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Short Northwest Vietnam Motorbike Tour 3 Days. Everyone only has one youth, so take advantage of it by traveling and meeting people from all over the world to experience all emotions and gain new life experiences. Nothing compares to visiting unusual, beautiful, and lyrical locations and leaving a lasting impression. Consider taking a Vietnam Motorbike Tour . And it's possible that this is the most effective way to keep your youth forever green. “Northern Vietnam” is a term that refers to a broad part of the nation that is between the northwest and northeast, whereas “Vietnam North Motorcycle Tours” is merely a word that implies that our motorcycle tours mostly take place in this area.

From Hanoi, this is one of our finest short motorbike tours in Vietnam. This motorbike journey is designed for individuals who don't have a lot of time in Vietnam but yet want to explore the genuine Vietnam, including traditional villages, stunning mountain passes, and rural towns.... Short Northwest Vietnam Motorbike Tour - 3 Days is a nice mix of adventurous exploration and learning about Vietnamese culture.

Highlights Of Short Northwest Vietnam Motorbike Tour 3 Days

This excursion will take you to a number of well-known tourist destinations in Vietnam's north. The tour will take three days and visit the following locations: Hanoi - Phu Yen - Moc Chau - Mai Chau - Hoa Binh - Ho CHi Minh road - Back to Hanoi.

Unlike the Hanoi motorcycle tours that only go around the inner city of Hanoi as well as the suburbs, this trip will help you discover more about the nature and people of Vietnam.

Detailed Tour

Day 1: Hanoi - Phu Yen (distance 180km) 

Short Northwest Vietnam Motorbike Tour 3 Days

Begin your unique motorcycle tour in northern Vietnam with a quick ride to Phu Yen. We begin our motorcycle tours on the suburbs of Hanoi, aiming to stay on a calm and tiny route for as long as possible to avoid heavy traffic. After a 2-hour ride, we'll be in the mountains, with rural roads winding through lush rice and tea plantations. After traveling through a short section of Ba Vi National Park, we stop for lunch at Thu Cuc, a little village. 

At around 4.30 p.m., we arrive at Phu Yen town. Take a brief walk about the calm town after you've checked into your accommodation. 

Stay the night at the Phu Yen Hotel.

Day 2: From Phu Yen to Mai Chau valley (160 km)

Short Northwest Vietnam Motorbike Tour 3 Days

We'll go on another short and fun motorbike tour in Vietnam's mountainous region after breakfast at the hotel. After leaving town, we'll ride down the Da River on a meandering route until we reach the Da River Wharf. Place all of the bikes on the boat and embark on a fantastic ride on the opposite bank of the river. From 300 meters to 1000 meters above sea level, we'll go all the way up.

This motorbike excursion in northern Vietnam will provide you with plenty of magnificent mountain vistas. We'll have lunch on the Moc Chau plateau. After that, we'll embark on a fantastic Vietnam motorcycle journey down a lost French route from the 1920s. The road provides us with several scenic vistas as well as numerous opportunities to interact with colorful and joyful ethnic people. Short Northwest Vietnam Motorbike Tour 3 Days. We'll arrive in Mai Chau about 4 p.m. and spend the rest of the day walking around the villages of white Thai people who live in stilted buildings, or walking through a rice field to observe how the locals live and learn how to plant or harvest rice.

And we stay overnight at Mai Chau

Day 3: Riding Back to Hanoi (200km)

Returning to Hanoi from Mai Chau is possible in a variety of ways. However, rather than returning to the old road, we opted to use the Ho Chi Minh trail. Promise you a new sensation in one of Vietnam's most renowned streets - Ho Chi Minh trail motorcycle tours.

Some well-known locations on our company's Short Northwest Vietnam Motorbike Tour - 3 Days are listed above. These places are ideal for those who enjoy adventure, as well as an unspoiled environment and a diverse culture. The scenery in this area is ideal for your adventurous outings. For more information or to book a tour to conquer the land, please visit our website Have a fantastic journey!

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Short Northwest Vietnam Motorbike Tour - 3 Days

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