Motorcycle Rides: Risky but many other hobby

motorcycle rides

Motorcycle Rides are known as a risky game for everyone but people love it and still want to try it to experience the fast and adventurous it bring to

Advantages and Disadvantages of Motorcycle Rides

Advantages and Disadvantages of Motorcycle Rides
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Rainy days make riding pretty difficult. Imagine this scenario. The road is slippery and wipers wonít work plus the rain blurring your vision. The controls on your bike get soaking wet. What an agony!

Certainly, rainy weather invites preposterous outcomes. Your foot can slip off the pedal. Your finger can slide down the clutch lever. Thus, your control over the bike is affected.

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Top view of Rice terraced fields on Mu Cang Chai District, YenBai province, Northwest Vietnam


The inconvenience is a bit lesser when traveling in a windy condition. When strong crosswinds attack, biker must swerve to compensate for it. Wind may cause a serious risk to the rider. Add in oil spillage. Now you can triple the risk.

The best weather condition to drive is sunny when the sun is permissive. Although said condition may leave you copiously sweating, it is still the best weather condition. Limited risks mean adventure and enjoyment. All you have to do is ride and enjoy! Great possibilities are just ahead of you!

Risky element of Motorcycle Rides


Aside from weather, a rider must consider the risk management. What does it mean? Simply, risk management is understanding and circumventing risks. In order to do so, the rider must know the ins and outs of riding ñ the physical, environmental and vehicular limitations.

Risk management may be manifested by using quality motorcycle apparel, parts and having proper training in driving. Moreover, riders who practices risk management are less likely to experience collision. As a result, they enjoy a hassle-free ride.

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Dirt trail riding in northern Vietnam

There are three steps involve in risk management. The first step is to acknowledge the existence of risks. Damage to property as well as injuries and fatalities to persons can be the results of poor driving.

The second step is to assist said risks. This is a learned skill. Newbies might be groping when it comes to assessment skills. Thus, they have to exert more effort to increase their skills. Using protective gears is a manifestation of good assessment.

The last step is risk recognition. A rider cannot avoid a risk if did he not recognize it first. There are two kinds of risks ñ the subjective and objective.

Subjective risks involve those which are inherent in a rider ís attitude. Objective risks, on the other hand, are brought about by environment, road and vehicle conditions.

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Risk management should be a natural effect of riding and it must be uphold all the time.

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