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Riding In Vietnam


What gear to bring when riding in Vietnam? Traveling by motorbike will be a greater and more enjoyable experience if you travel lightly as possible! A small 100cc vehicle can help you carry a mountain of luggage to every corner of Vietnam. 

Yet, the more you carry, the more unstable and unsafe the motorbike will become. This heavy luggage will reduce its overall performance and reduce traveling enjoyment. You will risk your safety as well. Scroll down to get a detailed guideline! 

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How we tight luggage on the back of the bike for 12 day trip!

The Unknown About Motorbikes

Apparently, motorbikes are not necessarily big vehicles. They are designed according to the expected average weights of the drivers instead. For this reason, altering the overall weight dramatically changes its performance.

The adventure pictures showing motorbikes with camping gear, hard boxes, and a rugged-looking man are not hard to find in Vietnam. True motorbiking travelers should never bring that much. Instead, soft saddlebags and an attitude towards economical and light traveling are more welcoming.

Gear For A Long Journey

A trip around Vietnam lasts more than three months. No matter how long the trip is, some similar gear setups exist. Hotel cleaning services and recycling clothes make this possible. 

For a one-week trip or less, here are some essential items. They are three pairs of socks, one ADV pair of boots, one trainer for evening wear, four boxers, one pair of shorts, rain pants, ADV pants, motorbike shirts, a T-shirt, lightweight rain jacket, knee and elbow pads, and motocross gloves.

Depending on the season and weather conditions, you should bring suitable clothes to deal with the unexpected temperature fluctuations.

Gear For A Long Journey
Winter set for riding in Vietnam ( Jan to March Trips)

What Backpackers Wear

In Vietnam, most travelers choose sandals, T-shirts, and shorts as one of their favorite traveling outfits. An experienced motorbiker occasionally brings safety gear from home. Knee-high riding boots, riding pants, and kevlar jackets with armor are just a few.

Other things make the gear too heavy, sweaty, and hot to handle. You will find yourself more subdued.

What Backpackers Wear
Summer Ride Set

Decide The Holiday Style

The chosen vehicle model determines the amount of safety gear and necessary equipment for the journey. Most visitors refuse to drive fast and push boundaries. Yet, confident and adventure-seeking ones don’t stick to the plans.

Will you plod along at local speeds or challenge spectacular mountain roads for a great adrenaline pump? In the first scenario, a small 100cc scooter will turn you into a local rider. 

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This vehicle is lightweight and comfortable enough to handle at lower speeds. Yet, it will not allow you to drive more than 200 kilometers daily.

One hundred fifty cc medium vehicles, on the other hand, let you ride like a professional thanks to their speed and larger packaging capacity. For experienced riders, large motorcycles are a perfect choice. 

They carry more luggage and can handle any off-road easily. Prepare a quality full-face helmet for optimal comfort and safety. Don’t forget to bring proper rain gear.

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Motocross helmet, pants and jersey, gloves, boots! That’s all gears we need on the road!

Electronic Gear And Laptop Package


Laptops are considered too heavy for a motorbike journey like other electronic gear. Unless these modern mobile devices are needed for technical work, it would be better to leave them at home. Packaging them is difficult, and the latter maintenance is a much more uphill struggle.

General Electrical Gear

Don’t be surprised that your charger and random electrical items are heavy. It would be best to keep your cables tidy by sorting and simplifying them for easy use. 

There is no need to worry if you break something on the way. Electrical stores are prevalent along the way for a replacement.     

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Video Cameras

GoPro’s or video cameras are among the indispensable items for travelers, which capture the best moments. However, creating a story video after the journey and storing the data is challenging. 

Thus, if you have little experience with this technical item and video-making, you should put the cameras and GoPro away. Why not enjoy the journey the old-fashioned way without being distracted to capture everything through the lens?

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We always have gopro for each trip so you can bring home good videos of the tour to show up to your friends and family!

Rain Gear

Rain gear is always the hardest thing to get right during an adventure holiday. The flapping wind through the raincoat makes enjoyable and weird noises. However, there is a chance that it melts or on the exhaust or engine.

Cheap rain gear is also unbreathable, making it uncomfortable during the hot and humid Vietnam climate. For these reasons, let’s purchase and bring authentic breathable items to reduce all risks and ensure comfort.

Safety Gear


Without a shade of a doubt, helmets are always a must-have item in any motorbiking trip. A wide range of helmet types on the market has varied quality.

Investing in a high-quality helmet would be best to ensure your safety. A road full-face or dual sport ones are lightweight and safe enough to serve all traveling purposes.

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A Dual Sport Helmet with Gopro On


They are the second most crucial item after helmets. Having heavy motorbikes trap your legs at speeds is dangerous and painful. Yet, the worst part is the chance of a broken leg and ankle. Boots are essential to protect your legs from shrapnel and rocks along the way. 

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Riders with jersey and pants, boots! Ready to ride

Knee And Elbow Pads

There are two forms of knee and elbow pads. They are hard and soft forms with their unique pros and cons. Depending on the type of holiday you take, you should choose a suitable one.

Front, Back, And Elbow Protectors

Those items help you go the extra mile for safety. Consider the price, temperature, and weight to choose a suitable item.


An expensive pair of gloves can be too flashy for an adventure tour. Instead of this, focus on finding the one that can protect you from the handlebar grips’ wear and tear.


The list for traveling gear keeps going on. Jackets, coats, top half T-shirts, trousers, and socks are some of them. Overall, it is worth noting that heavy luggage doesn’t mean a fulfilling traveling experience.

Instead, minimize and keep everything as light as possible. Take note while reading this blog on what gear to bring when riding in Vietnam.

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