Thailand Motorbike Tours – 9 Amazing Days From Pattaya To Chiang Mai

Thailand Motorbike Tours


If you have a desperate passion for exploring new lands on your own, then never skip these Thailand motorbike tours. You will get the most brilliant adventure road riding for more than a week on a private motorcycle. 

Thailand Motorbike Tours - 9 Amazing Days From Pattaya To Chiang Mai thailand motorbike tours 2
Terraced Paddy Field, Mae-Jam Village, Chaingmai, Thailand

Join Thailand motorbike tours for a private and unique experience 

Khao Yai, Phetchabun, Phu Tub Berk, and Chiang Mai are famous destinations on our itinerary list. Not to mention Pai, we promise this would be the most desirable spot. This picturesque town will shock you with its paradise-alike view.

Are you getting excited now? We are indeed. Join us to start this astounding journey.

9-Day Thailand Motorbike Tours

Day 1: Pattaya To Khao Yai National Park Motorcycle Tour

On the first date of the motorbike tours in Thailand, you will depart to one of the most long-lived parks in Thailand – Khao Yai National Park. Recorded as Thailand’s third-largest park, this place is home to numerous wildlife animals. 

Hence, nature lovers would find diverse wild animals, such as gibbons, hornbills, and other rare types.  

Thailand Motorbike Tours - 9 Amazing Days From Pattaya To Chiang Mai thailand motorbike tours 3
Khao Yai National Park, Thailand

A natural picture of Khao Yai National Park

In addition, motorcycle visitors also admire the spectacular natural picture on the way here. Khao Yai park lies around 190 km away from Pattaya. You will certainly tear along the fresh air of the peaceful countryside.

Make a note of the 150m-tall waterfalls, attracting many local tourists. 

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Day 2: Khao Yai To Phetchabun Overnight Motorbike Route

We quickly finished breakfast early in the morning and hit the new road. 

From Khao Yai, the Motorbike Tours Thailand will offer you about 280km to the northern-central area of Phetchabun province.

Nestling in the Pa Sak River valley, Phetchabun emerges as a highlighted point for the two-sided ranges. So you will have a sense of returning to nature to enjoy the entire tranquility. 

Khao Yai National Park, Nakhon Ratchasima province, Thailand.
Scenic road in Khao Yai National Park, Nakhon Ratchasima province, Thailand.

Moreover, pay a visit to Si Thep Historical Park and Khao Kho National park. There are a lot of stimulating things there to enhance your experience. 

After a hard riding day, you will stay in this peaceful province overnight.

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Day 3:  Phetchabun – Phu Tub Berk – Khao Kho Motorcycle Trip

Pack up things and prepare well as you will climb up in a while. You will be riding approximately 97km to the tallest mountain of the Phetchabun – Phu Tub Berk, a height of almost 1,800m. 

The most interesting experience here is the elevation changes as you go up. Also, you will encounter several interesting curves and loops while enjoying the cooling air on the way up to higher. 

Thailand Motorbike Tours - 9 Amazing Days From Pattaya To Chiang Mai thailand motorbike tours 5
Aerial view of cars driving on curved, zigzag curve road or street on mountain hill with green natural forest trees in rural area of Phu Tub Berk, Phetchabun, Thailand.

Go camping at Phu Tub Berk – a very attracting activity

Besides, the cool weather offers residents excellent revenue from agriculture. They mainly grow cabbage and temperate fruits which you can easily spot along the road. 

As the visit ends, you will move on to rest overnight at Khao Kho, where you will feel like flying in the sky and surrounded by clouds.

Day 4: Khao Kho To Mae Sot Burmese Border Motorbike Trip

In the middle of the motorcycle tours in Thailand, we will move to the border town Mae Sot of the neighboring country – Myanmar.

After breakfast, crank up the motorcycle engine and burn rubber. This adventure lasts around 344km long to the destination.

On the way there, you cross several farms, small towns, and rivers. The poetic beauty of this motorbike route will leave you speechless. There is much gorgeous scenery on the way, and you certainly want to stop by for some selfies to post on social media.

You will arrive at Mae Sot Burmese Border at about 5 pm and spend all night chilling there.

Day 5: Mae Sot To Mae Sariang Motorbike Route

We got some time to ride along the Burmese border in the morning. You get to visit Mae Hong Son Loop, where the scenery is too stunning not to snap some great pictures. 

Thailand Motorbike Tours - 9 Amazing Days From Pattaya To Chiang Mai thailand motorbike tours 6
Drone shot of the Bua Tong Festival near Mae Hong Son in Thailand at sunset

The gorgeous landscape will ease all the tiredness 

Then, go on the motorcycle trip to pass through around 245km. The expected arrival time would be around 5 pm or 6 pm. You will rest overnight at Mae Sariang.

Day 6: Mae Sariang To Pai Motorcycle Tour

As usual, enjoy a delicious breakfast before departure. We will drop by the Salawin National Park before heading out on a new 180km-journey to Pai. 

Pai is well-renowned for its magnificent landscape, along with the Pai River cutting through the eastern side. Additionally, plenty of outdoor activities take place on that river, such as bamboo or white-river rafting.

Thailand Motorbike Tours - 9 Amazing Days From Pattaya To Chiang Mai thailand motorbike tours 7
Aerial view Pai city. Pai is a small town in northern Thailand’s Mae Hong Son Province

Beautiful Northern town of Pai

Plus, never miss the Memorial Bridge, an icon of historical sites. Then, stay overnight in this picturesque town.

Day 7: Pai To Chiang Mai Motorcycle Route

Goodbye, the beautiful town of Pai; we head northward to one of the most ancient cities, Chiang Mai. This 260km riding adventure promises to impress you with plenty of twists, turns, or some sudden elevation changes.

Before arriving at Siamese walled city, we also cross one or two National Parks. 

Then, enjoy quality time and restful overnight at Chiang Mai after a long day riding. 

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Day 8: Explore Chiang Mai By Motorcycle 

Thai people often call Chiang Mai “Rose of the North”. This northern largest city reserves much valuable ancient heritage. We highly suggest you tear along the old city gates or ancient walls. 

A worth visiting place - Chiang Mai
A worth visiting place – Chiang Mai

Never forget to visit several disguised coffee shops and enjoy the one-of-a-kind taste of this northern area.

Day 9: Ending Motorbike Tour

The second overnight at Chiang Mai will also  end our Thailand motorcycle tours. We ensure the last eight days will mark a lot of memorable experiences in your mind. 

You can choose to stay in Chiang Mai or fly back to your original place.

In Short 

Traveling by motorbikes may require a lot of effort. But we will say it’s worth it. The ultimate thing is that you, along with your partner, cross all roads to reach the destination on your own. Nothing is better than personal experiences. You can feel, touch, and engrave those beautiful memories in your mind forever. 

We ensure those who love self-exploring can not wait any further. We highly recommend these thrilling Thailand motorbike tours if you are planning to come to this country.

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