapa is a hidden gem from the hustle and bustle of urban life, offering a perfect getaway for many.
We decided to visit the land completely by motorcycling to explore every nook and cranny of the unique Vietnamese culture and get a strong taste of life there. Let’s plunge into our Sapa motorbike tours!

Sapa Motorbike Tours
Stunning Rice Terraces in Mu Cang Chai, Yen Bai

Sapa Motorbike Tours - Itinerary

Day 1: Hanoi to Thanh Hoa Motorbike Tours (Pu Luong - Ba Thuoc)

We were too eager to explore Sapa that right after breakfast, my friend and I hopped on our motorbikes to ride down the Red River dike. Bamboo trees, fruit orchards, duck ponds, enormous rice fields, and local markets really satisfied our wonders. 

Tropical rainforest covers the Pu Luong limestone mountains, extending from Mai Chau north to Cuc Phuong national park south. This is truly a treat for nature lovers on your first day of sightseeing. 

Estimated distance: 185 km   

Hanoi to Thanh Hoa Motorbike Tours (Pu Luong - Ba Thuoc)
Scenic Ride To Mai Chau- Pu Luong

Day 2: Mai Chau & Moc Chau to Son La (Pu Luong - Bac Yen) Motorcycle Tours

The highlight of our second day on our Sapa motorcycle tours was the Bac Yen district. This is home to Ta Xua Dinosaur Spine, popularly known as the Northwest’s cloud ocean (Son La) that is all the rage on nature traveling these days in Vietnam. 

Beautiful as it is, the route to Ta Xua remains a challenge for most bikers. You may struggle to cross the tight, rugged trail that leads to the spot. But once you reach the top, the breathtaking scenery will make it all worth it. The white cotton clouds are a feast to the eye if you get up early enough to catch the sunrise. 

Luckily, we were blessed to behold that majestic scene when the very first light ray cut through the fluffy cotton candies and bewitched our naked eyes with its enchantment.

Estimated distance: 170 km 

Mai Chau & Moc Chau to Son La (Pu Luong - Bac Yen) Motorcycle Tours
Riding To The Top Of Ta Xua Peak

Day 3: Ta Xua to Mu Cang Chai Motorbike Tours

We made the mistake of thinking all the beauty Sapa offers has been revealed to us until we reach Mu Cang Chai - one of the most stunning gems in the North region. 

Gorgeous rice terraces span across Mu Cang Chai, leaning against the surrounding green woodlands. In June and July, when you arrive, everywhere is painted verdant green in the mountainous district. With fresh air and breathtaking natural greenery, Mu Cang Chai is absolutely a highlight of our trip.

Interesting fact: The terraced fields were recognized as a national heritage by the Vietnamese Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism in 2007.

Estimated distance: 210 km 

Ta Xua to Mu Cang Chai Motorbike Tours
MU CANG CHAI, VIETNAM, SEPT 20: H'mong ethnic minority children on September 20, 2014 in Mu Cang Chai, Vietnam. H'mong is the 8th largest ethnic group in Vietnam.

Day 4: Mu Cang Chai to Y Ty Motorbike Ride 

To get to the Fansipan Mountain range, you can travel by motorbike or cross several rivers from Binh Lu to Tram Ton Pass.

Y Ty is located 2000 meters above sea level, wrapped in a cloud and fog ocean all year long. We were under the impression that Y Ty would never fail to amaze us no matter how many times we came back here. It has the most distinctive customs of the indigenous minority in Vietnam’s hilly Northwest. Today could be the best motorcycle touring in Vietnam.

Estimated distance: 210 km 

Top of Sapa Heaven Gate ( Tram Ton Pass or O Qui Ho Pass )

Day 5: Y Ty Motorbike Route

As we hiked up Lung Po flag tower and passed by A Lu and Ngai Thau, the Red River came into view. Riding to Sapa Valley through Lao Cai Province is one of the most amazing rides we’ve ever been on.

Motorbike tours Sapa are worth taking a shot, where the northwest location makes it very easy to reach the China border. It is also home to magnificent mountain scenery, lush rice terraces, and distinctive stilt communities.

Estimated distance: 110 km 

Y Ty Motorbike Route
Y Ty village, Sapa, Lao Cai, Vietnam near by Chinese border

Day 6: Sapa to Yen Bai Motorcycle Trip, Thac Ba lake

We went down Sapa to Lao Cai’s city and stopped to enjoy a cup of java by the peaceful Nam Thi River, which separates China and Vietnam. Then, we headed to Vu Linh - where the Dao ethnic minority resides. This village is located by Thac Ba lake’s side, the biggest artificial lake encountered in our Vietnam motorbike tours.

Thac Ba Lake is a must-visit spot on your motorcycle trips to Northwest Vietnam. We were excited to sit on a boat, looking at the riverbanks and reflected forests in the water before approaching an island. 

Then, the Dao local community unfolded in front of our eyes: Magnificent and full of life.

Estimated distance: 200 km

Sapa to Yen Bai Motorcycle Trip
Swimming On Beautiful Thac Ba lake, Vu Linh village, Yen Bai

Day 7: Vu Linh Village to Hanoi Motorcycle Tours

Already sorrowful for having to leave Sapa, we were determined to make the most out of our last day there. 

After breakfast, we headed southeast on Highway 2 to Phu Tho province. The flamboyant cultures in Phu Tho, one typical of the mountainous areas in the north of Vietnam, caught our attention. Son Vi, Dong Dau, Lang Ca, and other historical sights are already on the list for our next visit.

Tracing the Red River's course alongside the dike until it met the Black River, we then reached Hanoi by crossing the Black River Bridge before rush hour (around 4 PM). That was how our Vietnam motorbike tours stretched over 11 attraction spots to cover all the unspoiled charm of the country’s Northwest.

Estimated distance: 180 km

Sunset on Thac Ba lake

Final Thoughts

Sapa is truly a place of wonders whether you’re new to motorbike trips or enjoy natural sightseeing. We regret nothing in our Sapa motorbike tours - we only wish it’d lasted longer!

Are you filled with adrenaline yet? The mysterious Sapa and its cloud ocean are awaiting!

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